Adding more peds to levels

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Adding more peds to levels

Post by Geeviz »

Hi I am Geeviz, pretty new here. ;)

Since some other cool Carmageddon 2 pages are off air... I try to ask the question here...

Does someone know how to add more peds per square miles at Carmageddon 2 levels? Formerly I did know exact in which TXT file i could edit..

But since years I've forgot...

On google I found the old link but that does not work anymore...

Cheers, Geeviz.
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Re: Adding more peds to levels

Post by Toshiba-3 »

Hello Geeviz and welcome on the CWA board,

The link you posted is a mirror of this thread:

As explained in that thread you indeed have to edit the txt file of races to increase the "Peds per 100 square metres" value for each ped spawn material. That implies that the race TWT files be extracted. You can do it manually but it is tedious. So you can also grab them untwatted from the Vanilla C2 minipack or from here ... ates/maps/
(need to remove/rename the original TWT files once they are replaced by their respective folders)
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