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Grandcarma to do list

Post by Harmalarm » Fri Aug 01, 2008 8:22 am

1st August 2008;

ok, there are still quite a lot of things to do. In order to give you guys an Idea of what items I still have to work on, I summarize them over here.

Things to do for the worldmap;

1 - correct vertex lighting.

this takes quite some time, because all models have to be re-exported from Max to the game. Once I have the settings right, and got rid of the overbrightness and the super dark shadows, it can be done in about 2/3 days, but finding the right settings allready cost me 2 days :uh:

2 - new water file

the current water file shows some errors, where the water is underneath the models. I basically need
to follow the shoreline of the map, in order to avoid this problem. Also all the pools need to be added

3 - placing the objects

placing the trees, lantarns, gates, fences, etc, etc. This is a very time-consuming job...

4 - placing the cars

basically the same, IPL editing for those who know the file structure. finding the positions of the cars, rotation, blablabla...

5 - creating ped/car paths

very difficult, but also very essential. The map really comes to life with them. The process though is quite difficult, because of errors when joining the paths and getting the cross-sections work right. I'll have to experiment with this first in order to get the feeling for it.

6 - shadow models for some objects;

some objects, like the highways and the traintracks could use shadow models. It's hard to get them right. I've allready been experimenting with them, but error seem to pop up out of nowhere and it's really time consuming to get rid of them

7 - enex placing (teleportation)

to get to those hard to reach places in the sky ;)

8 - garage placing

pritty obvious I guess, you need to fix your car once in a while

9 - save points

I don't know if it is possible, but it would be nice to be able to save the game once in a while. :)

Things to do for the mod in general

1 - mission coding

I'm not planning anything big for this, since my scripting skills are basically not excisting... :) But I'm sure there could be a way to script a point system for running peds over and stuff.

2 - menu layout change

making the menu, startup screen, font and other stuff more suitable for a carmageddon mod.

3 - adding cars

I was thinking that the cops could very well be replaced by the carmageddon cops and the interceptor ;) But also some carmageddon cars would be nice, maybe all the eagle's and some other intersting cars.

4 - adding interiors

nothing big planned here, but maybe I can make some interior models as a save house etc.

so as you can see the list is still quite big. I'm currently working on the vertex lighting, because I think it is really important. I'll update this list once a certain part is finished. Now, let's get back to work :wink:

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Grandcarma to do list

Post by Toshiba-3 » Sat Aug 02, 2008 10:02 am

Man, that's such a long list...
But really when you'll be done with all this, the mod will be fuckin' awesome!
If I was you, I'd put mission codding as last. It is indeed what will make the mod's livespan way longer, but isn't it also the most difficult part ? I mean it requires complex thinking and preparing a lot of stuff, relying on scripts and all that... no?
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Grandcarma to do list

Post by Harmalarm » Sat Aug 02, 2008 11:29 am

Yes, you are absolutely right. That last list, of general mod items, was not really in working order. But yeah, I think I'll save that one for last.
I think a little race scripting is not that hard, because I've seen different race script mods for GTA-SA all around. I could make those races like the ones from Caramgeddon, earning more points or enlocking diferent vehicles or such.

but yeah, the real deal of scripting a point system for running over peds is very difficult and will indeed take a lot of time. I don't really worry about it that much, I see how it goes once I get there. That's actually the way I have modded all the time, worriing about things when I need to. :uho:

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