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Imposible to meld
Alastor created Imposible to meld on Mon Jul 11, 2005 8:34 am
Im trying that SplatPach that melds C1 and SP into one game, i followed the readme: Copy the carmageddon rot into splat patch rot overwriting all and execute Carma95.exe, when i select a SP car it says "Can't load cockpit image", or when i try to play a SP track it says "PORK.txt corrupted", anyway, that shit is heavly corrupted, lucky me i have sp and c1 in diferent directorys :lol:

So, whats going with that?

P.D: ffs someone answer the C2 network problem :sad:
dimzon on Fri Sep 28, 2007 2:37 am
you must apply IWANTTOFIDDLE in both (c1 and splatpack) before melding

crayzkirk on Tue Dec 11, 2007 6:53 pm
Ok... I'm gonna hijack this thread... sorta...

I did the IWANTTOFIDDLE on CARMA and SPLAT prior to doing the copy of the DATA directory and all subdirectories. What happens is that when I start a game, the list of tracks scrolls by really fast and I can only select CARMA tracks. When I attempt to use the extra cars, the game randomly crashes. I haven't tried the Voodoo2 version yet and am trying the WIN95 version of the program. Network play does the same thing. I think it must be a data area getting overwritten due to the additional tracks not being expected by the Splat Executable.

Also, when I edit the Opponents.txt file to enable all of the cheat cars in Network Play, the game randomly crashes as well when these cars are selected.

I've started to disassemble the program using IDA looking for the data areas that the car and tracks are loaded into. Needless to say, it's not a simply thing. Compiler generated code doesn't read like human code at all... Not giving up however this is a non-trivial program making calls to a library that doesn't even exist anymore: BRender...

All this because our weekly four player network game is getting a bit boring...

crayzkirk on Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:58 am

Got most of the melding process to work properly. These files conflict between the two versions:

CITYBNW3.DAT, CITYBNW3.ACT, CITYB.MAT - files in Splat Pack that appear to be bogus

CITY.MAT - file in Carma that appears to be bogus

I rename/delete these files in the original game directories and haven't had any issues. I couldn't find any references in the game TXT files for them. The meld patch contains a copy of the Splat CITY.MAT file so it replaces the bogus one from Carma.

The PEDRACES.TXT file will contain only the Carma races, unencript the files and combine them. I think the NETRACES.TXT file is the same.

Several timers were "adjusted" in the POWERUP.TXT file. Copy the original Splat Pack file over it.

Using more than 40 cars in a network game can cause aborts due to bad memory reference. I believe this is due to the program attempting to display the image from the CARICONS.PIX file. The images are not correct due the the placement of the files in the OPPONENT.TXT file. Using the Bugatti caused the game to crash immediately. I plan to remove the Auto Scum and several other cars (why do we need 15 versions of the Eagle/Hawk??) or the CARICONS.PIX file can be modified to include images for the extra cars. Note that the Cheat cars are not in this file and display as blanks. Also, the CARICONS.PIX file from Carma does not contain the Splat cars.

Was able to play network game last night for more than 10 races. Had one issue where one of the computers lost connection after a race. Might investigate that to see if it happens on a particular race.

Things I might get to:

- changing the single player race TXT files to use the correct melded opponents. Right now you get all sorts of strange cars in single player. Will anyone miss the Auto Scum?

- find a way to fix the car display on the between network race screen. The Win95 version is broken.

- complete the disassembly of the Carm95 program, fix these errors, link and assemble.

- create a new CARICONS file that contains all the car images.

Or am I the only one that still plays Carma 1?

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