Glide wrappers for Carmageddon 2

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Glide wrappers for Carmageddon 2

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This article will present you four glide wrappers for Carmageddon 2.

I still remember the topic at CWA where glide wrappers entered our life. Before that we were either playing in D3D (and thus didn't use 256*256 textures) or in real 3DFX mode thanks to a real Voodoo card or such. Nowadays there would be no reason to play in D3D anymore as we can force the Glide mode easily and even enhance it (esp. the resolution).
We can do all this thanks to Zeckensack's Glidewrapper, dgVoodoo, nGlide, or psVoodoo and its family.
So to make things clear and short: a glide wrapper is a little tool that you either install on your system or put inside your game's directory and will enhance its graphics.

The most recent glide wrapper. It is the most likely to work on modern systems with modern configurations. Its main aim is compatibility with as many games as possible. It is near 100% with Carmageddon 2 and problems with this glide wrapper are rather rare. It already supports advanced features like custom resolutions (supports wide screen too!), vertical sync and gamma correction (should be set on 0.8 for C2). It is also the only glide wrapper to display the good ol' 3dfx logo splash screen!

It isn't the fastest glide wrapper though. Displaying the ingame map will severly degrade performance. And actually hiding the HUD will improve the FPS.

You can get nGlide here:
The installation is pretty straightforward. I suggest you leave VSYNC enabled and set gamma to 0.8.
Even though it is based on DirectX9 it won't work with ENB Series mod!

Zeckensack's Glidewrapper
It has been the most popular glide wrapper for a long long time. It uses the OpenGL. It has a great compatibility and supports a good bunch of features which can be customized for each game. You can either install it for the whole system or locally in your game's directory (along the game executable).

You can download Zeckensack's Glidewrapper there:
To make things quick here's simply the best settings for Carmageddon2:

Another very popular glide wrapper, this time based on DirectX 7 and DirectX 9! This one has yet more features and might even seem complicated if you try to understand each function. Due to the fact is uses DirectX you can couple it with the ENB series mod and achieve greater effects like bloom, occlusion, color corrections. However dgVoodoo tends to generate artifacts and glitches here and there in Carmageddon 2. They are very limited though. Main one is the menu background being messed up in some cases (using version 1.40+ might prevent that issue). Once again it can be installed for the whole system or locally.

In January 2013, Dege released a 2.01 version of dgVoodoo based on DirectX11. While the glide emulation is much more precise, the system requirement is also very high. Right now, dgVoodoo 1.50beta is still recommended.

Download dgVoodoo:
Once again, I show the settings I use for dgVoodoo. Your GFX card will most probably be different, and your resolution might differ. Feel free to test the other settings ofcourse, but IMO there's nothing to gain.

psVoodoo, OpenGlide, MacGlide etc.
This family of glide wrappers is less known. They have the same base but one is DirectX based (psVoodoo) and others OpenGL (OpenGlide, MacGlide). They might be interesting if the previous ones don't work or if you have an old Mac (which has no Voodoo card, and doesn't support RAVE). They have a fixed resolution and very few configurable features but psVoodoo for example can be used with 3D Ripper DX to quickly achieve wireframe or texture-less rendering modes. OpenGlide can be useful with tools such as OGLE to capture 3D data. They install locally only. It is necessary to enable the 16bit rendering in the latest version of psVoodoo in order to make it work with Carmageddon 2.

Download psVoodoo:

If with any of the first three glide wrappers you get an annoying problem concisting of the mouse cursor apparently trapped in a box (and thus preventing you to click on buttons outside that box), well it means your game is unpatched. Go grab the latest patch for your version here and install it: (remember to backup your OPPONENT.TXT and RACES.TXT file before!)

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