MagnaPal, a palette mod for Carmageddon 1

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MagnaPal, a palette mod for Carmageddon 1

Post by Toshiba-3 »


Inspired by Doom's PalPlus and Jovian Palette, I gave such a palette mod a try as well for Carmageddon.

left, original 'death race' palette. right, magnapalette.

The idea was to try and approximate how colors were displayed in the 90s on a CRT, because colors on many LCD screens are a bit washed out. So I installed Carma on my old 2000 iMac G3 (yay!) and tried to replicate in Photoshop what I saw on the CRT (I displayed an upsized DRRENDER.PAL on both screen and tweaked the one on the LCD to match the CRT).

What I got is pretty close to how the CRT displays colors, though my LCD screen is much less bright ofcourse. Mileage may and will vary depending on your LCD screen. My palette mod is more subtle than the Doom's equivalent but the change is there and is more apparent ingame. Overal, dark colors have a bit more depth and bright colors are more vivid.

If you're interested to try it, it's at RR2000:
You can find more comparison pics here:
and the non-downsized shots there:

Tosh o/
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Re: MagnaPal, a palette mod for Carmageddon 1

Post by QTZ »

I'm still using CRT :) And It's hard to see the difference... However it's great.
I think I need to create (or use existing) screen shots and switch the palette to compare exact pictures. Or just exchange the palette in editor. Also I need to look directly at the palette.

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Re: MagnaPal, a palette mod for Carmageddon 1

Post by Deep_Blue »

I'm using a 12 year old LCD.
Can't wait to try it.
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Re: MagnaPal, a palette mod for Carmageddon 1

Post by The Joker »

This palette looks good, especially with DOSBox SVN-Daum with a CRT screen imitation :grin: :swheel:

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