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C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:58 pm
by Toshiba-3
EDIT 2012 :

Thanks to hifi's work, getting hires CARMA95 to work like a charm on Win7 is easy peasy now.
First thing is to get ddraw.dll from the dedicated site and put it in the Carmageddon folder (I know ddraw seems like a CnC file but it works with C1 too).
Next, you'll want to patch your CARMA95 with
carm95_always_hires.exe and carm95_humans.exe to remove the password and force human mode, and to force hires. Get the patches on hifi's Carma site, put them in C1 folder and run them.

This should be good. Read the cnc-ddraw page to see how you can configure ddraww.dll. Within ddraw.ini you'll want to cap the max-fps at 30 to get rid of the timer bug for good.

From hifi's page, you can also grab wsock32-lan.dll which will allow you to play LAN games very easily, just rename it into
wsock32.dll and put it in the C1 folder.
You can also bring the music back: download winmm.dll and put it in the C1 folder. Then create a MUSIC folder inside your C1 folder and put WAV files within it named like this: Track02.wav, Track03.wav, etc up to Track08.wav. Track01.wav won't be read (it was the data track on the cd). Good to bring back the original soundtrack :)

This is not a tutorial.

I'd just like to hear from your experience with C1 on Win7.
It seems like it might have the same problem as with Vista, some users getting it to work easily, others being unable to get the thing to start at all.

Here we have a netbook with integrated Intel gfx chipset. I used D3Dwindower and it worked like a charm.

I'd like to hear from you and have some words about your hardware.

Thank you :)

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:41 pm
by hazardic
well all i can say - that if c1 works in software mode fine on vista - the same will be on w7 too. unfortunately i couldn't run c1 on vista in hardware mode (dosbox with 640*480 with lagging 15 fps - on 4 core and gtx280!! - doesn't count) so maybe it's impossible on w7 too. for c1 on 1920*1200 resolution and full hardware support i just have another powerful notebook with xp (nvidia card here)
i already answered my thoughts about it here ... mber=94984

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:58 pm
by Toshiba-3
Have you tried Dosbox with CosmicDan's glide compilation?
You can download it here and it should work fine with nGlide. Might give you better fps? Just a suggestion, I never use DosBox...

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:10 pm
by hazardic
hmm - thanks, i'm going to try it right now

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:17 pm
by hazardic
nope - it's useles for me. even with nglide it's laggy. dunno maybe i did something wrong

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:23 pm
by TTR
I took the SP melt, grabbed a cracked carmav.exe and dos4gw.exe, threw it in the main folder, then installed nglide and comic dan's dosbox fired it up, put in the commands and viola it worked. No lag, well sometimes a tiny bit but nothing serious.

I'm so glad it works!!!

This on W7.

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:24 pm
by Killer11
It freaks the fuck out for me. Portions of my desktop keep flickering into the game and of course after alt-tab it crashes.

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:36 pm
by hazardic
No lag, well sometimes a tiny bit but nothing serious.
hmm.. tried melt too.. interesting. what's your resolution and fps count?

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:52 pm
by Killer11
I just set dosbox to have some compatability options, disabling visual themes in particular. It fixed all the issues. Game runs fine, I can even FRAPS it.

And damn, C1 is LIGHTYEARS ahead of C2. Harder, more immersive, more gritty not to mention it was actually a complete game.

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:24 pm
by Killer11

720p vid. Best way to record it is to set DosBox to use core 0 and Fraps to core 1. my cpu is rather average but it still works good.

Core 2 Duo E8200 is my cpu btw.

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:17 pm
by TTR
Hazardic, im playing in org. size. Going to something higher making it go woinky too...

Killer, please tell more about what you use and what you set it up too plz. It doesn't at all go down in FPS at yours..

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:22 am
by Killer11
My PC is:

2.66ghz dual core
2Gigs of RAM DDR2
HD 4870 1GB vid card.

For this game all you should care about is CPU. And the key to be able to fraps it while playing is to set Affinity trough task manager. You right click a process and go Set Affinity. Just make sure that Fraps and DosBox do not use the same core, if you have a dual core just set fraps to your 2nd core and dosbox to the first. This way neither can slow the other down.

nGlide settings are simple, just 1024x768 rez, though i can play at 1280x1024 easily. I didn't really change anything else.

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:43 am
by TTR
Well, i also ment which nglide? comic dan's one? normal one..?
Which compatibility settings etc.

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:33 pm
by Killer11
I think i got the nglide and dosbox(cosmic dan's) build from rr2000.
Compatability settings are disabling of visual themes and desktop composition.

C1 on Windows 7

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:13 am
by Toshiba-3
For the people willing to get Carma95 working under Vista/7 (and aren't able natively), you can first try installing an older DirectX like 7.1 or 8, rebooting and testing again with D3D Windower.

You can also try killing the explorer.exe process (in Vista/7 it uses DirectDraw for the aero interface and even patches it). And then launching D3D Windower from the task manager.

If you are able to run Carma95 but are encountering the corrupted palette bug, killing explorer.exe might also help.

In the latter case, you might wanna create a .BAT file to make the process easier:

Code: Select all

taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
start /w d3d-windower.exe
start explorer.exe
The /w argument makes the system wait for the running program to be terminated before continuing (and thus launching explorer again). Rename d3d-windower.exe to fit your windower/DDraw wrapper's filename ofcourse.