Trucking Hell! (a silly sprite game concept)

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Trucking Hell! (a silly sprite game concept)

Post by Mad_Maxine » Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:33 pm

Hello all people of CWA, Now you three are probly wondering what this is.
Well I just had an idea for a game, with sprites, in an oldskoolish type platform that also involes aspects from truck simulators.

so I figured rather than just sit with the idea in my head I would explain it and see what you people think of it, Most likley never will be a game But I

will still try do the artwork for it at some point :B


So what would the game involve?
Well Delivering cargo from one point to the next in a 2D sprite game, while facing dangers that get progressivly worse for higher ranked missions?

So First it would just be dodgeing obsticles on a 4 lane type setup, (maybe more than 4 lanes but that was my basic idea) by pressing up and down, just

like in those old side scrolling games..

I guess it would be an almsot on rails type thing, But fear not I still feel this kind of game can be fast paced and fun.


Further in the game you will come across other things Such as Zombies (generic game enemy that would go down well with everyone), Aliens, Meteor storms,

Gangs of motorcycle driving pirates, and other things I guess.

Enemys would be based on the same lane system, so Zombies would just cause a small amount of damage, forcing you to avoid them or take a diffrent route,

Aliens would fly over you in a UFO and blast a beam down onto the road, This would have a warning and give you just enough time to change lanes, Meteor

storms would be falling objects again you would have to avoid Maybe from some kind of shadow type system as a warning? and pirates, who will come up along

side you and steal your load, To stop this I guess you would have to change lanes and hit the bike pirates, Colision damge sould be dissabled for these

impacts I feel? as its just to stop them passing.

So how would the game work?
The game would feture missions, free romaing, and a simple grid type map system, here is how I see it working..

You start off with a truck, and the aim is to buy new ones, or repair and upgrade it etc, Stealing ideas from ETS2, and ATS, you would start at a home base

garage. Capable of storing one truck. Upgrade it to store, 2, 4, 8, etc, Up to I dont know what number? One of my main focuses of this game was to have

tons of collectables to look for pick up etc, But I will get to that later.

So the lane system would be up and down, and you would be able to aceelrate and brake. To enter another area slow down and keep in the top lane then go Up

again and this would enter the intersection, Garage, Store, Etc. atleast thats how I see it working,
Same aplies in the oposit direction for turning right, Move to the botom of the screen and press down again, However I would only have this with roads,

Buisnesses and garages and stuff would always be on the top.



If you have any better ideas regarding navigation Id be happy to hear :P

This is Kinda how I imagine the map working.


So you pick up loads from buisness and they will have ratings to them.
Such as How hard the route will be, if there is a time limit, etc.
This will hopefully help people chose what kinda thing they want to do, Pick a load some cargo would be worth more than others clearly, And then any money

bonus for how dangerous the route would be, So, Standurd pay for a normal avoding obsticles drive, Hazard pay, for things like Pirates seen in the area,

and Danger pay, for Meteor storms, Aliens, and zombies would depend on how bad the outbreak is. This is not a carma game tho.. so ya.

So peopel could just play it as a nice delviry game if they wanted :P

Some Info stuff.

Truck Dealers the place you would buy trucks and parts from, So this is where you buy stock factory build trucks, And this game is not set in any real

place so there would be everything from American, europian, to russian style trucks, All based on real trucks but with diffrent names ofcorse :P
Like the Master Freight Millennium, Ivarsson Wanderer, Svensson S-Type, Mauer-Brauer LKW, Kuznetsov 600.
Heh yeah I know what those trucks are :B But thats because its in my head.
the truck dealer would also sell trailers.
Every ingame mission would have its own trailers, If you buy a trailer this would automaticaly replace any trailer that would be compatible.
So if you needed a reefer trailer in a mission and you own one it would automatically use that insted. the benifits from this would ofcorse be the visuals of being able to customise the trailer, But it should also pay out more from each job, would be easy to use it on a percentage system I think.
However some jobs would require you use the trailer provided, and some trailers would not be buyable.

Buyable trailer list.
Low transporter
Fuel tanker
Food tanker
Log trailer
Car transporter
Container trailer
Stake trailer

Non buyable trailers
Heavy load transporter
Chemical tanker
Racecar trailer
Bulk cement

But anyway, As well as buying New trucks from around the world you can also buy accessories, Such as diffrent color wheels, cosmetic extras like tinted

glass, factory style decals, sun visors and side panels,

Garage/workshop this would be the place to buy all the stuff you cant get from the truck dealer. Such as engine tuning upgrades, better brakes, cooling systems etc, Also the place to simply repair a truck. I think the trucks should not. totally brake down but become slow, weaker, and if fully damaged be unable to start a job or tow anything.


Highway sign explains its self, Move to the next area, next map.

Barns abandoned buildings warehouses etc is where the fun collectable bit would come in (for me atleast)
This would be places you could pull into and find things.
Truck dealers would be the place to buy a selection of new trucks from, But there would be abandoned wrecks in the barns and such. or old company warehouses,

It should work on a chance system I think, for those rare colectables, So there is a chance youll find new items, such as New wheels, A new set of tiers (resets tire damage) and stuff like that.
Sometimes you should find an unused truck, maybe some 80s or 90s truck that has been dissused.
Or on rare ocasions find a rare item, such as a vintage truck, old movie prop truck or such.
After finding a truck you would require a low loader trailer (owned by player) to move it to the workshop where it can be restored for a fee. This would be cheaper than buying a truck, and give you acess to lots of trucks that are not for sale, I love this kinda colectable stuff. I hope there would be tons of trucks from diffrent eras to find with like I said sometiems Rare trucks apearing, I think it should be labled as 'Rare' just to get the point across too. heh rare find.

Enemys and such:

Zombies: Slow moving cretures in the roadway, causes slight damage to truck, Plowing thru multiple zombies would cause lots of damage eventully making the trip, less worth it.

Aliens: Aliens would shoot you from above, Causing damage to the load and decreasing the payout at the end. This would not damage the truck, If the traielr is destroyed the job will not pay out

Meteor shower: These would damage both the load and the truck.

Biker Pirates: If they get far enough along side you they will steal the load, This will instantly stop payment.

Perks and stuff:

I have some ideas for perks and powerups and such that would help along the game, Maybe unlocked via Exp rather than money?

Skilled driver:
Helps reduce running costs.

level1-Reduces tier wear by 10%
level2-Reduces tier wear by 30%
level3-Reduces tier wear by 50%

Cover for you.
If trailer is stolen or destroyed company still pays a percentage of how far you have driven.
level1-Pays 25% of distance driven
level2-Pays 50% of distance driven
level3-Pays 90% of distance driven

Truck of ninjas:
Auto avoids objects.
level1-Auto avoids first accident
level2-Auto avoids first two accidents
level3-Auto avoids first three accidents
This would only work on static map objects, and NOT avoid Aliens, zombies, meteors or pirates.

Its a game that was too violant for europe!
level1-Reduces zombie damage by 10%
level2-Reduces zombie damage by 30%
level3-Reduces zombie daamge by 50%

Copyright protection:
Helps to protect against piracy
level1-slows down pirates by 20%
level2-slows down pirates by 20% & makes first theft a failure
level3-slows down pirates by 20% & makes them fail the first 3 thefts

Discount coupons:
Reduces the price of stuff!
level1-25% off repairs & tuning
level2-25% off new trucks & parts
level3-75% off repairs & tuning

So thats my idea for a free to play game with no paied dlc or anything.. really giving people a free game would have been cool, Ive never been in this for profit :P the years of making crap I did for free anyway. but ya Thats the idea what ya think, too much?

Also tell me if you want to see some Sprites! I could start on the factory trucks, and show how all the parts would fit.
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Wheels Outside All Shapes

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Re: Trucking Hell! (a silly sprite game concept)

Post by Mad_Maxine » Sun Nov 27, 2016 11:06 pm

So heres how the, trucks trailers sprites etc would look in my mind

Simple but not too small? simple enoug to have tons of trucks.

Heres an example of some tuning parts, pantwork, wheels, trailers and such.

(reworking this reply)

So yeah reworkded this tweeked the designs slightly and added the new trailers.

Truck designs.

A truck the versions of it, addon parts, I also just put the custom wheels here.

Mocked up image

New europian truck and customised mockup

Current regular trailers.

Some potential loads for trailers with visable loads.
The workshop trailer would be a form of loyalty missions, they would pay less but decrese the repair cost by a cirten percentage up to a cirten point.. Maybe 25 or 50 % I dont know it would have to be tested before anybody could work out that so its not overpowerd :P

Special loads, For special missions etc.
In my mind.. Things like radioactive or biohazard stuff would increse zombies during a mission. maybe?
Also heavy loads should require special trucks capable of carrying those things? Maybe a 3 axel heavy duty stuff.

Buyable trailers and paintjob designs.
I dont know about this?
Also I imagine the fridge trailers to have the same skins, I mean its just the same with a box on the front.

Here are some props and moving stuff.
Trains, cars, static props.

Wheels Outside All Shapes
Wheels Outside All Shapes

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Re: Trucking Hell! (a silly sprite game concept)

Post by Harmalarm » Mon Nov 28, 2016 9:46 am

Jezus what a post! I will read it when I'm at home and have the time to focus. But hats off to the artwork/spritework. :supercrazy: :thumbsup:

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Re: Trucking Hell! (a silly sprite game concept)

Post by Toshiba-3 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:40 pm

What about those ingame mockups? :grin: :thumbsup:

Very solid game concept, reminds me a little bit of upcoming Romero game Gunman Taco Truck. Wish I could help you with the actual programming of the thing.
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