Westworld Raceway (beta 1 release)

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Westworld Raceway (beta 1 release)

Post by hypokill »


*from Ovalchat *

i'm releasing this to see what you think about the scaling of the map, is it accurate?

all feedback and criticism welcome

*keep in mind this has no detail in yet, this is the basic track i just want feedback on the scaleing

if the scaling is good then let me know cause i can then start building onto the track


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Re: Westworld Raceway (beta 1 release)

Post by pileup »

the scaling on this race track is pretty accurate. im looking forward to playing this track. :thumbsup:

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Re: Westworld Raceway (beta 1 release)

Post by Razor »

is it textured because it looks cartoon-like.
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Re: Westworld Raceway (beta 1 release)

Post by Harmalarm »

scaling seems fairly ok. These tracks are usually not that big so, I geuss it's fine. Good luck modeling!

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