C2O Revival Thread

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C2O Revival Thread

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C2O is copyright Wolverine, I merely took some steps to host my own master server and get stuff up and running.
If you get some error about main class not found, run the actual C2O install found on https://rr2000.cwaboard.co.uk/.

I played for 1,5 hours with my friend from Sweden (70 ping) and it worked rather well. We didn't see crush damage though (only normal damage), AI drivers didn't sync (in fact, enabling AI causes desync until you disable it again) and neither do peds sync. Also, the ingame C2O UI doesn't work (probably because of using dgvoodoo instead of zeckensack's glide wrapper).

You can find a full setup here, dunno if dgvoodoo is needed but I needed it for the game to run, you might be able to replace it with zeckensack's glide wrapper (I still need to experiment with this):


What's next?
I got C2O to run, but the ingame UI still doesn't work. I still have to play around a bit with Glide wrappers and the likes. On top of that, I'd like to make C2O easier to install and extend upon it.

To accomplish all this, I started OpenC2MP, an open-source alternative to C2O that builds upon the original while doing my best to respect the copyrights on Wolverine's work: https://github.com/TomDobbelaere/OpenC2MP

This is a big project and probably won't be finished anytime soon, you can follow along with my progress in the Carmageddon Discord. That's all, folks.