Tusker for TDR2000

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Tusker for TDR2000

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for carmageddon tdr 2000

This model was made by Gravedrinker first as an addon car for Carmageddon Reincarnation, then after he integrated Stainless it was meant to be a part of the official roster for Max Damage but didn't make it in in the end. It was finally included in Carmageddon Crashers but as far as we know, never unlocked (along with other bonus cars like Evil C10). :crazy:

Ah well, now its time to shine has come, as an addon car for TDR2000 :grin:

So while the Eagle Funsize was a very simple first model to try and mod TDR, the Tusker is the opposite (look at the hierarchy). The addon is complete, however I only bothered with a single additional level of details (a simple model that is displayed in the distance), given we play TDR on modern computers anyway.

I hope to release Evil C10 and the Tez Eagle soon to get them out of my system and never touch TDR again :beer:

It's available at RR2000:

Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction

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Re: Tusker for TDR2000

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