Carmageddon Reincarnation Pre-order Now via Paypal

Stainless got their baby back, threw it at us in 2015 and hit consoles in 2016!

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Carmageddon Reincarnation Pre-order Now via Paypal

Post by tonrac » Sun May 13, 2012 3:11 pm



We discuss here of the funniest and more controversial racing game of all time: " Carmageddon " and of the reboot of the license Carmageddon: Reincarnation

what is carmageddon ? :

The Carmageddon spirit, this is:
- huge maps to explore freely (no race in closed circuit )
- The joy of crushing pedestrians in the most original way ... (Note: The ubiquitous black humor, and the dumber bonus / malus defuse what could be an unhealthy aspect of the game)
- A physical modeling unique
- The bonus / malus that make each party are amazing and more delusional than the previous
-Exceptional Freedom of gaming: 3 ways to win a race: crush all pedestrians of the map or destroy other competing vehicles or simply finish the race first

The kickstarter campaign is no longer the current event

Stainless software (studio behind Carmageddon1 and 2) after fighting to buy the license, called for help to find a second wind to accelerate development of the game, the goal is to bypass the financial classic channels that would never give a penny to this project in these times of "political correctness", or at the price of a untenable censorship .
Extended Goal was reached with $ 625K

If you missed the campaign (no chance, but you can not blame me) the developers have launched a Paypal page to pre-order the game allowing you to access the same goodies as the Kickstarter campaign but until November 4 only, so hurry up:

If you prefer to support the studio with concrete things, you can buy lots of cool stuff in the Carmageddon universe (T-shirt, stickers, mug, bag ...)
here it goes:

Some information extracted from the last batch of answers to questions on Kickstarter:

- The modding support is planned
- The cops will of the party, especially with the Oppressor
- Pure LAN multiplayer mode is expected. mode like "Fox and Hound" (play cat and mouse) and mode "kill all pedestrians laughing." Pedestrians will therefore be present in the multi
- Multi again, for the moment, they provide a maximum of 10 cars per circuit, but the question is not closed and modding should help change that.
- The Pratcam (the camera which shows the driver's head) is coming back
- The physical model of the vehicle will be respected (even driving sensation that in carma 1)
- Environments will be huge and there will be hidden bonuses for those who like to explore (Ah! adventure)
- Animals Classic of Carmageddon (penguins, cows ..) will return with all new animals!
- New powerups: like "Pedestrians solid as granite "
- There will be splash marks on car bodies
- There will be leaderboards and Trophies (Steam version only!)
- AI will be improved so that the opponents will act in consequences of player actions
- The game promises to have a very gory management of ragdoll effect on pedestrians
- Multiplayer playable in split-screen coop +
- The release of the game is scheduled for February 2013

Caution The following video is from a "Work in Progress" version, there is no optimization, damage, textures etc are not implemented


The intro of Carmageddon 1 still gives me chills even after 15 years


Carmageddon 1 is available on and on apple appstore

Finally you are always welcome to share your memories of the saga ...
Spread the word

Official website:

PS: English is not my native language, please be understanding
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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by coffeycup » Sun May 13, 2012 3:48 pm

Pretty sure everyone here is already aware is Stainless' Kickstarter. I've already contributed and hopefully everyone else has too.

But you're right I should post something on front page of Mac Carpocalypse.

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Sun May 13, 2012 4:01 pm

Yes pretty sure too, but we must spread the word, i'm also sure that there is some Carma fans not informed yet.
All carma fans must talk about carma reincarnation kickstarter. In 3 days 200000$, the 4 day only 20000$, there is less pledge.
We need all carma fans in order to reach or explode the 400000$ goal.
Spread the word on youtube, tweeter, facebook ...

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Mon May 14, 2012 4:35 pm

Nobby’s Comments Response for Monday 14th May.
Hey-ho everyone! Just to let you know we're aiming for Updates with News this week and next week, so keep an eye on your Inbox for those Update notifications! And keep spreading the word around, thanks guys.

@ Jose Hulse: Cops will be coming back. We’ll have a variety; standard squad car that’s easily wrecked, APC style that’s harder, and the return of the Oppressor – the very, very nasty cop vehicle!
@ BonusPoints & friends: Well, as we’ve said we’re into the idea of bicyclists, I guess scooters should be included too…
@ Veav: Regarding your point about pedestrians being there for bonus points, not immersion. That’s completely true, and a very good point to make. It’s one of the reasons we rejected the complexity of middleware crowd AI solutions; because by the time you get close to the pedestrians in Carmageddon, their basic instinct to flee has kicked in and they’re running for their lives! But, we will be building more behaviour into them than just herd instinct panic, so that the world looks immersive enough.

@ Jonathan Eynon, Wayne Mellors: Fox and Hounds is the Multiplayer game that we enjoyed the most – so it’s definitely coming back! And just to further clarify - we’ll have peds in multiplayer like Carma 1 did.
@ The Very End, SonicFlare: I don’t expect we’d consider any more than 10 cars on a grid, just from a gameplay point of view. We might make it vary from event to event. We haven’t got that aspect of the game finalised yet. But we would certainly allow modders to try chucking in as many cars as they liked into their CarMODgeddon event!
@ Trawl Name: Yes, the Pratcam is coming back. We’ve already got mad Tony booked for his comeback.
@ Fabian Taubitz: Yes, we’ll support LAN gaming. This will be available OFFLINE too, so if your internets are down or you have a lousy connection, you still have an MP option. (LAN and friends not supplied.)
@ Stuart Gray: We almost always find that our favourite power-ups and features are the ones everyone else loves too – which is nice. Peds with Giant Heads are already on the list!

We are looking into the possibility that we could do a little Eagle model right now.
The games support multi-language
@ Veav: “Will you be able to see the drivers in other cars?” Yes. And those drivers will, sometimes, be ejected through the windscreen of their car as the result of a massive impact!
@Vincent Villella: BOTH copies (or ALL copies) of the game will each receive the custom Eagle skin.
@Danil_K: The only pedestrian vehicles in the game will be a limited number of “municipal” vehicles, such as trucks, street cleaners, buses, etc. Streets full of drone AI cars is just annoying – it gets in the way of chasing your opponents down. The Beaver City track in Carma 2 was irritating for this reason.
@ Steve Strang: No, we wouldn’t spend the budget on licensed music. We’d rather write a bit of code to make it easier to use your own playlists in your 3rd party music player than do that (as JudB in the next post suggested). We’re talking to various people about getting music written for the game, though.
@ Oleksii: Flying is a possibility… Might be fun!
@ Zolishoru: Elephants featured in Carma 2. The Elefant (the German heavy tank - schwerer Panzerjäger - of WWII) would be quite a formidable opponent though!
@ Darkscale: We’ll be using Steamplay for online MP on PC. If cross-play can be implemented effectively, then we’ll want to incorporate it.
@ mukki (and others): The platform lineup is: Windows PC, Mac. If Linux is deemed cost effective to port our entire engine tech to, for a native conversion, then we’ll do it (but we can’t say yes or no yet). PS3 and Xbox 360 will follow. The speed that versions other than Win PC Steam appear will be dictated by how well we manage to exceed our target.
@ Gino Badouri (& many others): We won’t be able to add Paypal support during the Kickstarter campaign. Having no Paypal support is due to the way Kickstarter is set up – it’s nothing to do with Stainless. Thanks to Darkscale for also explaining this. For legal and logistical reasons we couldn’t have a Paypal pledging option on our website during the KS campaign. We may be able to add a Paypal page to our own page once the Kickstarter campaign ends, where you could continue to pledge (and get Rewards).
@ SXX: We would need console approval, it’s true. So the console versions are not guaranteed to be 100% the same as the PC version.
@ Oleksii: “is it doable to raise 174K in 23 days with current regressing dynamics?” In the internets we trust. And we know that the graph of every Kickstarter campaign describes a U-shape. Plus, we’re working on a couple of announcements to go out over the next two weeks, which will hopefully help raise the profile. I might even have to appear in another
@ RacerBest: As James points out, our Twitter account is @Max_Damage. And one of the designers on the game, Simone, is @Simista.

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Wed May 16, 2012 6:33 pm

Hi all.

Once again, thanks for your enthusiasm and kind words!
For all those with reward questions, we've posted a wonderful REWARDS MATRIX! ... matrix.jpg
Now you can see exactly what loot you'll get for your pledge.

Please keep spreading the news of the Kickstarter - as many have pointed out, we need to hit our target for this to happen!
We've added a FAQ entry on alternative ways to pay for those who haven't joined our merry band because they don't have access to a credit card.

And now to the answers!

@Oleksii: Much like mods for the original games, you'll need some skills to create entirely new content.
We expect our community will create some great how-to guides to help new modders, and there'll be support at the forums.
Some types of content will be easier to tweak than others, so pretty much everyone will be able to mod to some degree!
Regarding hardware specs - it is a bit early to be setting hard limits as things move fast but we'll be sure to feature plenty of performance tweakability.

We plan to get our backers involved in deciding what content they see in the game first.
This covers cars, races, game modes etc as there's a whole wealth of Carmageddon content available to us.
This way, YOU get to shape the game you're supporting!

@mtrx and others:
We think Steam Workshop is great. We'll be looking very closely to see if it fits our plans and if so we'd love to use it.

@Mikal and others
Regarding controllers - Yes, depending on platform we want to support pads and force feedback wheels.
We've got some excellent Logitech controllers that we're keen to get working with the game.

@The Very End & others
Physics is the realm of our very own Dr. Kev - he was responsible for the wonders of the original games, and
continues to work his miracles today.
We love how Reincarnation feels - the essance of the early games is intact and in some ways surpassed...

@Ivan and others
Rewards could be shipped from various locations, depending on what is the most cost effective.
The customs value will be related to the physical items - not the pledge amount.

@ Gavin & others
The beauty of moddability is if you want those stunt tracks, you or some of the other community members can get them made!
We never ceased to be amazed at what the community created for Carma and Carma 2, and we're looking forward to seeing what you can do next...
To those who want to create a loop-the-loop: we had one in Carma 1 on the Coastal track!

Right now, our multiplayer modes are competitive - in the future, who knows?
This is where your feedback will help shape the game as it evolves: tell us how you want to play.
Oh yes - there's a pretty good chance your favourite HUD item will make a comeback :)

@ FMcamaroZ28
We're sorry your timer won't go past 19:59 in Carmageddon.
If we exceed our targets, we might even be able to get the new timer to 59:59 - Only you can make it happen! :)

@currysini & others
Your digital download will be via a Steam code.

We'll contact our backers via the Kickstarter survey to determine what name you want to put in the credits.

Yes, we can only plan for additional platforms if we exceed our goal.
The Mac version would be released later than the PC version, but we would like to produce this as a SteamPlay title.
That would mean if you have a code for the PC you'll automatically get the Mac version once it becomes available.

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Thu May 17, 2012 8:24 pm

Update : video from stainless

Carmageddon: Reincarnation by Stainless Games Updates — Kickstarter

Developper answer on kickstarter 17/05

WOO! We’ve punched through $250k and some! Grats and THANKS everyone!

Hey all, nobby here with a comment feedback roundup. I must thank my buddy Dave (Trifle) for the previous comments roundup – we’re taking turns to answer your comments, so that I have time to… answer lots of other questions, from journalists, colleagues, confused old ladies in our cark park who don’t know why we’ve taped ping-pong balls all over them and handed them a zimmer frame, etc. etc...

As Stevie mentioned below, today is our departed colleague & dear friend Rusk’s Birthday. Much of what made Carmageddon great fun is down to his being part of the original team, and we wish he was with us working on it now. So we’re thinking of him today.

On with the replies:

@ Rimjim: Thanks for your feedback on The Matrix, we’ll take a look at it again and see if we need to make anything clearer. TBH, I look at it and just see a pretty pattern of dots… Charty things aren’t really my thang.

@ Mary Poppins: The penguins in Carma 2 sounded like cats because I don’t have a penguin, but I do have a cat.

@ Hywel Bennett: Yes, Electric Blue does come in handy for level ped clearance! We’ll make sure that you have legitimate access to such handy vehicles in the new game…

@ Peter Bonte: We can’t say more than that we WANT to support Mac. We were one of the pioneers of offering Mac versions of our games, back when the publishers didn’t see it as a market. Keep shouting to your Mac buddies to pledge so that we can afford to add these extra platforms, and we’ll keep doing the same.

@ Peter Egeberg: Nice idea! We have some collectibles ideas too…

@ Darkscale: You’ll be able to buy cosmetic car upgrades (decal based or physical items), and there might be other ways of obtaining them too.

@ Mikael Skaar: Thanks! Linux users just need to think like you, and we’d be much closer to being able to assure everyone they’d get their Linux version!

@ dragunov: Glad to be of service. :) It’s a VERY nice replica Dragunov. Oh yes.

@ Tomas Andrie: We all love stats these days! Leaderboards, High Score Tables, stats, records, plus Achievements of course… You’ll be able to track the **** out of your progress!

@ All of you discussing DRM. Sorry – we just don’t see what’s different between having to put the CD in to play the game (like you did when you played Carma 1 and 2) and using a service such as Steam to deliver content.

@ James Hogarth: The original Die Anna hung up her helmet long ago, and went off to have children and a regular life someplace. And so, we face the arduous task of auditioning for the NEW Die Anna… :)

@ Rimjim: We loved the pink Cerbera too. Especially Patrick, as it was based on his own Cerbera. However, TVR were less than impressed!

@ phobos2077: Comprehensive replay with full camera control is part of the design spec of the game. Saving movies – very probable (but less of a Must Have on our task list – given that anyone with a PC can also use Fraps). I hope we can keep you satisfied enough with our answers to your questions – unfortunately some of the stuff you’d love to see, just isn’t at a state yet where we’re ready to show it.

@ Dark_Pontifex: Thanks for setting up the doodle thang, buddy. It'll be fascinating to see the responses.

Update #4: Reddit AMA coming soon with nobby, Trifle & Sim!

Posted about 9 hours ago

Hi again guys!

Okay, our 2 hour Reddit AMA is now scheduled. It's going to be happening on Saturday, 19th May, and here are the times in Internationalspeak:

10pm UK time
11pm Central Europe
5pm New York/East Coast
2pm Pacific/West Coast

Join us there, and we'll try to answer all your questions!

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by coffeycup » Thu May 17, 2012 9:49 pm

tonrac wrote:our departed colleague & dear friend Rusk
Rusk is dead? Crap, I used to exchange emails with him. He made the Spice Girls peds
he even sent me the pix for the C1 hippie so I could finish it up and get it in game. Bummer he's gone. :crazy:

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Fri May 18, 2012 9:48 pm

It's sad, thank you for your testimony, he seemed attentive to carma community.

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Sun May 20, 2012 1:21 pm

Developper answer on kickstarter 19/05

Dammit guys – you post too fast for me to keep up! :)

@ Everyone discussing the Great DRM Debate: Guys, think about it. We’re not a giant company, we’re an indie dev studio. We have to focus our development schedule on one thing - delivering a great game to you. It’s more important to us that we channel our main efforts into the creative aspects of the game, than spend the budget trying to cover every platform, OS and delivery option from the off.
The reason we’re going with PC and Steam initially is that it’s the most cost-effective way to deliver and update the game; plus it has the Leaderboards, Friends Lists, and Multiplayer support all built in. PLUS we can take advantage of our existing experience with the system to allow us to hit the ground running on all these aspects of the development.
If we had to develop and administer our own version of all those features, we’d have to divert a lot of manpower away from making a great gameplay experience. Would you rather Patrick worked on mental new Power-Ups, or Networking code? As we’ve said all along – if the Campaign is uber-successful, then we WANT to support as many platforms, OS and delivery options as we can (and we will be able to do a lot – due to our tech). But as a small company, we cannot commit to all these requests (at this stage of the Campaign) without knowing it would seriously dilute effort away from making the best new Carmageddon possible. However, we’ve committed to allowing you to play SP and LAN, offline.
When the game is out and we’re all happy with it (you and us!), then the work can begin to address the desire for it to be delivered in various ways across a variety of OS and platforms.

@ Psyrgery: Regarding the “visual upgrades” – yes, physical upgrade parts will detach and/or deform like the regular car parts. Doors, bonnets/boots (hood/trunk!) can be lost. And the wheels will be able to be torn off too. All the stuff you’d expect in your contemporary violent car game – PLUS the silliness of “Car Splitting”! :)

@ Jeff Hanlon: Every additional copy gets the Custom in-game Eagle. Pinball Mode and Solid Granite Car… How could we NOT bring them back?!

@ James Hogarth: There will be actual upgrades for your car (Armour, Power, Offensive) as well as purely cosmetic ones.

@ Dmitry Banzin: We will have a range of camera views, including customisable. It’s possible that we won’t implement an in-car view by default – but you could set one up if you wish. The in-car view tends to cause problems as soon as, say, the car’s bonnet (hood) crumples!
We already have an option to turn off the HUD.
Ability to disable the intro vids is a good idea. I like it in other games, so I’m sure we will.
We would like to do a Russian translation, as such a large percentage of our fan base is from this part of the world. Perhaps a community based approach to this would be good as you suggest.
Easter Eggs etc. Yes!
Blood splashes on cars, trails of blood etc… Well, of course. It wouldn’t be Carmageddon otherwise!
Radio channels for music is beyond the current scope for music, and would be an area that may be effected by a big Kickstarter success.
Rigs of Rods – there’s some impressive videos out there, but we looked at it and found the game buggy and sadly quite unsatisfying to play with.
Thanks for the game type suggestions Dimitry, and as to the rest of the questions… Don’t really have any current vehicle combat games that I like, the last one with vehicles in that I loved was Saints Row 3 (although the driving physics sucked!), I didn’t really enjoy Death Race, and my inspiration comes from movies, dreams (night and day), doodling, and discussions with my mad colleagues!

@ Tamarinde: I’m so flattered, I can hardly respond. ;)
I admit, we are reluctant to release gameplay video, because in releasing WIP footage of an unfinished level with placeholder ped models, it’ll get judged in isolation no matter how many caveats we add of, “it’s a debug build with placeholder assets, there’s no optimisation, this doesn’t work yet, that doesn’t work yet!” And so ends up being counter-productive. We’re very early in the process of generating the art assets to make the game world look enticing, because of the tiny team that’s been working on the game until now. BUT – I intend to see if we can do something, to give everyone a taster.

@ nk: We won’t be considering Origin – see my reasoning in the DRM/delivery reply above.

@ Ryan Hamm: The CarDmageddon game is a “Trumps” style game. Each card has a car and driver featured on it, with the specs. Players call out the spec from their card, and if it beats their opponent’s they win their opponent’s card. I’ll post some more images of the game, when I’m back in the office.
@ Aypok: At the moment we were planning on the boxes being the same. We may need to adjust this to a “deluxe box” though, for the $350 tier backers. It would be more fair to do so!

@ Oleksii Miroshko: The “early” Beta access will mean you get in at an early enough stage to provide really meaningful feedback that could lead to changes in gameplay, and suggestions on content etc. that will be listened to!

@ Pascal, Jamie Provonost: More in the $25 - $50 dollar tiers… Yes indeed, something new is coming to this area of the Reward tiers, very soon!

@ Mark de Jong: The little miniature cars will be… Miniature.

Okay, I’m going to have my tea now. I’ll be in the office later with Sim and Trifle (Dave) for the Reddit THING. Thanks for your continued support, CarmaFans!

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Mon May 21, 2012 9:51 am

Carmageddon developpers AMA

Carmageddon: Reincarnation natter with nobby, Sim & Trifle... AMA (self.IAmA)
submitted 23 heures ago* by nobby_SG
Hi, I'm Neil (nobby) Barnden, co-founder of Stainless Games and Exec Director on Carmageddon: Reincarnation. I've been working on the project with a small team at Stainless, since we bought back the IP rights to the Carmageddon brand near the end of 2010. We're currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund Carma:R to its first release in Feb. 2013. I'm here tonight (and I mean tonight, it's late... for me) with fellow team members, Producer Dave (Trifle) Hosier, and Sim (Simista) McDermott. We'll be here for the next two hours to tag team your questions. So... AMA!
EDIT: Well guys, it's been a lovely evening in your company - we've all been laffing here at the great comments, feedback and suggestions. We've answered as many questions as we could - apologies to anyone that we didn't have the time to get around to. But the time has come for Sim and Dave to wheel me back to the Home, before lockdown... Thanks to everyone who contributed, take care and goodnight!

[–]BathTubNZ 15 points 23 heures de ça
I love the soundtrack for Carmageddon, it's just so perfect. I would listen to it outside of the game as well. It was actually years before I even knew it was an instrumental version of Demanufacture by Fear Factory.
Is there any story behind getting this music for Carmageddon? And any possibility of having it (at least as an option) for Carmageddon Reincarnation?
[–]nobby_SG 11 points 22 heures de ça
I love that soundtrack too. I've only briefly listened to a couple of the studio recordings of the tracks, and I much prefer "our" versions. We may be able to use the tracks again - we're actively looking into it.

First, huge thanks to you guys! You have provided me with tons of gory fun over the years, and C2 remains one of my favorite racing games of all time.
Are you considering a mission structure more like C1 or C2? I preferred C1's way of doing things myself, as those weird timed missions in C2 to proceed to the next set of races was one of the only complaints I had about the game. I wanted an option to just say "Screw the mission" and go and run over whoever was telling me to smash up rooftop satellite dishes.
Also wanted to ask: the way I understand it, the original Carmageddon went through a couple movie licenses that fell through? Mad Max first then Death Race 2020, from what I read. Is this true or just a rumor? Thanks!
[–]nobby_SG 16 points 22 heures de ça
Definitely closer to C1 than C2. The C2 missions - as you rightly point out - were a mistake. They came about very late in the development of C2, at a time when we'd spent the previous nearly 3 years making C1, Splatty, then C2, and for us the missions were a breeze! Unfortunately for most other peope they were a) too bloody difficult, and subsequently b) a barrier to progress.
We want to return to the unfettered "finish it whatever the fuck way you want" philosophy of C1.
Due to creeping senility, I've forgotten completely if SCi looked into getting the Mad Max license. I only remember Death Race 2020...

[–]Toikka 14 points 23 heures de ça
Please include a Classic Soundset. The pedestrian scream and the narrator "CHECKPOINT!" are just so iconic I couldn't really feel it being Carmageddon without 'em.

[–]nobby_SG 30 points 22 heures de ça
Oh yes, I want to do this. But then I would, as I am 90% of the non-female sound effects in the original game... Including Max, the Countdown Guy, narrator, ped screams, etc.
I'm the Dennis Waterman of the game sound effects world.

[–]Coffee_Pyramid 16 points 22 heures de ça
I'm the seventh backer who wants to be a pedestrian in the game. So my questions will be about the pedestrians.
1. What files do we have to send so your art department can skin them to your models? Can I also be the pedestrian that does all those flips from Carmageddon 2?
2. What is the idea on having users play as pedestrians? Will that be in a multiplayer mode or individual and can we choose the pedestrian? In other words, can I be myself running in the Carmageddon world?
3. Is it possible to have a "Pedestrian Riot" powerup? I'd like to see pedestrians fight back at the vehicles for more added chaos.
I'm sooo psyched for this game. Thanks for doing an IAMA!
[–]nobby_SG 14 points 21 heures de ça
Hey Coffee_Pyramid, congrats on your impending legendary status!
1. Ideally, please send us your skin. Failing that, photos of your face (ideally, one good photo of your face as evenly lit as possible, and reference photos from different angles) will be fine. And some full length photos will also help. Esppecially if you always wear the same clothes, like Charlie Brown or Homer. I'm skipping deftly over part two of your first question, because I can't remember any flipping ped in C2. But send us a screenshot, and we'll make it so.
2. We will make it possible to be yourself in the Be A Ped games. Of course.
3. Like it. Of course, peds are soft and squishy, and cars are hard and unyielding. So it could (probably would) end messily.
Thanks for your pledge!

[–]Dan50 32 points 23 heures de ça
Will we see the original Carmageddon games on or Steam?
[–]nobby_SG 34 points 22 heures de ça
Stay tuned for further announcements... ;)
(Um, don't literally stay tuned here, all night.)

[–]icStatic 24 points 22 heures de ça
Please focus on making the game as fluid and responsive as possible - i.e. 60fps and low latency over higher quality graphics.
[–]tomovo 10 points 22 heures de ça
Exactly. GTA Vice City-level graphics would be more than enough, it's the handling and responsiveness that matters.
[–]nobby_SG 19 points 21 heures de ça
Noted guys.
[–]Colorfag 21 points 21 heures de ça
But if you can squeeze in HQ graphics, we wont be upset about it, either.

[–]Toikka 11 points 23 heures de ça
You better have the first level make a comeback. That football stadium..oh my god that was the most amazing thing ever. Drifting into the football players...bahahaha.
[–]DaveH_SG 7 points 22 heures de ça
When I play the original now, I still go there and do that. Every time. It never gets old!

[–]Mad_Maxine 19 points 23 heures de ça
I know theres going to be a ton of questions about the cars and powerups, so once again have have to be ther ped-oh, I was just wondering and hoping that people would vairy acording to my area, rather than being gernic male, generic female.., Fat guys, old grannys, girls with huge boobs, and the classic white Hazmat Wheelchairs bikes or other objects? such as old people with oxygen tanks,(boom) Can you confirm or deny any of this?
[–]nobby_SG 23 points 22 heures de ça
That oxygen tank idea is GOING IN! Thanks Maxine! And yes, we'll have a very wide range of appropriate peds, for all occasions and situations.

[–]Psyrgery 19 points 22 heures de ça
The Stadium and football players need to come back! It was a blast to run over them all at 160+mph!
[–]nobby_SG 20 points 22 heures de ça
Oh yes. Oh yes indeed.
And of course you all know the Ped Electro Bastard Ray PUp in the left far corner of the football pitch..?

[–]Mintydog 6 points 22 heures de ça
haha yes, it was a god send.

[–]Mintydog 10 points 22 heures de ça
haha sick, great idea. What about someone walking around with a drip who just came out of hospital? Or a colostomy bag? imagine that thing bursting when you hit them at 50MPH!

[–]nobby_SG 15 points 22 heures de ça
Ideas like the colostomy bag, that make us all piss ourselves here (wait, it that the right phrase to use?), will almost certainly get used. :)

[–]yampeku 8 points 23 heures de ça
Does Steam release mean that there will be also achievements? If there are, can you give us an example?
[–]DaveH_SG 7 points 22 heures de ça
Indeed there will! The list is by no means final, but we can tease you with "Multiball" and "Got Wood". Perhaps you can guess what they are...

[–]registered-user 10 points 22 heures de ça
How do you think your reboot will stack up against the more recent similar games that have hit the market since your first version in the 90's (twisted metal, blood drive etc), a lot has changed, how will you make it better and more likely to stand out from the crowd and appeal to a new generation?
[–]nobby_SG 11 points 21 heures de ça
Well, "better" is in the eye of the beholder. There will be fans of Twisted Metal who don't care much for our brand, and vice-versa. (Obviously more of the latter, but hey...) ;)
We think our game stands out from the crowd because of the qualities that made it great fun the first time round. Comedy violence, do what you like gameplay, and a general touch of surrealism to the proceedings. We want to retain and celebrate all these elements, and we're confident that a new generation will enjoy them the same way we still do.

[–]registered-user 10 points 23 heures de ça
I assume multiplayer will be a much bigger part of the game than before, with having the Steam platform as a base, have you planned out any system for using user-created/add-on mods on the MP games yet?
[–]Simista 3 points 22 heures de ça
Yes! The ability to MOD the original Carmageddon games was such an appealing feature, having the ability to share your creations with your friends is something we are certainly keen on keeping.

[–]deadbunny 4 points 22 heures de ça
Feature? I'm pretty sure the community had to hack together tools to mod the game without any help from Stainless ;)
Granted we did eventually get our hands on PT2 (in all it buggy glory) from Stainless but I wouldn't say modding was ever a 'feature' of the previous games.
[–]Simista 4 points 22 heures de ça
ok picky it will be even more of a feature!

[–]razor792 4 points 22 heures de ça
That told you. Didn't it, Sim.
[–]Simista 3 points 22 heures de ça
it certainly did! lol
[–]Direnaar 0 point 7 heures de ça
To be fair, most of their data was in .txt files :)
[–]KSI73 3 points 21 heures de ça
I believe they mentioned something about releasing modding tools and using Steam Workshop for distribution of user content.

[–]adirat 8 points 22 heures de ça
Have you put any thought in designing the menus yet? Bring back the hand!!
[–]Simista 7 points 22 heures de ça
WE LOVE THE HAND! :) if we get 3,000,000 the hand is definitely going in… but we might just stick it back in anyway…if we can find it.

[–]Psyrgery 11 points 22 heures de ça
What about it giving the middle finger to the player if he tries to choose an option he cannot choose? (e.g. trying to purchase an upgrade/car but hasn't got enough money) :D
[–]Simista 7 points 22 heures de ça
LOL that would be funny.. a very expressive hand sounds like a great idea :)

[–]Healthdrink 9 points 22 heures de ça
Original Carmageddon had the window after the race where you could observe the damage you did to the other racers. Will it be back in Reincarnation? I remember playing with the supercop - as my brother and I used to call him - and lay waste upon the fellow drivers just to see how horribly deformed their cars would get.
[–]Simista 5 points 22 heures de ça
Hey there Healthdrink! ...Yes we want this to be in the new game!

[–]Fehndrix 8 points 23 heures de ça
What are your thoughts on crowd-funding being part of the future of gaming?
[–]DaveH_SG 12 points 22 heures de ça
We think it's a really positive thing - there have been some great projects on Kickstarter already, big and small. If it helps get games made that would otherwise have been lost, that's great.

[–]Kerrash_ 7 points 22 heures de ça
Are we going to have splatter decals on the cars bodies this time? :P
[–]Simista 5 points 21 heures de ça
yes! :)
[–]Kerrash_ 4 points 21 heures de ça
Awesome! I would've modded in if not anyway as I'm a sick little coder :)

[–]FiremanC 10 points 23 heures de ça
Some pedestrian questions I've had for a while:
• Will there be cyclist?
• Will there be children?
• Will there be colored folks?
• Will there be pregnant women?
• Will there be old people?
• Will there be handicapped people?
• Will drones have people inside which will try to exit the vehicle and run, or die if you head-on collide on them and fly through the windshield?
[–]nobby_SG[S] 8 points 22 heures de ça
What Bf1shY says - the game will be very highly moddable, and you'll be able to drop in what ever kind of victims you fancy. For us, our fancy doesn't extend to the extremes of bad taste... Mainly because my mum still likes to play the game.
Drivers running about isn't something we have planned for Carma:R. But all vehicles will have drivers who can be ejected throught the windshield in a heavy impact.

[–]Tonnycorelli 6 points 23 heures de ça
Just please double check the physics are flawless, just like in Carmageddon 1. I still remember the cars feeling really heavy and realistic and then WHAM another opponent wasted!
[–]DaveH_SG 7 points 22 heures de ça
Dr. Kev's physics are returning - we think you'll be happy!
[–]Psyrgery 2 points 1 jour de ça
It looks like you really are making the physics spot on. You can tell from those seconds in the Kickstarter video where the eagle is about to land on a rooftop, albeit brief it has a Carmageddon-ish feel which can only come from Stainless Games. Nice work guys :D
[–]nobby_SG[S] 4 points 1 jour de ça
We are VERY happy with the way the physics is feeling - as we're rebuilding the city level map, we've been tuning the handling for a Carma 1 "feel".

[–]r00x 9 points 1 jour de ça
In anticipation of this I pledged $50 so I could install a copy on two computers and crash into myself.
I call it Crashturbation.

[–]Simista 4 points 1 jour de ça
FPMSL!! Thats a great selling point for the $50 pledge :D

[–]Toikka 6 points 23 heures de ça
Are you able to match the sheer huge scale of the maps, like in the original?
[–]Simista 4 points 22 heures de ça
YES! and exceed them! the massive environments are a key feature in Carmageddons gameplay, massive environments = lots of room for carnage! :)

[–]Psyrgery 9 points 23 heures de ça
I am aware you don't talk about "this shit", but did you get to play Carmageddon TDR and judge it by yourselves?
Did you know Torus Games mentioned you in the Credits saying "They were sorry and knew what you guys felt about the franchise"
What is the average number of peds you are going to place in each map, are you heading for Carma1 quantity (The Wall, 5k peds) or Carma2 (700-900 peds average)
What are the minimum system requirements you expect the game to run on?
Madman Tony is coming back for more PratCam epicness... Is Faye Morey returning for Die Anna as well? Are Die Anna or The Hawk coming back as main protagonists to go with Max Damage/The Eagle at the beginning of the game?
Are you planing to include Carmageddon 2 cars to Reincarnation? Propshafter was (and still is) my favourite, it had the best handling of the game, imho.
Is there any TDR2000 easter egg/pun planned? Come on guys, you can tell me :)
Are you listening to your fans in order to add more content, powerups, etc? I've heard something concerning Solid Granite Peds from some very charming guy called Psyrgery there in the Carmageddon forums...
[–]nobby_SG[S] 17 points 22 heures de ça
I have tried to play TDR, but I just didn't like the look and feel of the game. I'm sorry if people who did enjoy it are miffed by our attitude (which is rather over-played for comic effect, tbh), but as we had no involvement in it, none of us has any emotional link to it other than the distant memory of bitterness at the time it all happened. It's nice to hear about the comment from Torus - and we have no ill feeling towards those guys whatsoever.
Number of peds? Per level, it'll vary with the level, but for example our prototype city level has 1500 for a nice level of density.
Min system requirements? The game's going to be really tweakable for performance, so it shouldn't be an issue with a relatively contemporary pooter.
I SPOKE TO FAYE TODAY! I swear - first time since she finished her filming session in 1996! She called me at home to say sorry she'd not accepted my FB friend request but she thought I might be a weirdo. Her husband worked out that I was probably legit and got her to give me a call. And so we had a nice chat, and she'll be on the Island in a couple of weeks so we're going to get together. We'll try to persuade her to reprise her role... Die Anna/Hawk is coming back. Oh yes.
We might include some C2 cars, but if we don’t have time, the tools will make it easy for the community to add them! ;)
Easter Eggs and puns there will be aplenty… :)
We are definitely listening, and want to incorporate the fans’ ideas. Solid granite peds is great – but as we’ll often find, it’s already been discussed here! (Because we’re thinking that some powerups should effect peds too…)

[–]Shabow 6 points 23 heures de ça
What will the multiplayer be like for Carmageddon: Reincarnation? You mentioned that it will be plugged in with Steamworks, so will there be leaderboards and achievements?
Also, if all goes well have you thought at all about a console version down the road?
[–]DaveH_SG 7 points 22 heures de ça
Multiplayer in the original games was, and still is great fun - if you were a fan then, you're going to be very happy.
Yes, there'll be leaderboards and achievements aplenty. The brainstorming for the latter have been great fun!
If all goes according to plan, you'll see the game on consoles in the future.

[–]eliaspoveda 12 points 23 heures de ça
What will you do if you don't get the $400.000? I hope you don't cancel the project. :(
[–]nobby_SG[S] 14 points 22 heures de ça
We're really confident that the campaign will be successful - it doesn't feel right to speculate about a different outcome!

[–]seithon 5 points 23 heures de ça
Great stuff :) If you don't mind me asking a followup.. Have you guys thought about putting in a destructible environment, like if i drive though enough walls will it bring a building down or so ?:)
[–]nobby_SG[S] 4 points 21 heures de ça
That almost certainly won't happen in Carma:R - due to the massive amount of extra complexity it would bring to the art tasks. There will however be "feature" geometry that can be trashed, lots of lamp-posts to use as pedestrian pool cues, and of course masses of GLASS!

[–]DeadTrooper 4 points 21 heures de ça
One of the features in C2 that impressed me the most was the cosmetic damage system, the ability to split an opponent in half was amazing, will that be a feature in the new game?
[–]DaveH_SG 4 points 20 heures de ça
Yep! So satisfying.
[–]p1r473 3 points 23 heures de ça

any chance of a reward tier somewhere between what there is now for only 1 copy but with the new model of the car?
[–]nobby_SG[S] 5 points 21 heures de ça
I'm not sure if you mean the physical model or the in-game one. But in any case, some further Reward incentives and offers will be coming up over the course of the next week.

Will there be any new animals in the game? cats? pigeons? Bears? Yeti?
[–]Simista 2 points 1 jour de ça
There is a long list :)

[–]thinkl33t 4 points 21 heures de ça
Will we be seeing the original cheat codes like iwishicouldflyrightuptothesky? Typing in long phrases in carma2 helped me learn to type fast and accurately!
[–]Simista 2 points 1 jour de ça
Yes! we liked the funny cheat codes ;)

[–]jaltesorensen 1 point 23 heures de ça
I have a few suggestions to levels in Carmageddon:
• The Lost World (with dinosaurs and cavemen).
• A moon base (with reduced gravity when you hit the magnets)
• Area 51 (with hangars full of fun stuff).
• Future Tokyo (with giant robots, other robots and Godzilla-ish-monsters).
• Secret surviving Nazi base on the South pole (with extra bonus for kills).
• Atlantis, an ancient civilization refound (who uses Jules-Verne-ish technology).
What do you think?
[–]Simista 6 points 22 heures de ça
Hey! These are great suggestions and Each of those would require a lot of work needing specific accessories etc, having said that once we have released Carmageddon:Reincarnation there is nothing stopping us looking into special MP levels . The MOD tools will allow you to create them yourself too!

[–]Darkscale 2 points 23 heures de ça*
Thanks for doing this IAMA. I really love Carmageddon since I was a little to young (11, don't worry had consent from my parents) and I am almost practically fine.
• Where did Carmageddon get created from? Who'se idea was it to create this awesome game? Thanks for it btw.
• I really love the designs of the Hawk and the Eagle. In the concept I noticed some large exhaust pipe on the (first?) Eagle. Will that be possible?
• Will Tim Schaefer be a ped ingame?
• It sounds crazy, but I love crazy, will I be able to drive a shark car?
• The splitting car stuff was one of my favorite features, will it be back?
• Last question, I heard about the ability of crashing through your windshield. If you survive will it just be like the game Flat Out, out are you able to walk around like a ped? If you can walk as a ped, will you be able to steal other drivers cars this way?
Thanks again and hope you guys have a nice evening. I will read your comments here or on kickstarter.
Hope to see you guys at beta!
[–]nobby_SG[S] 2 points 1 jour de ça
• The original idea was a collaboration. Patrick and I did a Destruction Derby demo. SCi gave us a contract to make a game based on it, but with a view to it being based on the Deathrace 2020 license they were pursuing. That license fell through, so I came up with the new name "Carmageddon" and we made the game!
• We're still in the umm and aah stage over the new Eagle design. The big bike style exhausts are cool, and I'd like to use them somewhere even if it was on a different car.
• We've yet to hear from Tim or his lawyer, so now we've built him we might stick him in anyway. $3m bonus when you mow him down.
• Shark car. Modders will help you out, even if we don't get round to that one...
• Splitting is back. And so is spitting. And spiffing.
• Driver becomes ped shenanigans is beyond the current scope of Carma:R. but we DO have a habit of creeping our own features...
I hope you'll see us at beta too... Otherwise our MP code is borked!

The first game had a lot of content in terms of the number of cars and tracks available. Can you afford the budget to remake all of them packed with more polygons? And did it will match up the quality standard of current generation of games in terms of texture resolution, and objects on screen or it is a simple HD remake like we're used to see on the PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace? Also, do the new tracks will be of higher quality than the old ones?
[–]nobby_SG[S] 2 points 1 jour de ça
The very short scenes featuring Mr. Schafer in our Kickstarter promo vid give a little hint of the sort of detail level (albeit still WIP at this stage) we're aiming for - as do the latest couple of screenshots we've released.
Basically, we have to balance level of detail with maintaining a consistent high frame-rate, and also the level of artist man-power required to build and populate a scene. what we'll be achieving though is going to be far more complex and detailed than the original games. We aren't starting from the original geometry and HDifying it though.

[–]Dexyn 2 points 23 heures de ça
Funded on day one of its inception and I'm very excited to see a classic game come back to life.
Thank you, and the team, for trusting the fans to do what's right.
[–]DaveH_SG 3 points 20 heures de ça
Thanks for your support - and that goes for all who've pledged. We really appreciate it.

[–]Mastro666 2 points 22 heures de ça
nobby Why are you so awesome?
• perma-lien
[–]nobby_SG[S] 4 points 20 heures de ça
It comes with age. And I'm so very, very old.

[–]Rank2 2 points 22 heures de ça
How did you feel when you found out The Pope Himself publicly denounced Carmageddon?
[–]nobby_SG[S] 4 points 20 heures de ça
I was all set to be excommunicated, but annoyingly, it turned out to just be an MP called Greg Pope. But we like to gloss over this fact.

[–]Colorfag 2 points 22 heures de ça
You guys mentioned in one of your blog posts about exploring the idea of using a upgrade system similar to that of Crackdown (where the vehicle changes appearance drastically, as your vehicle gets upgraded). Ill have to tell you, the transforming vehicles in Crackdown were cool as fuck! I'm sad that they didn't do that for the second game.
Are you guys still toying with that idea of using that kind of visual upgrade system? If so, do you intend on having the vehicles transform when they upgrade?
[–]nobby_SG[S] 2 points 1 jour de ça
We are still toying, with lots of things. Some even related to the game.
Yeah, one of the things we're still toying with is the stages of visual upgrade... It'll come down to time and budget whether we can do it, and the morphing.

[–]Rank2 3 points 22 heures de ça
Can you talk about what you had to do to get the rights to the franchise back?
[–]nobby_SG[S] 4 points 20 heures de ça
Years of emails. Lawyers getting progressively richer. A massive sack of money. And the rights were OURS!

[–]Regulus777 2 points 22 heures de ça
Will there be stats at the end of the match such as number of pedestrian decapitations or number of animals killed, etc?
[–]Simista 2 points 1 jour de ça
Yes! we would like to see more stats in the new game... I personally love stats.. especially more obscure ones! Timesplitters had a great stats!

[–]fromwithin 3 points 22 heures de ça*
Best game ever made. Can't wait. Who do I talk to about pitching to work on the game? It's the one game I'd love to have on my CV.
Also, I heard while at Psygnosis that we turned down the original Carmageddon because we'd signed Destruction Derby the day before, but I never had it confirmed. Do you know if it's true? Either way we would have wrecked it so I'm glad it never happened.
[–]nobby_SG[S] 2 points 1 jour de ça
By all means pitch to me fromwithin!
Turning down the original? No, it couldn't have been the case unless SCi offered it to Psygnosis after we'd signed with them and I invented the brand! I'm sure I would have remembered that... ;) Funnily enough though, the demo Patrick and I made that got us our contract with SCi was called "3D Destruction Derby", and we pitched that all over the place (including to Sony) before SCi picked us up - and we then heard soon after about the PSX Destruction Derby launch title. So maybe the story has got shunted around somewhat over the years?

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Mon May 21, 2012 5:34 pm

Stainless Games less than a minute ago

@ Mike Dennis (who made a suggestion along lines we’re discussing), Narann, and the continuing DRM feedback crew: It’s entirely possible that we could end up with an option to release a DRM free “slightly slimmer” version of the game, alongside the Steam one. It would lack all the features that we’re going to take advantage of through Steam, including online multiplayer (at least to start with). This might not be enough of a positive response to reassure those with an issue about our current stated approach – but we ARE looking at it, and I hope to be able to say more on the issue of DRM Free, soon.

@ Psyrgery: Thanks for your positive comments regarding the potential negative effects of releasing in-game footage too early. But unfortunately it’s generally not fans or those who are excited about a project that leap on footage to dissect it in a negative light! ;) However, I’ve been giving some thought to a couple of funky little update movies we could do for you which will feature more footage of our progress… and we’re working on it right now.

@ nk, and Ryan Hamm: plans for more Reward bling are also in progress…

@ Spacebug: Tim Schafer made a passing, but not direct, comment when someone asked him whether he’d seen it. And no, we didn’t get his permission! Ah-ha – Dennis kindly provided a link! :) ... m-schafer/

@ Richard Wojtaszak: The maps we’re creating are based closely on the maps from Carma 1. If anything, each will possibly be slightly larger than those you saw in the original. And we’ll be loading them up with even more opportunities for stupid stunts and silly physics games.

@ Darkscale, spacebug and others trying to move people off the DOUBLE EAGLE Reward: Don’t worry guys – we’ll contact the people on this Reward level at the end, and see what they’d like along with their little models!

@ Adi Dragan: The song on the video is a piece of sound library music from a “Cartoon Collection” set of CDs that I use for silly sound effects. It’s a track with no name, unfortunately! But you could buy the cartoon collection sound library (I can supply details).

@ wayne butler: “Sunday must be a day of rest in the Stainless Office”… Yes, sorry it was! I was exhausted by my late night Reddit session. And the Comments ran away from me (again)... So, hopefully this update makes up for it.

@ Brian Craig: Yes, we’re considering offerin a concept art book, and we’re looking at where to slot that one in.

@ Jen Lee: Thanks for pointing out that Project Fedora are backing us! I’ve returned the compliment.

@ William Morgan: If there’s any cars we miss out, I’m pretty sure the modding community will add them in!

@ Joylon Meldrum: Thanks for your support and rallying cry! We are also doing our best to get as wide a coverage as possible, but the voices of our many fans can have a truly fantastic effect!

@ Lollybomb: There will be a whole heap of Host definable multiplayer options, so you can choose how an MP event starts. The “endless stream of spawning AI cars” idea is pretty neat, thanks – we’ll give that serious consideration. :)

@ Eric Preston: The staff get mice in the morning, and cup-cakes in the afternoon. Sorry if the text is misleading on that one. (A team of 8 worked on the original Carmageddon at Stainless, and 5 are still with the company today, although a couple of them are now kept manacled in a small padded room in the cellar, where they are fed live mice and cup-cakes twice a day.)

We wanted to bring you BIG NEWS today, but there was a last-minute hiccup, as there sometimes is. Hope to do a proper Update tomorrow. Thanks again to all of you who are pledging, and increasing your pledges too. It’s really, deeply appreciated by all of us here.

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Fri May 25, 2012 9:17 am

Update 8

New rewards

For 15$, now you can choose a DRM free version of the game (you can play SP and MP lan, MP online is not possible cause it's a steam feature)

For 30$ you can have two digital copy of the games

Reddit AMA Q&A Round up!

In case you missed it! here is the information rounded up from the last Reddit AMA session…

Returning features

· There will be a return of the American Football players and stadium (including the Electro Ray power up placed in the corner!)

· Include a classic sound set – for those who didn’t know Nobby was 90% of the non-female character sound effects!

· We love the severed hand and would like to bring it back

· The Damage gallery after the race is returning

· You will be happy to know Dr Kev and his awesome physics are returning!

· Handling should feel like Carmageddon 1

· We are keeping and even expanding on the massive environments

· Car splitting is going in!

· Classic Carmageddon animals will return along with new animals!

· Lan Multiplayer is something we want

· The game will be highly moddable! – including skinning pedestrians to how you want!

New features

· There will be extra rewards for people who like to explore

· Old people sporting oxygen tanks that go BOOM (suggested by Mad_Maxine) are going in!

· Drivers are not going to be running around but vehicles will have drivers who can be ejected through the windshield in a heavy impact. (Although some drivers may actually turn up as special, high value peds in certain levels...) ;)

· Easter eggs will be in the game

· Solid granite pedestrian power up

· Splatter decals on the car bodies

· There will be leaderboards and achievements!

· There won’t be massive destructible environments simply because of the time and resources it would take up, there will of course be "feature" geometry that can be trashed, lots of lamp-posts to use as pedestrian pool cues, and of course masses of GLASS!

· There will be lots of cool stats to look at


· Carmageddon & GOG – “Stay tuned for further announcements... ;)” we can confirm we are looking into this at the moment and will let you lot here at Kickstarter know as soon as we know more!

· For those that choose the “be a pedestrian” reward it’s as simple as sending a few pictures of yourself in good light!

· We are currently looking into using the original sound track for Carmageddon! This is something we want too!

· Carmageddon: reincarnation will be more closer to Carmageddon 1 than 2

· Number of peds per level will vary depending on the environment, our prototype city level has 1500 for a nice level of density.

· Steam workshop is something we are looking into

· We have to balance level of detail with maintaining a consistent high frame-rate

· When we say the pope wanted it banned it turned out to just be an MP called Greg Pope J

OH remember! ANOTHER REDDIT AMA coming this Friday 6pm BST!

Time details:

6:00pm - BST

7:00pm – CEST

9:00pm – MSK

1:00pm – EDT

10:00am - PDT

We look forward to answering your questions!

Update 9

First Stretch Goal : 600000$ to boost linux and Mac version

Update 10

For 25$ you will receive a voucher to download Carma 1 + Splat Pack on GOG

Carmageddon: Reincarnation by Stainless Games » Updates — Kickstarter

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by coffeycup » Fri May 25, 2012 11:47 am

Thanks for the news roundup. Lots of really interesting bits.
No one can accuse Stainless of not listening to the fans. C1 & C2 on GOG, die-cast cars, etc. Yee-hah!

Just checked kicktraq and we're at 85% of reaching the goal!

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Sat May 26, 2012 8:44 am

93% it's moving fast since they update with new rewards (DRM free, Carma 1 on gog) ...
They listen their fans, but i admit that it scares me a little... cause they promise a lot of things.
I'm also affraid of third things :
first one : that the kickstarter pledges will go massively to all rewards that they have to provide and not in the game developpement.
second : That They will do like George Broussard with Dnf, and that the game will never be release because of a bad budget/time management.
third: It seem to me that 400k$ is a little budget for such a game.
But kickstarter campaign is not finished so wait and see.

2nd AMA response compilation:

Carmageddon 1 Making OFF ... don_hi.pdf

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Sun May 27, 2012 6:11 pm

Yeeepeeeeehhh! Champagne for everybody: $400K Goal reaches

Small Reminder:it stays only ten days of campaign:

Now for those who always hesitate to participate, do not forget that the preorder via kickstarter will cost you cheaper than if you buy the game on steam the day of its release.

For those who have interest for a Mac and Linux versions of the game. Don't forget the stretch goal of $600k.

And don't worry if the goal is not reach
* They will add the PayPal pledges post kickstarter campaign to the stretch goal and will feedback the progress of that through the site.

Updated matrix rewards ... matrix.jpg

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Mon May 28, 2012 5:53 pm

yeAH 430K$

Stainless Games : summary of 4 days response
- You’ll all be getting the DRM free version, if you want it. You don’t have to specify – when the DRM version is released, it will be free for all backers of $15 and above. Those who haven’t backed the campaign will have to pay more for it (as they will for the Steam version, too).
@ TwisTeDMiNd: YES! The floating mines of Carma 1 will be coming back. And PUp barrels.
@ Peter Avelovski: Levelling Up (Ranking up) and Challenges are both features you want that will be in the game.
@ The Very End: The Suppressor has been mentioned in the tiers of Cop enemy that the game will feature.
@ Alex Darby: The tool for creating your own PowerUps are already written, and in use here as part of our suite of dev tools. It’ll be released as part of the modding tool package.
@ doshu: ALL of the game content will be in the DRM free version – apart from any features that are Steam reliant.
@ Roy Evers: “Fight-back peds” is something on our wish list – it might not make it into Reincarnation, but it will happen in a future Carma game…
@ Atomilehma: The game is going to be more brutal than ever, but funnier than ever at the same time. We have no interest in “making it less violent so it would be able to younger players”. Not until we release the Wii version. :)
@ Radomir Ganich: Fully featured Action Replay is definitely in.
@ currysini: Supporting the full range of PC screen resolutions won’t be a problem, we can already do it.
@ Stevie Rushbrook: Don’t mention nudist beach around Patrick. He’s got various ideas for Pups that will blow/suck/dissolve/transparentificate the peds’ clothes…
@ Rimjim and others asking about Paypal: It turns out we won’t be able to set up Paypal while the project is still running, but we still intend to have it set up for when the Kickstarter campaign finishes… if we can. We’re looking into the legals here in the UK with our legal eagle chaps. If we can, then we’ll count the Paypal pledges towards the overall Total too.
@ Smeghead: It’s probable that we’ll include the option to make up your own playlists, so you’re not forced to listen to the game’s soundtrack.
Just a note of caution though… Please guys – DON’T over-stretch your budgets! This goes for everyone – we’re absolutely thrilled by the support and backing, but we don’t want anyone getting themselves into financial trouble backing the game! Only pledge what you can comfortable afford, please!
@ MaddogZenon: We won’t be able to announce any alpha/beta dates for a while yet. We’ll be continuing to Update everyone after the campaign ends, and we’ll firm up the dates as early as we can.
@ All those volunteering to forego all or some of their physical rewards, so that we get more of the monies!: The sentiment is really appreciated – please don’t feel any obligation or pressure to do this though. We’re happy to reward your backing with goodies, it’s the least we can do. Some Backers have also mentioned our suggestion that adding a little extra to your pledge to cover postage would be appreciated. Again, yes this is the case – but we are happy to cover shipping for those who just want to stick to a pledge amount as listed for each Reward tier.
@ Gavin: “how much will the team spend on the rounds of beer?” Well, let’s put it this way. Next week we’re starting a new Kickstarter campaign. It’s called, “We drank all your money. We need some more.”
We won’t be able to begin fulfilling the Rewards to Backers until the campaign has finished – we will then need to find the best supplier for each item based on the number of each we need to fulfil.
@ toodamnmuch & Brian: We’ve worked hard to get the handling to feel good both on analogue devices and on the good ol’ digital keyboard. Obviously with C1/2 coming from a pre-gamepad era, we want the feel to be right on a keyboard. But we also all play games on our consoles (or even - gasp! – with a controller plugged into our PC!), so we want the feel to be great with a controller too. Rest assured, we won’t favour one over the other and they’ll both be tuned to give the best Carma driving feel possible.
@ Those still asking: GOG have offered all Backers of $25 or more ONE voucher for ONE free copy of Carmageddon & The Splat Pack. Which is lovely of them, as it means we get the Backing from you guys, and you get a FREE GAME! (Well, two free games, considering that the Splat Pack has almost as much gameplay value as the first game!)
@ Alberto Benito: We have planned that the modding tools are released before the game’s iterative release plan is complete, to achieve exactly what you’re suggesting – the community is able to start generating new content for Carma:R.
@ doshu: I HAVE answered your question, in a previous Update response – but it’s understandable that it’s got lost among the 3000+ posts here! So, I’m happy to repeat: YES, THE DRM-FREE VERSION WILL BE KEPT COMPLETELY UP-TO-DATE, with the same content as the Steam version! (Please don’t ask me to go find proof of the first time I said it… I started to look, but really I’ve got too much else to do right now!) :)
@ Tonrac: Ah, hell. We forgot to factor the end of the world in. NEW STRETCH GOAL COMING, GUYS!!

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Wed May 30, 2012 8:14 pm

Hi guys it was long:

Current status: There are 7 days and the fund reaches $ 460K

Update 15:
The private forum to investors ($ 25 and up) should open at around 8 June
There will be an exclusive video of the making off of pratcam Tony (alias Max Damage) and Faye (AKA Die Anna) whose trailer is here:

Update 16:

Reminder stretch goal 1: $ 600k to boost Mac and Linux version

2 new stretch goals:
- $ 650K Sim (designer in stainless) and Noby (Executive Director in stainless) will appear on the pratcams in the role of two opponents

- $ 750K split screen + multiplayer coop ... tion/posts
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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by Razor » Wed May 30, 2012 9:24 pm

$700k - Sim as Die Anna in the nude ;)
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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by coffeycup » Wed May 30, 2012 9:40 pm

But then it would be the twat-cam :saston:

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Wed May 30, 2012 10:30 pm

Razor wrote:$700k - Sim as Die Anna in the nude ;)
Huummm love this idea :saston: !!! there is violence in carma but it lack some sex ...
i will increase my pledge to 500$ if they do that :lol:

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:47 pm

Update #17: CarMOBgeddon! It's Carma1 on your MOBILE THINGS!!

Yes Carmageddon 1 will be available this summer on Ios and Android devices
and it will be free during the first 24h after launch


5 days left and 480K$
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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by coffeycup » Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:03 pm

Oh man, C1 on my phone? No more Angry frikkin' Birds for me!

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:20 am

A short but SWEET video showing the "chainsaw" motion of the blades on the Eagle model that will be EXCLUSIVE to Kickstarter Backers of $50 and above.

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by Toshiba-3 » Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:12 pm

En fait tu as posté sur tout le net francophone pas vrai?
T'as géré de ce côté-là!
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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:05 pm

Merci :wink:
Pas vraiment tout le net francophone mais une bonne dizaine de forums+ cinq internationaux (ah non quatre, c'est vrai IGN m'a banni sans avertissement) ... ça fait pas mal de travail quand même (traduction en fr + mise à jour des sujets qui n'ont hélas pas les mêmes systèmes d'éditions) + intéraction avec les autres fans ... vivement la fin du kickstarter que le rythme ralentisse un peu. Cela dit je ne te cache pas que je suis un peu frustrer de voir malgré mes efforts l'état de la collecte de fonds. Mais Carmageddon mérite bien un peu de mon temps.
Edit : Pas de malentendu, la traduction moisie ci-dessous n'est pas là car je me la joue star du net :cool: suite à ton compliment , mais juste par respect au simple fait que nous ne sommes pas sur un forum francophone.

thank you
Not really the whole French networks but a dozen of French thread + five international ( oh no four, it's true IGN has banned me without warning) ... it makes a lot of work ( french translation + update the topics that have unfortunately not the same editing systems) + interaction with other fans ... I look forward The end of the kickstart campaign that the pace slows a bit. That said I do not hide that I'm a little frustrating, despite my efforts, to see the status of fundraising. But Carmageddon deserves a bit of my time.

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:04 pm

BIG Comments Response Roundup 02/06

@ Tonrac: We won’t EVER forget the faithful and ancient community of Carma! That’s why modding tools are central to our plans. (In reference to ancient carma community:
WASTED! - Community )
@ Those asking about console versions. Our Beelzebub engine tech is currently behind titles we’ve released on XBLA and PSN. BUT, securing release on these consoles is not straightforward, and so it would be remiss of us to blithely offer the console ports as Stretch Goals or guaranteed. We’re sure that the game will reach consoles eventually, though.
On you question of what Stainless and Dr. Kev have to say about the physics – well, as Steve Rushbrook has also pointed out, we pioneered soft body physics back in the late 90’s with the first two games. It was only processor power and memory limitations back then that meant we couldn’t achieve the level of detail we want. But today hardware limitations are far less of an issue, and we plan to make good use of that fact!
@ Ryan Hamm: We might go for a credit card shaped USB with the Max Damage “Driving License” printed on it. But even if it’s not that design, then something else ‘special’…
@ Todd Junker: Please remain positive that we WILL reach our first Stretch Goal, and exceed it! I have FAITH! :)
@ Steve Rushbrook: Carma runs fine on an iPad1, and very, very nicely on a 2 and 3!
@ Travis Fahs: (Carmageddon on Ios and Android) Unable to confirm the date at this moment in time. Don’t worry though, we’ll give you PLENTY of notice before the launch.
@ Brody: We’re continuing to talk to GOG, and obviously Carma 2 is a strong possibility.But probably not before the end of our campaign here!
@ Martin Madsen: Yes, inventive and varied ways to kill peds will all be part of the updated game. It’s what more powerful processors were invented for!
@ Arnathos: Some additional cars/ opponents with Power-Ups are on the cards. However, we won’t do this in such a way that it’s overly frustrating for the player going up against these opponents. It’ll be an extra challenge!
@ Mike Dennis: Hi, I’m here. I’m sorry if our not supporting your phone is going to make you cancel your pledge. But we only have limited resources, and committing to a wider range of mobile support at this stage would be likely to harm the development of Carma:R. The fact is we were able to port our tech to iOS and Android within a very short timeframe, and that made the project feasible. If we’re able to include more devices later (for instance, if the sales of iOS and/or Android versions goes MAD, and we find ourselves drowning in money), then of course we’d be silly not to widen the range of devices/OS’s supported.
@ Martin Madsen: The $50 Red Eagle HAS to be an exclusive to Backers, I’m afraid. But the other vehicles and upgrades that are coming for Carma:R are still going to be very cool too!
THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! I'll see you on the other side of HALF A MILLION!! XD

4 days left 499K$

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:17 pm

Carma:R Work in Progress Footage

A Work In Progress peek at the Bleak City (City B) track "Blood on the Rooftops", starting with footage of the original game and blending into WIP (Work In Progress) footage from our latest prototype. This level teaser is intended only as a first impression of progress on the level construction for Carmageddon: Reincarnation. The vehicle, pedestrians and their animations, and special effects are ALL placeholder, (the pedestrians were set up to be EXTRA easy to dismember for this video!) and the level has NO optimisation of any kind yet, so EVERYTHING is being processed at ALL times - all the geometry, and around 1000 peds (hence the choppy framerate!). The level is in mid construction, and so textures and detailing is missing, even from the more "finished" looking sections. In other words, IT'S EARLY DAYS!
More videos of development progress will be available to our Kickstarter VIPs in the dedicated area of the forums at

The Video


More video comming soon in the private section (backers of 25$ and more)

Carmageddon: Reincarnation by Stainless Games — Kickstarter

55 hours left 528K$ Come on guys

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:11 am

Remaining 19 hours and we are at $ 569K / $ 600 K needed

If someone felt the kind soul to post on forums mac / linux to prevent that from $ 600K they will have the game on their platform it would be ... ncarnation

Bonus a small image:


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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by Toshiba-3 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:22 am

Damn, I really hope they'll reach their stretch goal :smad:
Would be to bad. Kinda sure they'd develop the game on these platforms anyway (esp. Mac) but just for it to look like a small victory :ssmile:
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by DEMENTOR » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:07 am

600k has been reached!
It's actually at 614k at the moment.
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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by coffeycup » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:12 am

And to think there were some who didn't think they'd even reach 400k.

I have to say that the brief glimpse of Faye in update #21 made my jaw drop. She has to come back as Die Anna. Sim can play some other character. Val Hella? Su Borg?

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by coffeycup » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:12 am

And to think there were some who didn't think they'd even reach 400k.

I have to say that the brief glimpse of Faye in update #21 made my jaw drop. She has to come back as Die Anna. Sim can play some other character. Val Hella? Su Borg?

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:47 am

i 'm part of them, but i 'm pessimistic by nature. WOW 625143$ we did it ! Congratulation!
It's far enough of 2.9m$ of wasteland2 BUT it's a 156% of the original goal, so Champagne :beer:
Val Hella can suit perfectly to sim, i love to see her in a tight-fitting leather suit :tongue:

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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by tonrac » Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:29 pm

Carmageddon video archives.

Video footage shot for our PratCam movie, which depicted the driver reacting to their murderous antics and cunning stunts. Faye was the young actress we discovered to play our female driver character Die Anna. She was a High School student (although few of us realised that she was actually only 14 at the time of shooting!).


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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless

Post by coffeycup » Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:12 pm

Not to be a jerk, who am I kidding..I'm a jerk. But aren't these vids just for the Backers? And not the masses? :tongue:

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