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Because I can

Post by Mad_Maxine » Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:05 pm

Same topic for whom may not visit cwa,

Greetings to all, So I had a dumb idea that im going with now, and thats to make and send out a bunch of 3d models in obj form for anybody to use as whatever they want, and I thought Id package them like toys too or 'Collectables' heh

My aim was to make basic models for peopel who wanted things.. so if you want to make a drone? ok, if you want a none car? ok something to put on the back of a truck your making? some stuff for new modlers to look at see how low poly stuff works?

Ok ya mabye theres no reson to it I just wanted to make some low polly toys, So heres a brsure for future stuff, Also going to add a special limited edition for every site yay :P nerd time,

So Yep I started off with the British collectiong, Mainly because I was looking on a model railroad site not too long ago, and I came across a bunch of euro stuff,

2 vertions
Solid windows- 312 triangles (is higher than normal because I built it in quarters and mirrored
Interior vertion- 658 triangles ... lass47.png

Coal hopper. 198 triangles

London set

Bus- 189 triangles

Requests for anything in the three catogorys im working on are welcome as long as you dont flood me, and as soon as someone says Bughatti Veyron im canceling all requests
Wheels Outside All Shapes
Wheels Outside All Shapes

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