Splat Pack versions: just looking for a global confirmation

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Splat Pack versions: just looking for a global confirmation

Post by QTZ » Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:37 pm

Toshiba-3 wrote:Could someone tell me whether a Full Zombie Splat Pack exists or not?
Razor wrote:I thought The Splat Pack was released only in an uncensored version?
Toshiba-3 wrote:Well that's what I think as well! :)
I'm just looking for a global confirmation on this!

We know about so much versions of Carmageddon, but only one version of Full Splat Pack.

As I found this is not the only version, at least censored German translated robot version exist.

Splat Pack confirmed versions, so far:
- Full gore
- Full Robot (German translation)
- Demo gore
- Demo gore Christmas
- Demo Zombie

Looking for confirmation about Zombie or other possible versions.

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