Running C1 on a modern PC (2010)

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Running C1 on a modern PC (2010)

Post by TheJkWhoSaysNi »

Hello all!

Well it's been 5 years since I posted the last guide :P, I recently felt like playing C1 again!

The problem: C1 will not run natively on any 64bit version of windows. You can try DosBox but the performance is awful (I was getting around 10-15 fps at 640x480, not fun).

I got it running better...

However, this is not a simple process and you will need several prequisites:

-A fast Multi Core* CPU with support for virtualisation

-VMWare Player (Available here: )

-A copy of Windows XP (32 bit!)

-A carmav.exe without a cd check (I've put one here: as the cd crack is hard to find!)

-DgVoodoo 1.5 (Available here: I have mirrored it here: in case that site goes down )

*Otherwise the C1 process uses all the CPU power and you will get stutters every few seconds!

Secondly, my PC is good. I've been playing dirt2 with everything maxed, here's the specs. I have no idea how well this will work with slower PCs:

-Intel i7 920

-Radeon 5870 (I doubt this will make any difference, it's virtualised so it's proably almost all down to the CPU speed)

-6gb DDR3 RAM

-Windows 7 professional 64 bit

Ok, the process

1) Install VMWare

2) Install Windows XP inside VMWare

3) Install VMWare tools in your XP installation (You should be prompted to do this automatically)

4) Shut down XP and go to the settings for your Virtual Machine, then:

-Give it as much RAM as possible (For me it was limited to 3,712mb as this is the highest XP 32bit can see)

-Important: Set it to use more than one processor. I set it to 4 but 2 should be fine. With this set to 1, the game was not playable at all. The carmageddon process would use 100% of the CPU and the whole VM would freeze up every few seconds.

5) Install carmageddon (You will need to give the XP installation access to your CD-ROM drive)

6) (Optional, I could never get it to recognise the CD so try it first) Overwrite carmav.exe with the no-cd version ( )

7) extract dgvoodoo into the carmageddon directory

8) Run dgvoodoosetup and:

-Click the DOS radio button

-make sure "Working in VDD mode" IS CHECKED (Unlike the previous topic which i advised against checking it)

As the previous thread:

Now go to the "Glide" tab.

Most of these won't make much difference but heres the ones that will:

Set LFB Access to Enable LFB access

Set colourkeying method to native

Set Texture mem size to 16384kb (The largest available)

Set the resolution to whatever you want. Obviously higher will look nicer.

Check Timer Boosting

Double click carmav.exe and it should work!

You can run it fullscreen provided you fullscreen VMWare first.

To improve the draw distance, open up Carmageddon\DATA\Options.txt

Set YonFactor to 1.000000

Set Yon to 100.000000


Sound: Yes

Performance: 40-60fps at 1680x1050 with a 100 YON value for extended draw distance

Intro Movie: No (Should be possible by copying it to the hard drive though)

CD Music: No

A lot of work just to play a game: Yes

There is a problem with "jerkyness" while going up hills, which is the same as before and seems to be an issue with either dgvoodoo or carmageddon itself. To minimise this problem you can open up command prompt, navigate to the carmageddon directory and run

dgvoodoosetup $FirstFound$:0 /platform:dos /timerboost:15

which makes it far less noticable

Hope this is helpful to anyone (both of you!) who would still like to play Carmageddon 1 in 2010!

I guess I'll see you again in 5 years! :wink:

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Re: Running C1 on a modern PC (2010)

Post by hazardic »

a good guide, thanks. when all my notebooks with xp will be destroyed, i'll install vmware. now i prefer just to launch c1 with dgvoodoo on 1920*1200 notebook with yon 150 and AA 4x
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Re: Running C1 on a modern PC (2010)

Post by TheJkWhoSaysNi »

well yes that's better but if you have a 64 bit OS you need to use vmware (or dual boot, which is more hassle than vmware)
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Re: Running C1 on a modern PC (2010)

Post by Deep_Blue »

Or ya could just install (Tosh's?) C1/SP meld. Works flawlessly on XP anyways.
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Re: Running C1 on a modern PC (2010)

Post by Carmageddon'72 »

I still can run all three episodes with my Acer laptop of 2001: it works so good that I hope it will bury me, not the inverse! o_o