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grandcarma mod not working

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I have a problem that warms me is that when I start everything right but ta lockout goes half but the second you exit and then ta folder appears in a TXT file errordump.txt: GTA: SA Crashed, Debug Info Follows:


GTA Info:

Version: EU 1.0

Last File Loaded: AUDIO \ STREAMS \ CR

Last Library Loaded: user32.dll

Error: Unknown

Assembly Info:

Exception At Address: 0x4FDA40BE

Exception Code: 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)


EAX: 0x00000212 EBX: 0x015B6020

ECX: 0xC4818842 EDX: 0x00000014

ESI: 0x01717000 EDI: 0x08000000

EBP: 0x0023FB99 ESP: 0x0022FB58

I have to do that shit
biene with gta sa limit adjuster
if they respond thanks

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