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Carmageddon: Max Prude
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Mad_Maxine created Carmageddon: Max Prude on Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:59 pm
Sup guys, I know all of you will understand me better than the people in Carma forums, I dont get along with some of them heh..

I just wanted to bring to your attention something Kinda odd I found out.

so quite a while ago I spotted the cheerleaders for CMD had changed from CR, I mean this is no big deal right? But it got me curius, and I know you fellow childish perverty people will also be curius :P So I Looked more into ped stuff and it turns out sevral things have been removed,
I dident spot it at first, but the cheerleaders are in shorts now.. huh, odd, Anyway I looked further and found out that theres no short skirts anywhere to be seen, This is kinda odd but there now seems to be everyone totally coverd up? This wouldent be so weird, if it wernt for the fact that nobby, Just last week was talking about the amount of boobs and such in the comic you get in pre order bonus.

So now im confused? Carmageddon goes all prudish, But has comic that fetures naked sunbathers? Dafuck is going on?
Not only that but strippers still walk the streets, SO underware is ok.. just not if it has a skirt over it.

Strippers walking the streets makes no sence.... so lets remove all the peds with skirts.

A game like yandere simulator can exist, with the player being an active, sick perverted psycopath, But ya better not show any of that stuff happen to adults.

As someone who has made boob related peds for a while now Im somewhat dissopointed.

And Ive made a backup for the CR peds, hopefully they work and if they do Ill bring you a Carmgeddon Un-pruded edition mod :B Looks like im still gona be a modder afterall Also where the heck is coffey when ya need him?

Max Out.
Wheels Outside All Shapes
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Razor on Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:17 pm
I don't understand the issue here?
You're unhappy that there aren't as many short skirts in the game yet there are still strippers in the game, you want more or less nudity?

I see nothing prudish about this game.

Also, things change during development.
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Mad_Maxine on Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:48 am
Ya well its just kinda weird the cheerleaders have gone all highschool studend looking is all.

And ya things change, but at this late stage going all ped changes?

Im also slightly buged by the large contridiction with the comic vs game.
Wheels Outside All Shapes
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