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nGlide 2.10 & dgVoodoo v2.6

Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:21 pm
by Toshiba-3
And now to dgVoodoo 2.43!

Now it's been updated to v2.42!
But wait! There's more: nGlide 1.0.4.

Hi guys, a quick update here about an old news: dgVoodoo has been updated to v2.41 last month. I didn't notice. However this is a very interesting update as it adds ddraw and d3d support to an already powerful tool!

So you can run C1 in software mode with dgVoodoo's ddraw.dll too now! C2 in software mode starts but it crashed upon entering the race, maybe I just need to test again. However C2 now works well in D3D mode again!

dgVoodoo v2.41:

Re: dgVoodoo v2.41

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:01 am
by Harmalarm
Nice news find there tosh! I was wondering though, c2 d3d has pretty much always worked for me. Is it commonly known it doesn't for many others?

Re: dgVoodoo v2.41

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:57 am
by Toshiba-3
Oh here it's been years since I last had it working properly!

Re: dgVoodoo v2.41

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:34 am
by Toshiba-3
Just a pic I did earlier to illustrate how to get D3D mode in a window:

Re: dgVoodoo v2.41

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:16 pm
by Harmalarm
Wow the d3d windowed mode works surprisingly well. I didn't get the regular error message on shutting down the game. I wonder if it will give us proper error messages now when we add modded content that has flaws.

Anyway, thanks for the find tosh

Re: dgVoodoo v2.42 & nGlide 1.0.4

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:24 pm
by Toshiba-3
dgVoodoo 2.42 changelog:

Code: Select all

        – Direct3D3 renderstate handling bugfixes (some of them were disabled)
        – Various DirectDraw bugfixes like object/structure version handling,
          surface blitting, basic ROP codes are added, and others
        – Compatibility fixings in DirectDraw surface creation functionality
        – Compatibility fixings in DirectDraw surface locking functionality
        – Compatibility fixings in Direct3D device creating
        – Fixing/refactoring light handling in general; now software vertex
          processing can handle any number of them, and also, they can be added at
          any index in Direct3D7
        – 32 bit z-buffer support added
        – Minor Direct3D rendering bugs
        – Bad return code in an empty (but necessary) function on IDirect3DTexture,
        – Missing multithreading guarding in some Direct3D3 methods, fixed
nGlide 1.0.4 changelog can be found in the first post link.

Re: dgVoodoo v2.43 & nGlide 1.0.4

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:22 pm
by Toshiba-3
dgVoodoo v2.43 changelog:
DirectX emulation:
- 3D support for 8 bit surfaces is added (Colin McRae Rally)
- Improved surface blitting, more optimal resource consuming for 3D surfaces
- First version of fast surface video memory CPU-access is added
- Introducing ‘lost’ state into the default DX behavior, with additional automatic self-restore mechanism for buggy DX applications
- 3D TL vertex rendering incompatibilites, fixed
- Various small 3D/caps related bugs, fixed
- Several other bugfixes that I don’t want to word here

- Some problems related to the window procedures and message handling are fixed
- Names of the wrapped running DX applications were displayed incorrectly, fixed

Re: dgVoodoo v2.43 & nGlide 1.0.4

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 8:20 am
by Toshiba-3
dgVoodoo 2.44:
Changelog wrote: DirectX emulation:
– Some surface/D3D device related bugs are fixed
– Mirrored blitting was broken, fixed
– 24bit software surface support is added
– support for DXT1-5 compressed textures is added but an S3TC encoder is still missing for the cases when a compressed texture is the blitting target
– Transforming normal vectors was incompatible with MS D3D, fixed. This fix includes enabling/disabling of normalizing them, default was wrong for older than DX7 interfaces
– Colorkey blend capability is added
– support is added for old mode-X display modes
– Various other small bugs fixed that I can’t remember of

Re: dgVoodoo v2.5 & nGlide 1.0.4

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:41 am
by Toshiba-3
dgVoodoo v2.5
- First version of D3D8 implementation is added
- Lot of bugs fixed during general DirectX code refactoring, I don't want to detail them all here
- Dynamic shader compiling for all API components for better performance (see Usage and DirectX readme for details, you'll need D3DCompiler_43.dll for this feature)

Re: dgVoodoo v2.5 & nGlide 1.05

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:32 pm
by Toshiba-3
and now nGlide 1.05

Code: Select all

-added support for F-16: Fighting Falcon
-added support for Space Haste
-fixed Actua Golf 2 ui issues with older Radeons
-fixed Actua Soccer 2 seams glitch
-fixed Driver missing lens flare effect and wrong drawing distance
-fixed Killer Loop buggy time indicator background
-fixed Powerslide blinking car shadows
-fixed Time Warriors glitches with 320x200/640x400 viewports
-fixed Total Soccer 2k disappearing goal nets
-fixed Ultimate Race Pro incorrect fog and low texture detail with v1.50
-fixed Warzone 2100 invisible map after building command center
-fixed lack of gamma correction control with games utilizing SST_GAMMA

-added support for Les Visiteurs: La Relique De Sainte Rolande
-fixed NFL Blitz 2000 missing ui text with 3x renderer
-fixed Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2000 long loading time
-fixed Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2001 wrong target arrow distance and long loading time
-fixed Xtreme Air Racing resolution issue

-added support for windowed mode (press Alt+Enter while in game to switch)
-added support for extended resolutions
-added support for edge anti-aliasing
-"4:3" aspect ratio option in nGlide configurator renamed to "Preserve original"
-framerate is now capped at 1000fps with VSync=off or windowed mode to reduce power consumption / coil whine
-fixed Alt+Tab switching in multithreaded games
-fixed regressions
Windowed mode, extended resolutions, edge anti-aliasing

Re: dgVoodoo v2.5 & nGlide 1.05

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:42 pm
by Razor
Nice, an Ultim@te Race Pro fix!

Re: dgVoodoo v2.5 & nGlide 1.05

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:29 pm
by Jaw_Breaker
The new versions of both dgVoodoo and nGlide are awesome! C2 3Dfx with dgVoodoo v2.5 in particular runs smoothly (and very good looking) on my Win7 x64 PC, which is a marvelous achievement by Dege. :thumbsup:

However, I still can't get the D3D mode of C2 to work. It always gives me this error:
Even after following Tosh' instructions in the previous post, it still crashes. Dunno why. :confused:

Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks. :smile:

Re: dgVoodoo v2.5 & nGlide 1.05

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 8:36 pm
by Toshiba-3
Well it still works here! But I have to make sure that dgVoodoo uses my Intel HD graphics as adapter (in the General tab) instead of my nVidia card or else it crashes!

Re: dgVoodoo v2.53 & nGlide 1.05

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 1:33 pm
by Toshiba-3
dgVoodoo 2.53
  • Support for ‘dynamic resolutions’ (see section ‘Resolution overriding’)
  • Added support for ‘d3dcompiler_47.dll’, so Win10 users don’t have to download and mess with d3dcompiler dll, 47 is part of the Win10 OS.
  • Linear filtering was applied for upscaling the output-image even if the scale ratio was 1.0, fixed
  • Some modifications on the CRT-like shader were done for correct CRT-like appearance on high-res displays like a 4K monitor
  • Glide mode ‘Compare to bias’ is fixed (Esoteria demo)
  • Some other Glide rendering issues are fixed (Hype – The Time Quest)
  • DDraw system memory surface pitch is fixed to match that of DIBs (Snow Wave Avalanche)
  • A DX8 bug is fixed, so Mafia now works, altough I experience z-buffer glitches here and there (to be fixed)
  • Lot of general D3D/D3D8 bugs are fixed, too
  • GeForce4-style shadow buffering is reverse engineered and implemented in the ‘Geforce Ti4800’ preset
  • Floating point arithmetic differences (incompatibilities) between vs1.x and vs4.x are resolved, Splinter Cell 1 now works in shadow buffer mode
  • New dynamic vertex buffering algorhythm for removing rendering performance bottleneck, better usage of GPU
  • The config application is now per-monitor DPI-aware, to have sharp appearance
  • MSAA option name ‘Auto’ is changed to ‘App driven’
  • New option for DirectX emulation is added (No texture filtering)
  • Changes in the default config:
    Capture mouse is on
    MSAA is app driven
  • Doc format is changed from txt to html and content is revised

Re: dgVoodoo v2.54 & nGlide 1.05

Posted: Mon May 01, 2017 8:38 am
by Toshiba-3
dege is still hard at work:

dgVoodoo 2.54
  • Windows input issues caused by the wrapper are fixed (Outlaws, GTA1 DDraw mode, etc.)
  • Rendering transition between Glide/DDraw is fixed (Outlaws)
  • Concept of setup application is replaced with concept of Control Panel (CPL)
  • Control Panel App:
    • Contrast as a new color adjustment option is added
    • Preserving predefined monitor color profile(s) for fullscreen mode as an option is added
    • A general option for centering the application/game window is added
    • DirectX texture filtering options are changed, possibility of forcing anisotropic filtering is introduced
    • New scaling mode with C64-like output (it’s not a feature but more like an experimenting code)
    • Visual cosmetics
  • DirectX:
    • Some of the DDraw code is guarded to avoid the unexpected worst-way DLL unloading
    • Now LithTech engine games (Blood2, NOLF, Kiss Psycho Circus, …) should tolerate Alt-Tab on Win10
    • Some other extra guarding to prevent crashes, Virtua Cop2 now works in D3D mode
    • Blit bug and clipper incompatibility fixed in DDraw (D3DRM, Tokipazu, tech demo Final Reality)
    • Minor issue in DDraw and bad L6V5U5 format descriptor is fixed (Kyro tech demos)
    • Adding support for plain surface format A8L8 (DDraw) (Matrox G400 Tech Demo)
    • D3D3 fog fixed (Shadows of The Empire patched to 1.1)
    • Execute buffer bug fixed in D3D (D3DRM)
    • Some D3D5 incompatibilities are fixed (crash and texture handling with Space Bunnies Must Die)
    • Fixing D3D6 bugs and calculations of old software-only lighting and other incompatible things (DX6 SDK sample applications (Immediate/Retained) + Fog City/Tirtanium demos)
    • Unexpected way of texture compression is implemented (D3D7, Soulbringer)
    • Adding support for Q8W8V8U8 texture format (D3D8) (3DMark 2001 SE, Nature, Pixel shader and Advanced Pixel shader test)
    • D3D8 device handling bug is fixed (multimonitor environment)
    • D3D8 compatibility fixings, now handling managed textures is compatible with Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (corrupt mipmapping)
    • Issue with D3D8 device capabilities and SYSTEMMEM vertex buffers are fixed (LKCC demos)
    • D3D8 DrawIndexedPrimitive bug fixed (Syberia 2)
    • Adding support for depth buffer format D24X4S4 (D3D8) (Matrox Parhelia Reef Tech Demo)
    • Adding support for volume textures (D3D8), though with limited number of formats (Matrox Parhelia Coral Reef Tech Demo + DX8 SDK VolumeTexture sample + general)
    • Lower resource usage is partly included in this version. For the time being, only the usage of GPU accessible system memory.
    • General bugfixing, like unexpected forced windowed mode (Soulbringer movies), vertex shader (missing fog in Colin McRae Rally), non-perspective polygon drawing bug, fixed (Zanzarah The Hidden Portal), and a lot other
    • Handling depth buffers had some bugs at FL 10.0, fixed (D3D11)
    • Potential bad driving of D3D11 at FL10.1 when no resolution and MSAA is forced (D3D11) (Gorky17)
    • Some (regression and other) bugs in the D3D11 renderer are fixed
    • GeForce 4 profile is slightly modified to match a real GF4
    • Now light beams in Splinter Cell 1 should be rendered correctly through the GF4 card type (unblurred lights with occlusion)
    • 2 new videocard types are added:
      • GeForce FX 5700 Ultra (keeps the soft shadows for Splinter Cell 1 (because I like it :D) and will hopefully be feasible to provide place for new features later)
      • Matrox Parhelia-512 (for Matrox Coral Reef Demo 1.1 and other Matrox tech demos)
  • Glide:
    • Glide fix (far background in front of the 3D world: Mig29, Uprising)
    • Texture memory report is modified to match that of a real 3Dfx driver (Slave Zero)
  • Tons of code changing for new features that are not ready yet and so not included in this version

Re: nGlide 2.0 & dgVoodoo v2.54

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:34 pm
by Toshiba-3
nGlide updated to version 2.0 with addition of a Vulkan API backend!

> ... f=2&t=2044

This is great! If you encounter any problem with the new video backend, don't hesitate to share it on the official forum.

Re: nGlide 2.0 & dgVoodoo v2.54

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:53 am
by Takeshi666
Is there a dosbox compatible glide emulation that fixes the performance issues with alphas?

Re: nGlide 2.0 & dgVoodoo v2.54

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:30 pm
by Toshiba-3
I guess by 'alphas' you mean the voodoo patches. I think nGlide in DirectX9 mode works best with DOSBox (last time I tried I couldn't get dgVoodoo to work with DOSBox). DOSBox Daum doesn't like C1 too much apparently.

On a decent machine, with GOG's DOSBox, nGlide 2 (D3D9), latest 3DFX patch (VOODO2C.EXE -vrush), making sure DOSBox is accelerated by the graphics card, and in case your on Win10 FCU that fullscreen optimisation is disabled for DOSBox (in the properties > compatiblity tab) then... you should expect 25-35fps ingame at 1920x1080.

There's no miracle with DOSBox and the 3D-heavy games really.

Re: nGlide 2.0 & dgVoodoo v2.55

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 4:58 pm
by Toshiba-3
dgVoodoo 2.55! Changelog:
  • Special release of dgVoodoo with DebugLayer providing feedback information is now available
    • INFO, WARNING and ERROR type messages with severity levels, including breaking into debugger
    • API call tracing with detailed information
  • Migrating to INI format configuration files - also, adding rarely needed/used configuration options for advanced users and game hacking like
    • Dithering for both Glide and DirectX
    • Deframer
    • Pixel multiplied output with arbitrary or automatic scale factor
    • Arbitrary extra DirectX resolutions
  • New scaling mode for centered appearance, scaling is done by the wrapper
  • New dynamic resolution modes (2x, 3x, ...) are added
  • Fixes for scaled output done by the wrapper ('Stretched, * AR' and 'Centered, AR' modes with larger than max of display-supported output images)
  • Fix for 'Best available one' output type when only WARP is available
  • Improved shader handling:
    • Resource cache for reuse of D3D8 compiled shaders
    • Dynamic shader compiling is moved to a background thread to avoid/minimize lags
    • Glide: for all compiled shaders
    • DirectX: for all compiled shaders that can be substituted by precompiled ones; also, unneeded shader variants could be unnecessary compiled, fixed
  • Control Panel App
    • Folder/location list handling code is rewritten
    • Appearance is now PerMonitorAwareV2 for DPI scaling
    • Cosmetics: missing logo bitmap when monitor scale is >150%, fixed
  • DirectX
    • DllMain detection along with warning messages through the debug layer
    • Surface/texture lock incompatibilites fixed (Zombie Shooter, The Mystery of the Druids)
    • DirectDraw surface-create, cooperative level, PageLock error and other incompatibility fix (Zero Comico, RC de Go, A Bug's Life, Wartorn, Message in a Haunted Mansion, Micro Machines v3)
    • 24 bit surface creation issue in DirectDraw is fixed (Blade Of Darkness lava)
    • Support for partial Z-buffer copy in DirectDraw (The Revenant)
    • Option for disabling the default and classic resolutions
    • Possibility of extra resolutions enumerable to applications is added
    • Bugs causing crash and black screen are fixed (Empires Dawn of The Modern World, Honour & Freedom)
    • Some effort for avoiding app deadlocks in DirectDraw and QuartzHookLayer
    • D3D FVF and other parameter validation incompatibility, fixed (Praetorians, Earthworm Jim 3D)
    • D3D state block incompatibility, fixed (Soldiers of Anarchy)
    • D3D non-W-friendly matrix in ComputeSphereVisibility calcs, fixed (Pac-Man Adventures in Time)
    • Old D3D-lighting incompatibility, fixed (when revising code and docs)
    • D3D lighting issue is fixed (flashing lights in Tomb Raider 4 and hopefully King Of The Roads)
    • Fixing range based fog hw calculations (The Chosen: Well of Souls)
    • ATI and GeForce profiles are modified to force W-pixelfog (compatibility with old drivers)
    • Minor D3D DDI bug fixed (Bear Hero)
    • Minor internal D3D state/lighting bugs fixed (Tonko4)
    • D3D device type 'Software MMX' is removed from Direct3D7 for better compatibility (3D Blitz)
    • Disabling 32 bit z-buffers for Direct3D3/5 (e.g. Shadows of The Empire)
    • D3D FPU state handling incompatibility fix (for general cases, and it fixed nVidia demos Creature, Toy Soldiers and Crystal Ball)
    • D3D colorkey bug fixed (Sponge Bob - Employee of The Month)
    • Minor D3D/D3D8 bugs, D3D11 leaks fixed (my own tests)
    • D3D/D3D8 ProcessVertices and general software vertex processing incompatibility, fixed (RIM - Battle Planets, Mafia with multipass rendering, Micro Commandos)
    • Issue of mixed type D3D8 stream sources is fixed (missing player characters in Final Fantasy XI)
    • D3D8 shader validator bug resulted in uncreated shaders, fixed (Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter)
    • Iimplementing D3D8 ValidateVertexShader and ValidatePixelShader for Microsoft Shader Assembler (Shadow of Destiny)
    • D3D8 cursor handling and viewport depth scaling bugs fixed (WildFire)
    • D3D8 GetFrontBuffer bug, fixed (Rome Total War) (movies only, ingame still has the old issues)
    • D3D8 device reset fix (S.W.I.N.E.)
    • Some D3D8 thing is fixed (The Gladiators Demo)
    • D3D8 some object handling incompatibility fix (TOCA Racing Drive)
    • Improvements for rendering with incompatible rendertarget/depthstencil buffers (TOCA Racing Drive)
    • Changed behavior of window activating and entering fullscreen mode to
    • Avoid OS issue appearing with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (e.g. Splinter Cell)
    • Avoid unwanted situations/crashes and improve compatibility (e.g. Hitman 2/3, RavenShield)
  • Glide
    • Clipping issues fixed (Gunmetal)
    • LfbWriteRegion bug, fixed (Blade of Darkness, background images)
    • Other fixes (broken multiadapter handling, manual screen mode changing)

Re: nGlide 2.0 & dgVoodoo v2.55

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:25 pm
by Toshiba-3
nGlide greatly updated to 2.10!

Integer-ratio rendering is very nice to keep the original game resolution looking crisp on large and dense monitors (4K etc).
nGlide 2.10 changelog:

-fixed Andretti Racing broken font during race (vk backend)
-fixed Carnivores crash during initialization
-fixed Codename: Eagle regression
-fixed Driver crash during intro (dx backend)
-fixed F1 Racing Simulation freeze (vk backend)
-fixed FIFA 98: Road to world Cup black screen on Radeons (vk backend)
-fixed Formula 1 depth and chroma issue
-fixed Formula 1 '97 UI glitch
-fixed Kingpin: Life of Crime texturing glitch (vk backend)
-fixed MIG-29 Fulcrum simulation black screen (vk backend)
-fixed Nascard Legends esc menu crash (vk backend)
-fixed NCAA Football 99 freeze before simulation
-fixed Scorched Planet texturing bug with 3dfx splash logo
-fixed To Be Continued... crash (vk backend)
-fixed Unreal (build 200) crash and depth problem (dx backend)
-fixed Unreal Tournament depth problem
-fixed Uprising: Join or Die regression

-fixed Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction crash with OBS Studio (dx backend)
-fixed Divine Divinity regression
-fixed Le Mans 24 Hours loading bar (vk backend)
-fixed Project64 with Glide64 TEXUMA mode not activated

-added support for integer-ratio scaling and rendering
-chroma keying technique has been rewritten from scratch (dx backend)
-improved performance (vk backend)
-improved windowed mode (vk backend)
-mipmapping is now implemented and active in both video backends
-fixed scissor test rectangle (vk backend)
-fixed black bars not cleared properly after returning from windowed mode (dx backend)
-fixed mouse cursor not clipped correctly with multi-monitor configurations
-new option in nGlide configurator: 'Aspect ratio: Integer rendering'
-new option in nGlide configurator: 'Aspect ratio: Integer scaling'
-option 'Aspect ratio: Fit to Screen' renamed to 'Entire screen'
-option 'Aspect ratio: Preserve original' renamed to 'Aspect correction'

Re: nGlide 2.10 & dgVoodoo v2.6

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:29 pm
by Toshiba-3
And now, dgVoodoo updated to version 2.6!
– Support for Direct3D9
– Internal shader code (DXBC) generator for DirectX libraries (the external compiler is no longer needed for them)
– Various bugfixings, optimization and code refactoring for DirectX libraries
– Some new config options
– Fix for grTexCalcMemRequired for more compatibility with real drivers (Glide 1/2)
– Fixing some polygon clipping issues (Glide 1/2)