Wanted 2, got 2

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Wanted 2, got 2

Post by QTZ »

C1 Error:
Failure: DatafileStack type mismatch, wanted 2, got 2

As I found this error is caused by binary broken pix files also included with retail releases.

One bad pix is distributed with 3dfx patches and present on later releases like Max Pack:

Second known broken file is included in High Octane version:

3dfx/voodoo execs are not sensitive to this problem, but when we try to run regular version it exiting with this error.
So without fix we can't run Max Pack with some of included execs or High Octane with replacement execs.

To fix this problem we just need to replace or fix bad pix files.
When font file is replaced it may also need to replace corresponding text file:

There is another broken pix included in Splat Pack, but probably not used at all (to find it search for 0 size file).

Note: Unofficial Carmageddon Patch fixes also those files.

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