How to play Carmageddon TDR 2000 online games

All things Carmageddon TDR2000 related - from editing, to multiplayer, tips and hints.
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How to play Carmageddon TDR 2000 online games

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Ok, so Carmageddon TDR 2000 was the only proper multiplayer one in the series. It's an old game as well nowadays and slowly shows reticence to run on some modern systems. Still, playing a bit of multiplayer from time to time can be a heap of fun.

In order to play online TDR games, you must first update your installation. Back in the time we had to either install the Nose Bleed patch or the US Minipatch. Nowadays the default is De4mon's MAX-pack. Depending on where you play and whom you play with, you'll either have to install the 1.14f pack alone, or 1.14f + 1.15 beta patch. These can be found in the files section of the forum. Before installing the MAX-pack you must make sure that your TDR2000 installation is totally clean and unmodified. A fresh install being the best.

Now you also have to find yourself a room to play in. Back in the time we all used GameSpy Arcade (GSA) as it has native support for TDR2000. Personaly I think it should have stayed the default as it makes things very easy but since 2006 virtual LANs took the advantage. Most popular one is LogMeIn Hamachi.

Installing and playing with GSA is very intuitive. The only pre-requirement might be to have an IGN/FilePlanet/GameSpy account, just sign in and you're ready to roll. The best thing about GSA is the fact it has native support for TDR and a dedicated room (with no members limit).
VLAN programs like Hamachi however require you to join in an existing fan-made network before you can play. Once again you have to setup your Hamachi installation but it's pretty straight forward. Several rooms already exist. Most popular one is Carma666. You can join in by clicking on Join an existing network in the top menu. There simply input Carma666 as network ID and carmageddon as password. Another room is this very forum room devWAM. While Carma666 is dedicated to TDR2000, devWAM is more about multiplayer C2 testing. Anyway if the first room happened to be full (there's a 16 users limit per network in Hamachi!) you can try to join devWAM, ID is 038-969-673, yes in our case it's a numeric ID as the network is managed. There is no password. And ofcourse you can also create your own room/network!
Other VLAN programs similar to Hamachi (like Tunngle) usualy work the same. Point is to join a network where you'll find people to play with.

Ok so by now you should be connected to a room/network and hopefully find other people to play with. Just talk a bit to make sure everybody's using the same version of TDR and/or the MAX pack, and what game mode/track/etc. will be played. One of the users must be defined as the host (usualy the person with the best internet connection) and will launch the game and prepare the multiplayer game room with the chosen settings. A little while later, other users will launch their game as well and join in the existing room. If it crashes at that point it means your installation is different from the host's one!

Been able to play a game? Everything's working, getting the hang of it? Great! It's not over yet!

Back in the time (I'am actually talking about 2001-2004 heh), there were teams! Masters of Mayhem [MoM], 666HP, and for a short time, Road Reaction [RR] (y'all know what it became as the years went by). Masters Of Mayhem (led by Wolverine) did a lot of work to keep the TDR scene alive and produced a lot of mods and tools to enhance the game experience. Amongst them were for example the Advanced Car/Track Changer which allows players to change their default multiplayer car and track without having to run the game (saves time!). But also a gamescript editor! This is a very useful tool to prepare advanced tournaments. Other notable tools are the Spectator mode and the Stunt Challenge mode. You can find all these tools in the files section or on RR2000.

Now about the actual gameplay, I think most of you will figure it out rather easily from a game mode to another. The important point I have to add is that the Opponent Repulsificator is considered an unfair powerup and shouldn't be used. (This applies to C2 as well btw) Make sure that everyone understands this point before starting the game and everything will be ok. Else it might be very frustrating!

Normally to end this article I would have posted links to other sites and tutorials. Sadly there's like nothing left on the net. So as a complement of information I'm going to quote one of Rax_X's old tutorials covering most of the online problems you might encounter. Keep in mind that this text is very old and a lot of infos might not be related anymore!
Carmageddon TDR2000 Tutorials - Online Problems
By Rax X

1. Getting The Right Patch

- UK Version & All Other European Version Users
- US Version Users
- Users of Nosebleed Pack (Addon CD)
- If You Installed Both Of The Patches
- Find Out What Version You Have
2. The Differences Between Nosebleed Patch and Pack
3. Fixing The 'Can´t Find CD' Bug
4. How To Setup A Multiplayer Game
- Basic Setup
- For Advanced Players Only
5. Playing TDR2000 With GameSpy
- Problems When Joining A Game
- Avoiding These Problems
- If TDR2000 Does Not Start
6. Misc Problems (Tips & Tricks)
- Addon Cars
- Path/Location
- Messages
- Oilslicks
- Hosting With Low Latency
7. The Freezing / Opponents Are Stuck
- What Freezing Is What Causes It
- Possible Fixes
- Ways To Deal With The Freezing

If you want to play TDR2000 online and don't want the troubles that come along with it you really should read this, because if you understand how to setup a game to get it running well, it will be great FUN! The version number required to play online is TDR 2000 v1.159 (Any Country).

1. Getting The Right Patch:

- UK Version & All Other European Version Users:
For the UK version & all other european versions of TDR2000, get TDR-Upgradepatch (Nosebleed Patch) ONLY. The UK version and all other european versions do NOT need the US-Minipatch, so DON´T install it! Download the Nosebleed Patch ( 29MB ) here.

- US Version Users:
For the US version of TDR2000 (Carmageddon 3) get the US-Minipatch ONLY. The US version does NOT need Nosebleed Patch, so DON´T install it! Download the Minipatch ( 1.5MB ) here.

Minipatch Installation:
You have to install the Minipatch into your TDR2000 main folder. If your TDR2000 directory is ...Program Files\Xicat\Carmageddon TDR2000\ you have to extract the file to THIS directory. The path needs to be changed before you click "Unzip" (because the default path is ..Program Files\SCI\Carmageddon TDR2000\). The installation of the US-Minipatch will be successful ONLY if a request appears that asks if you want to replace the TDR2000.exe. Click YES. To be sure that it works, you can extract the Minipatch into ANY non-TDR2000 directory, and then copy\paste it into your Carmageddon TDR2000 main folder, manually.

- Users of Nosebleed Pack (Addon CD):
If you have the Nosebleed Pack (Addon CD for TDR2000) installed, you DON´T NEED any patches, your game should work fine as it is. If you don´t know the difference between the Nosebleed Pack and Patch, scroll down and read point 2.

- If you installed both of the patches (Nosebleed Patch AND Minipatch) your game will NOT work properly online. You may notice that other parts of Carmageddon TDR2000 fail, even in single player mode (not not just multiplayer). To fix this you must clean reinstall TDR2000 an install the SINGLE patch that is correct for your game version. Some people have found it possible to join games by combining both patches, but in the end you will probably CRASH your own and the games of others, so DON'T do it!

- Find Out What Version You Have:
If you want to find out what version you have:
Start TDR2000. When your game has loaded the main menu, press the key under the 'esc' key. For users of English keyboards this is the ~ key, but for German users (for example) it´s the ^ key.

Once you have done this, TDR2000 should tell you the current version number & the country. The version number required to play online is TDR 2000 v1.159 (any Country).

There is another method too:
Open your Carmageddon TDR2000 folder, then open the ASSETS folder. There you´ll find a .txt file called options.txt. Open it! At the top there should be a line called "Country codes", under this there is a line called "COUNTRY". Behind the word COUNTRY there is a number, look at the line above ("Country codes") to see what country this number relates to. If you have the US version it will be 6 or 7, and if you have the UK version (or european version) it will be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

2. The Differences Between Nosebleed Patch and Pack:

- The NoseBleed Patch is an upgrade for the UK version of Carmageddon TDR2000. You can download it from the internet. It includes better online support, and few new powerups... The size is about 29MB.

- The NoseBleed Pack is an addon CD for TDR 2000.
It includes all the features found in the Nosebleed Patch, with the added extras of 10 new cars, 2 new enviroments and 2 new Arenas. The whole thing has a size of 193MB.

3. Fixing The 'Can´t Find CD' Bug:

- It often happens that the game doesn´t accept the TDR2000 CD after the patch is installed, but now there is a patch to fix this problem! It works for the upgraded UK version AND for the US version with Minipatch. Get it here.

- Remember, you have to install the 'Can´t find CD fix' AFTER you installed the online patch!

- Installation:
To be sure that this bug fix will be installed correctly:
You have to install this bug fix into your TDR 2000 main folder. If your TDR directory is ...Program Files\SCI\Carmageddon TDR2000\ you have to extract the file to THIS directory. The installation of this bug fix will be successful ONLY if a request appears that asks if you want to replace the TDR2000.exe. Click YES. To be sure that it works, you can extract this bug fix into ANY non-TDR2000 directory, then copy and paste it into your Carmageddon TDR2000 main folder, manually.

4. How To Setup A Multiplayer Game:

- Basic Setup:
To change the game settings (car/track/game type) launch TDR2000 before you start the multiplayer game. Go to the TDR2000 main menu, select multiplayer, then select "Create". Here you can setup the game the way you like it. To change things like ´repair on/off´, "kills" or "timelimit", go to the multiplayer menu again, select create and then options.

You can´t change the game settings while the game is running!

I recommend not to select repair in FFA (FFA = free for all / deathmatch). Repair in FFA can make the game boring because there will be no, or very few kills. Select internet tcp/ip connection (to connect to other players, or to let other players join your game).

- For advanced players only:
How to setup a FFA on a racemap:
First you have to setup your game as if it were a normal FFA, then quit TDR2000 and open the file options.txt. This file is located in the ...Carmageddon TDR2000\ASSETS\ folder. (Make a backup of this file to be safe... it´s better, believe me!) Scroll down and you will find a line that says NET_PLAYER_RACE. After that word, in the same line, you will find the name of the normal track (written in inverted commas). Replace the name of the normal FFA map with the name of the track you want to play on, but don´t delete the inverted commas when you are changing this, and DON´T change the lines "TRACK" or "RACE". Go to ...\Assets\Tracks\ to look for the exact name of the map you want to play on. You have to use the name of the folder (races and missions only). Example: HiRise_Race1

If it doesn't work, but you are sure you did everything right, reboot your computer. This should help. Before you start experimenting with the options.txt make a backup of this file, so you can easily replace it if you ever do something wrong and the file is screwed.

>>>>>ADVANCED USERS ONLYSpecial thanks to Wolverine for correcting my rusty english!<

I hope that this tutorial helped you... if not, read it again =D

Good luck
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How to play Carmageddon TDR 2000 online games

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[content of probsollu.txt]

Code: Select all

The Problem: Carmageddon would freeze up whenever I died.

Version:     Carmageddon TDR2k UK with Nosebleed & Blood

Sollution 1: Remove the entire directory, and reinstall,
             using the same directory name.

Sollution 2: Don't Intsall the old 1920's map.
             Uninstallation does not work.  Use revised

Sollution 3: Edit String Files...

        Step 1: in the Races_Strings_UKzombie.txt file
            located in the ASSETS\Strings\UK
            directory of your carma folder, delete
            the part of the file that starts off
            with (RACE //NAME "1920") right up to 
            and including where it says END.
        Step 2:    Do the same to the Races_Strings_UK.txt

        Step 3:    IF for some strange reason there is any
            data in the MissionStrings_UK.txt file
            or the MissionStrings_UKzombie.txt file
            that pertain to that map, you would
            definatly want to delete it.  
                - Depending on where you
                download this map, there either
                will, or will not be information
                pertaining to the 1920's race in
                those files.

        Step 4:    Re-install the nosebleed patch.

        Step 5:    Obtain and install the new map from
            either DTD or LOD.