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Garbled text in Carma 2
Cujoe created Garbled text in Carma 2 on Thu Jan 04, 2001 4:29 pm

Hope someone has had or knows of this problem - tried every FAQ I could find and no luck.

I am getting garbled text in the menus and on the screen when I play Carmageddon 2. The text is mostly unreadable, so configuring and setting stuff is pretty much impossible. Also getting the garbled text (e.g. race timer) when I attempt to play the game.

I'm also hearing a little static when I play the game, but haven't been able to play the game very long 'cause I can't set it up properly. Note: by garbled text I mean I'm getting incomplete/fragmented letters and numbers.

Running Windows 95 on a Gateway PC with a Pentium 1, 200Mhz. I've got 128M of RAM.

I'm using an Ensoniq AudioPCI sound card with updated drivers.

Video card: an STB Virge/VX 3D with 4MB and updated drivers.

I'm trying to use the Thrustmater Formula 2 steering wheel

I'm running Directx 7.0

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated - I need to start ramming people and stuff.


Camarogeddon on Fri Jan 05, 2001 12:27 pm
my best guess is that the graphics card has some problems with displaying the overlayed fonts..

might also be a problem with the game's files themselves.. tried reinstalling the game?



Beast on Fri Jan 05, 2001 8:02 pm
FAQ Says:

What 3D support is there?

PC Carmageddon 2 supports Glide and Direct 3D, so most 3D accelerators are supported.

ViRGE cards won't work, and PCX2 cards have compatibility issues.

I guess your having a virge card is causing the problem.

Cujoe on Sat Jan 06, 2001 5:21 am
Yes sir. I was actually forced into re-installing when I downloaded and applied what I thought was the U.S. patch and kept getting the "cannot access CD" error. No luck with the re-install.

I've tried everything I could think of - I applied updated drivers for both my sound and video card. I saw something in an FAQ somewhere (can't find it now that I'm looking for it) about 3D problems with the ViRGE card. I dunno if that's the problem or not.

Does thou have amymore suggestions? Can you tell me how to set up card to run in software mode?
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