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nearly finished
-Bandit- created nearly finished on Tue Jan 01, 2002 10:57 am
I have been working on this truck for ages now and i think it has turned out quite good. All i need to add are seats a person and a steering wheel. I added some bars to the windows and a big rammer thing to the front to make it look more post-apocalyptic. anybody have anymore suggestions on stuff i could add?

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-Bandit- on Tue Jan 01, 2002 1:01 pm
finally finished. Here are 2 pics of the midget (Bridget).

Up close:

Far away (for preportions to the truck):

Junkpile on Thu Jan 03, 2002 4:16 am
Looking great, dude! Can't wait to see it in-game. Suggestion's... I am cluless on a name right now. But, Other than some detail work (Climb handle's, Door Handle's, A mmirror or two, etc...), the only thing's I would suggest are the addition of some kind of wheel protection AND fuel tank protection. Then, maybe give that ram/crash plate on the front more detail... I think that's about all I'd do to it. But, you are free to do whatever you'd like! LOL


-Bandit- on Thu Jan 03, 2002 3:52 pm
i'll get on with making them as soon as possible. I want to contribute something to this project. I was wondering if you would skin it for me, as a joint project. I will send you the asc file for cared if you agree.
matt on Thu Jan 03, 2002 4:06 pm
it was you who had me taking those freeze frames of the Terminator(2?) truck wasnt it? did you ever make use of those by the way? (misuse of forum I know, but irc is like 2 inch down there and you just pinged out )
-Bandit- on Thu Jan 03, 2002 6:33 pm
I have added all the stuff you asked for junkpile except for adding more detail to the ram. Here is the asc file so you can modify the ram and skin it if you want to. Heres pics of what it looks like:

Junkpile on Fri Jan 04, 2002 3:37 am
Cool! This sucker doe's have a lot of potential. I DLed the .zip & I'll get on that ASAP. I will keep you apprised of any progress I make.


-Bandit- on Fri Jan 04, 2002 5:16 am
yeh thanks for them. They were a great help to get the shape of the truck right.
-Bandit- on Fri Jan 04, 2002 10:48 am
cool, hope you can get it skinned like your other models
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Deep_Blue on Sat Jan 05, 2002 1:42 pm
Well, aside from the handles and stuff JP mentioned, I think it needs a set of square air horns onna roof and lots more lighting-mebbe a rack with a line of mebbe 4 or 5 rectangular "Deer-Spotters" lights across the roof- Ah, hell, I'll make one and show ya what I mean.. Nice cabover tho..
***When I die may I be surrounded by scattered chrome and burning gasoline***
Junkpile on Tue Jan 15, 2002 3:01 am
Bandit, I'll be working on this one for a while. I'm going to chop the blue colored part of the rig into LOT'S of separate component's before I can get started trying to skin it for you. Sorry...

I would probably be well on the way to having the skin finished. But, I had to resize it to scale with the other larger C2 vehicle's and lower the rear wheel's just a bit. None of this takes very long. But, my time for such thing's is becoming very limited. I hope it will loosen back up soon. I've got TON'S of stuff still trying to gain release from my cranium.

BTW, Do you mind if I add some stuff to your model? Let me know.


-Bandit- on Tue Jan 15, 2002 9:31 pm
yeh feel free to add what you want. Sorry about the model being mainly in one part. Its just the way i make my cars.
Junkpile on Thu Jan 17, 2002 4:39 am
I came up with a name for this rig... How does "Armordillo" sound to the rest of you???


-Bandit- on Wed Feb 06, 2002 8:17 pm
sounds good to me.
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