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Some questions
storm62 created Some questions on Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:10 pm
Hello all. I'm a big fan of Carmageddon II from 1998. but I have some questions if you can answer me:

my first is how I can change the color of impact particules?

my second: I can't use plaything, so I can't learn it, I can't see the textures...
what's the prob what I can do?

my third: where I can get the Carmatools Maxscript???
I worked on cared but i really want to work and learn on 3dsmax

some of my first works:

thanks for reading.
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Toshiba-3 on Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:31 pm
Hello and welcome!

Here's what I wrote about shrapnel colours:
Shrapnel colors. Near the end of the text file. These define the colors of the shrapnels coming out of your car when you hit another car or walls, etc. You can define several colors. They are in the RGB format like so: 210,56,45 (this would be a reddish color) and you can get these coords from your favorite photo editing program. It is also possible to use simple mats but they don't all work and there's no advantage to proceed so. Finally you can enter several times the same color, it can help you have smaller ratio for a color than another. Example: 3 x purple and 1 x black will generate ingame 75% purple shrapnels and 25% black.

(from this post)

So yes, you get these RGB values with Photoshop etc. by using the eyedropper tool or similar in other programs.

The chunk of code to edit toward the end of the text file looks like this:
// Materials for shrapnel
1            // number of materials
253, 0, 0   // Red

About PT2, sadly the textures aren't displayed anymore :( This is a bug since Win8 or Win10. You'll have to know by heart which material uses what texture. Some dialogs turn temporarily blank at times also.

The CarmaTools are available within this list: http://rr2000.toshiba-3.com/pc-files#c2
Installation is explained in the release post here. If it proves difficult, tell me and I'll upload a video showing how it's done.
Trying to work with MAX is the best idea for Carma modding, but it isn't totally intuitive either as you'll have to watch out for pivot placement, scaling, etc. What I'd recommend is starting with a box on wheels (make the wheels childs of the box), all textured ; importing (with the script) an existing car like the Eagle3 to scale down your work (Carma scale is very very very tiny) ; apply a Reset XForm on all elements to force the transformations into the mesh (then converting it all again to Edit Poly mode) ; set the box pivot to the origin of the scene (0,0,0) and the pivots of the wheels in their center. Then you export with the export script and try to get it ingame.
Again I can quickly illustrate how to do all this with a video. It's simpler than it looks, and I want to start making video tutorials anyway so this serves as exercise.

And by the way, if 3dsMax turns out to be overwhelming, sticking with CarEd is a viable option too. CarEd is what most Carma modders used for more than a decade. The only downsides in my eyes is how slow it is to create a mesh by plotting vertices then defining triangles, and how limited the texture mapping is (only planar).

Great models you got there already :swink:

[edit] fixed link
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
storm62 on Fri Jul 20, 2018 5:00 pm
Thanks a lot for your answers!!!

it's look hard to do something for carma with 3dsmax

""Installation is explained in the release post here""

I have a not found page :crazy:
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