Carmageddon 2 Patches

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Carmageddon 2 Patches

Post by Toshiba-3 »

C2 patches are a kind of mess right? Several V2 patches, praised by most people, the USv1.2 and that weird XP patch (also called xp-vista patch nowadays).

Let me get this straight: there is no XP patch.
The "xp patch" is probably the V1.1 patch cracked. The exe was build on the 8th november 1998, crazy that SCi announced it as a XP patch five years later uh?
It fixed a bug where the game wouldn't recognize a legit CD, or wouldn't run on computers infected by a specific virus (probably the Win32/Parite or clones).
When you use this patch, you still have that mouse-in-a-box issue. You can still start network games even if you're alone. There's no Quitting yes/no menu.
However, this patch is the only one to provide correct CD music playback on modern systems!

The US 1.2 patch is nowhere to be found nowadays, but within fans' archives ofcourse just like TTR ;)
The v1.2 patch and the v2 patches are the "same" actually. Each is ofcourse a bit localized (dunno what exact parts are different, probably just some text string IDs here and there). Their internal version is v1.02a (even the v2 ones). So in total there's four of them:
US, EU, UK zombie, UK blood.

The US and EU (french, german, italian, spanish) go "together": they still don't add the Quitting yes/no menu.
But else they are the same as the UK patches. They fixes the mouse-in-a-box issue, improve force feedback, CD playback, something about Quicktime, and the network games (can't start if you're alone, sounds logical). General bug fixes too. The UK patches are the only ones to add the Quit menu.
Another detail is that the three V2 patches also include the d3d rendering library. But I don't know if it is any different from the original one.
As previously implied, there's no CD playback on modern systems with these four patches.
Another very important problem fixed by the four patches is the "Insufficient slots in storage area" error message. In other words, these patches allow the player to run addons (cars, tracks, peds) accumulating a lot of models or textures.

The V2 patches are all dated as build on the 4th december 1998. US 1.2 says 17 december.
The V2 patch most people uses is the decrypted and cracked UK blood one. (as found on RR2000)

I'm very positive one could install the UK blood v2 patch on an US 1.0 version, or even on the zombie versions. I'll try someday.

Fact is: anybody should use v2 patches only. UK Blood recommended.

About the graphic patches
Three "graphic" patches exist: blood, alien and zombie.
These will turn any version of the game into either blood, alien or zombie themed version.
These graphic patches don't interfere at all with the "system" patches, as they just install different sounds, giblets and pedestrians. But ofcourse it'd be wise to use the Zombie V2 patch with the Zombie graphic patch etc. (for the strings).

The alien version as much less "peeps" than the blood and zombie versions. Fewer animations as well. Alien blood is yellow. Strangely enough the grey alien from the blood version isn't there anymore.