Changing Default Controls (Key Mapping)

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Changing Default Controls (Key Mapping)

Post by Fuel » Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:42 pm

A quick tutorial for those that wish to change their controls.

This process will need to be done after each update/patch. I would advise keeping a copy of the Controls_General.txt file to make it easier to change after a patch, at least until Stainless implement the rebindable keys function in-game.
  1. Go to the ZAD folder in your Carmageddon Reincarnation root folder. *Beginner's Tip* right click on the game in your steam list, select 'properties' then select the 'local files' tab and click on 'browse local files' - this will take you to the root folder for C:R
  2. Open the scripts.zad file with an archive program of your choice. For this guide I will be referring to WinRAR as that's what I use.
  3. Navigate to Data_Core/Setup/ in the archive
  4. Open the Controls_General.txt file
  5. Change the keys you wish to use for the required control. In general, keys that start with 'PC_' are for keyboard and mouse controls, the rest are for controllers. See note{*} below for more details.
  6. Once finished, save the file and confirm that you wish to update it in the archive when WinRAR asks you to
{*} For example if you wish to have the Insert button as recover, as per classic Carmageddon, add 'PC_Insert' under the header [Recover]. You can either replace the default control that is already there or simply add it as well as the default control.

IMPORTANT - Keys can be assigned multiple times for many actions.
I personally changed accelerate, brake, turn left and right to the numpad buttons ala Carma 1 but I forgot to change their default assignment. This led to the camera view changing everytime I wanted to turn the car.. You have been warned!

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