BRender features I hope are implemented in Carma and ...

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BRender features I hope are implemented in Carma and ...

Post by Toshiba-3 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 6:55 pm

... and we will be able to reach someday.

1. Vertex colours. They definitely are BRender features and should be defined per vertex in the DAT file. They are used if the material applied on the model is set to pre-lit.


Code: Select all

typedef struct br_vertex {
	br_vector3 p;	/* Point in model space		*/
	br_vector2 map;	/* Mapping coordinates		*/

	 * Index for prelit models
	br_uint_8 index;

	 * true colour for pre-lit models
	br_uint_8 red;
	br_uint_8 grn;
	br_uint_8 blu;

	 * Private fields
	br_uint_16 r;
	br_fvector3 n;	/* Surface normal at vertex	*/

} br_vertex;
See also the second entry in the member table: ... HEADING333
Also br_vertex ofcourse:

2. Clip planes in ACT/CLP files. These are a type of BRender actors just like models, lights and cameras. If implemented like they are in PlayThing1 they could be used to great effect. So far I've been unable to include a CLP into an ACT to say, cut an actor in two for example.

See: ... MARKER2_77

3. Surface normal at vertex?! If you give a second look at the excerpt from MODEL.H in point 1 above, you'll notice a br_fvector3 commented as Surface normal at vertex. Is this what we think it is?
However, while that bit of info appears in the BRender 1.2 OS/2 SDK, there is no mention of it in the 1.2 documentation.

4. Specifying a fog table in a material. Just like FOGDEMO exhibits, a way to set a specific fog table to a certain material. Such a feature doesn't appear in the SDK nor the documentation though. Carma still references index_fog, doesn't mean it's for use per material.
See: ... 44#p105844

5. Screen door opacity in materials. Probably the one I'd like to get my hands on the most after vertex colours. This would enable opacity via a checkerboard effect, I guess. It seems like it's defined with tables in the structure of br_material in MATERIAL.H and meant to be a pixelmap too:

Code: Select all

	 * Pointers to tables
	br_pixelmap *screendoor;		/* Screen door opacity  */

	br_pixelmap *index_shade;		/* Index shading		*/
	br_pixelmap *index_blend;		/* Index blending		*/
Again while it's mentioned in the 1.2 SDK, the documentation doesn't mention it.
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