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evey talks about WAR
KSkins created evey talks about WAR on Tue Mar 11, 2003 6:37 pm
In this moment all the people is talking about one thing: WAR.

The excuse for the war is "fighting the terrorism". But terrorism exist since a long time ago. Why now?? The excuse is "because the 9/11/2001". I think that its bullshit for many reasons:

>>> USA is inciting a war some time before the 9/11. Remember the spy plane in China incident? Have you seen all the movies and TV series about war? Just like in the WWII or during Vietnam War... USA uses the media to promote whatever they want. One example: Popeye the Sailor its a creations to promote the spinach, becuase in case of a global war, is the fastest, and more nutritive vegetable. They really want to destroy some political enemies, the bigest is CHINA. Iraq and Corea are only the first step.

>>> the FBI knows about the terrorist project of the 9/11 and they don´t do nothing about it. because a thing like that was an excelent justification to the war. Just like Pearl Harbor... What about the people that die??? Colateral damage.

>>> The global economy is in recesion. A global conflict not only is gonna destroy any political enemy, olso is going to reactivate the construction industry (beause in any war some buildings are destroy, and USA have plans to resist a nuclear ollocaust), the militar industry (because the old and new countries need to buy new stuff), etc, etc.

>>> The terrorism exist in many places, some ones are comunists, other fascits, other want indepence from somthing, so you can talk about Terrorism like one object. Olso history demostrate that killing people and buildings, does not destroy an ideology. Examples? The FARC in Colombia, bigadas Rossa in Italy, ETA in Spain, IRA in the UK. Olso the terrorists don´t need to have contact with a goverment, is more easy suborn some guy in the frontier.

In this situation, in my country the people is afraid not only of terrorist attacks, olso of a strategic (militar) incursion of the "Axis of good" in like Argentina, Brasil, Venezuela and Colombia. These countries together have really a lot of oil, food, and, energy... And the people is tired of the political and economical oppresion. Olso afraid of new military rules, like in the 70´s, when a lot of "subversive" where "dissappeard" by orders of militaries trained in West Point (!!!!).
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Mad_Max_RW on Tue Mar 11, 2003 6:42 pm
The US and UK have been fighting terrorism for years. It's the media that's blowing things out of proportion.

And you guys in Argentina, Venezuela, etc have plenty of terrorists wondering around. The Feb 15th bombing of those 2 missions should be a good enough example. We all have to deal with this kind of nonsense. I say it's better to do something about it rather than sit and let things get out of control. The same people bitching at us now would be bitching if we weren't doing anything at all.
kicker_of_elves on Tue Mar 11, 2003 6:46 pm
the us is fighting a war for the control of an oil field, nothing more nothing less. :argue:
Buzz on Tue Mar 11, 2003 6:54 pm
why do you people think oil has anyhitng to do with it??
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Mad_Max_RW on Tue Mar 11, 2003 7:51 pm
All oil from the region goes to France and the rest of Europe. The US gets less than 1% of it.
PumaY2K on Tue Mar 11, 2003 7:52 pm
Besides, it's more intelligent to support Bush and Blair in this thing... they are going to attack, no matter what the UN says...

So if US and UK attack Iraq, Northern Korea will attack the US and maybe Japan, the US can deal with them without that many trouble, but how about getting all the communist countries to get fuckin mad? huh?... you need allies... so why have a divided world? Even if the US and the UK could deal (hopefully) with most of those countries, it would be a major problem later... think of any little difference with France or Russia and then you will have a fuckin huge war, is that what you wany KSkins?... it's way better to deal with the problem right now...
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Mad_Max_RW on Tue Mar 11, 2003 8:00 pm
North Korea isn't gonna attack shit. The only reason they reactivated their nuclear program is to get us to pay them off again. And we're probably going to, seeing how nobody has any balls.
kicker_of_elves on Tue Mar 11, 2003 9:25 pm
why isn't this in the general discussion forum?
PumaY2K on Tue Mar 11, 2003 10:07 pm
Im not saying that as a fact, it's just a possible thing that might happen...
Beroc-Lord_of_Destruction on Tue Mar 11, 2003 11:46 pm
OK, say what you will, the attacks on september 11th were provoked, and even if the FBI knew about it, US Federal law prohibited them from taking much action on what little evidence they had on the before hand. Since I happen to be old enough to remember Desert Storm, I can tell you that the US was stopped by the UN from doing what we intend to do now. This isn't about selling buildings to Iraq, it is about removing a true tyrant from power. What, do you think he is just gonna sit back with nuclear weapons and wait for someone to attack him before he annihilates a city or two, making large tracts of land which he will control uninhabitable for 50 years???? Or do you think he wont use that shit on his own people. His mentality is quite like this.... "There are a few anti-Saddam people here, and a bunch of others, if I nuke this area, I get rid of the people who don't support me." That too me sounds more like a lunatic with power.

They say that the US's goals in Iraq are not Oil based, but tell you what, no one gets on board and helps, we more then likely will put someone in power that is very democratic, and run it as a state of our own. Oil be damned, My guess is that they will sell the oil to the people who didn't support us.

AND.... on that note, 33% of the oil used in the US is imported, like 50% of that comes from Canada, 30% from Mexico, I think Iraq runs 9th on the list... Now exactly what purpose does the US have for attacking Iraq, sure isn't oil.... However, the heads of OPEC sure dont want us to have it, then they wont have such a hold on world oil prices.... OOOooooo, now would that be a bad thing?
kicker_of_elves on Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:07 am
yes, you're old enough to remember desert storm, and I'M old enough to remember when the U.S. put saddam hussein into the position where he is now. as a matter of fact, i have a picture of donald rumsfeld shaking hands with saddam. this just proves how short sighted us foreign policy can be. arming a local bedouin warlord/cheiftain to the gills as a response to the iranian fundamentalist revolution was a poor idea. so was arming small time warlord osama bin laden against the russians in afghanistan. WE created these threats. us foreign policy is ethnocentric, a will to power, and YES, it is about securing the oil fields and taking the wind out of opec's sails.

here's a little known fact. back in the 70's, the new CIA direcetor by the name of george bush sr. decided to contract with the bin laden construction company to build several air bases in the wilds of the saudi desert for "security interests". AND up until less than a year ago, both the bin laden family and the bush family had/have controlling interests in the carlisle group, the multinational corporation that owns bankcorp among other credit industries. the bush and bin laden families have been scratching each other's backs for years. no wonder osama is pissed off. his own family helped his mortal enemy. not that i am justifying his existence. he's a rotten dude who should be found and brought to international justice.

the us is so mortified about the notion of international tribunals for war crimes, and the threat that so many of it's government leaders could/should be put on trial for war crimes in the tradition of slobodan milosoviech and pinochet that it REFUSED to sign the treaty. one of a few maginal countries that refused, such as .....iraq, north korea, yemen,....see the picture here? who is the rouge state after all?

north korea HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS. iraq DOESN'T. we're going to bomb iraq, and try diplomatic tactics with north korea. typically bass-ackwards us thinking. then again, our president DIDN'T EVEN WIN THE POPULAR ELECTION. plus, he's a wet brain alcoholic coke head idiot who chokes on pretzels and passes out. god bless america (snrkk..snrkk :lol:
DeathChamberNo9 on Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:21 am
Basically put, Bush is the one that wants all of this to happen, so give bush a crapload of speed, and an ak, let him loose in iraq or afghanistan and lets see how long that cocky fuck stays alive.

I'd rather him die for his country then me, because I sure as hell couldn't give a rats ass about this country.

on that note, does anyone know of any nuetral countries? I'm sure they are going to get flooded with AWOL americans, me being one of them.

Either that or I'm gonna die stoned as a mother fucker in Amsterdam

kicker_of_elves on Wed Mar 12, 2003 9:33 am
i'm afraid that the last neutral country, swtizerland, is now in the un, so nope...neutrality is a thing of the past.
Kruszchev on Wed Mar 12, 2003 12:42 pm
Just a comment to this... If US would want the oil from irak... poor bastards... sience the oil WILL and IS property of irak (eaven if Saddam is dead or not)... and the countrys that buy most of the IRAK oil is Nr 1: France... thats prolly why they are there whit not alowing US to attack IRAK

Nr 2: Russia... See france then ya understand...

And to quote the word "communism"... comunism and terrorism isnt the same thing at all...

terrorism... is what it is... non military attacks against people

Communism... is the opposit (in a way) to democrasy... its a system for a countrys economy and production in the basic... unfortunly it hasnt workt due to the leaders in a communistic who takes loads of the countrys money into their pockets... thats a reson to that the majoraty of the people in a comi country has no money...

im not to found in the US politics my self... but i do support their acts against saddam... but to remember that the US always has been in their own eyes a Winner (always they who write the story)...

what i mean whit thats is that the US said that they where reason (or something like that) to the win of WW2... But if ya look at it more closer... yll notice that they actualy didnt to that mutch against 3´d reich untill the end, when they where forced into war... id say that the true winners of WW2 was UK, USSR, or as to say the Alies...

But back to IRAC, I hope not that the US attacks IRAC due to the fact that its the oil they are after... cuz then i think their "popularity" would sink eaven more...
DeathChamberNo9 on Wed Mar 12, 2003 1:10 pm
how true.. Its sad that everyone (well, not everyone) is brainwashed in america.

All I want to know is what exactly justifies america in being the only nuclear power in the world. If I was from any other country, I would believe america is one giant terrorist/mob organization.** Wait.. I do think that anyway. Plus, you are absolutely correct, our Historians write everything differently so as to make ourselves look like the only good in the world, which is rather sad seeing as we can't even tell the truth to our own people. Christ, is it only me, or is anyone else afraid of america.. Like say, take Area 51 for instance. We were lied to for so long that area 51 did not exist, even when there was photographic evidence to prove otherwise, that when someone took them to court, they were forced to tell everyone that they lied about it. Now, It frightens me that our government wouldn't even tell us that an air base existed, let alone whatever else they are hiding.

It also frightens me that Bush thinks he is a comic superhero. We will vanquish the evil-doers and so on and so on. :shock:

**Italians, do not be offended, I didn't mean mobsters were terrorists.. Just merely comparing the inner workings of the mafia to our power/money hungry leaders.

Kruszchev on Wed Mar 12, 2003 1:17 pm
Exactly what i mean...

just to add one another thing... US isnt sutch an angel as they seem to think... dont remember where i read it, One politican in us, in the late 1940´s... said that they didnt kill civilians... BS, they did (well maby not as mutch as some other country offcorse... but well ower a million)... a tip to figure out where... First 2 or 3 nucklear bombs used in war... in Hiroshima and nagasaki, i doubt that all persons in that city was Military...
Buzz on Wed Mar 12, 2003 1:35 pm
morons.....1st the us played gthe biggest part of keeping the nazis from taking over the uk, if it wasnt for our man power an supplies they wouldnt have lasted long. 2nd the us isnt the only nuke pwoer dipshit.....i could go on and on...
KSkins on Wed Mar 12, 2003 1:52 pm
Want to hear something funny but real? There are these Soccer teams from the same town: Unión & Colón. 2 weeks ago, during a match in Colón´s stadium a flag saids:


(that means" Bush: in Union´s stadium there is oil")

Don´t matter if the world blows tomorrow, the people still have sense of humor...
Kruszchev on Wed Mar 12, 2003 1:58 pm
buzz either im mixing it whit the worong war... but the US man power was LOW compared to the other alies... I agrre that the US was important, specialy for the UK, but i dont think that the US would stood a chance agains the 3´rd´riche alone... what i think the reson was that the US sucseeded whit normandie (whit loads of losses)... was the reson that the majoraty of hitlers troops was stuck in soviet (between in a area made by archanglesk/moscow/kaukasus (look at the world map, find the areas, then draw a line between them))... and then owerrun but the USSR army, that then ´pucht forward all the way to Berlin...
DeathChamberNo9 on Wed Mar 12, 2003 3:30 pm
Buzz, you took that the wrong way.

America is not the only nuclear power in the world, but that is what bush is trying to do.

He's trying to make all of the other countries discontinue their nuclear missle programs so that america is the only one with access to nukes. That seems just a little terroristic, doesn't it?

But, if all and all you're just patriotic and you dont want to look at america in any other way then the way seen through CNN, then you might as well disregard what I have to say, because at this point in time I'm very Anti-bush, anti-war, anti-Patriotism... You can get your jollies by helping Bush, and wind up getting killed for it, but I'm gonna look out for my own ass.
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Mad_Max_RW on Wed Mar 12, 2003 4:01 pm
America being the only country with nukes makes perfect sense. Most countries who have them (India, Russia, North Korea) are totally fucked and will probably use them when they have nothing to lose. How the hell is that "terroristic"? At least try to make sense.

And no country is above the US in terms of attacking people for their own gain. That's how it works. France wants Saddam to continue to lead Iraq because they get the greatest business deal in the history of the world. If the UN comes in there and sees what's going on that shit is over. France is screwed, and the price of oil from the area is re-negotiated. But, if you sorry asses want to continue believe everything your government and media tell you, then be my guest. Bury your head in the sand like all your ancestors.
Kruszchev on Wed Mar 12, 2003 4:18 pm
"America being the only country with nukes makes perfect sense. Most countries who have them (India, Russia, North Korea) are totally fucked and will probably use them when they have nothing to lose. How the hell is that "terroristic"? At least try to make sense."

like us aint going to use nukes when there isnt anything to lose...

and give it thought before calling anyother country fucked...

And the part that that ya want that the US would be the only country having nukes in the world... PLEASE... if the US would be the only nation whit nukes... id bet that there would be loads of wars (to add the ones that are at the moment) just for territory... id bet some country would attack Russia for example cuz they are the largets country in the world, and somecountrys want more territory... why not get it from them....

atlest the US is the only country that ever used Nukes in a war... and i doubt that any nuke country would attack another whit nukes... cuz no country would be standing after that

"1 country A sends 1 nuke against country B... B sends 10 nukes as response... A counters the 10 nukes whit 10 nukes more... then yll hear BOOOOOOOOOOOOM, when all the nukes hit the ground... and whats left... 2 huge waste lands that was country A and B"... The larger countrys has nukes of the fact of security... Like USA/Russia moslty... they are atlest enought stable in their heads that they wont use them (i hope im right about that)

To be honnest i dont have a specialy hig thoughts about the US when the Bush´es has been in lead... i dont trust him as mutch as i trusted clinton, and patrionism... IMO... screw it...

US has several things to fix before going out into the world and saying "we are the best nation" (thats how i feel about the US at the moment)

the things to fix in us

1: is that the majority of the people in us has actualy little money... while the rest has LOADS

2: weapons, jiss by a M16 in a usual gun shop... for hunting, just wait untill they starts selling M60 or miniguns for personal safety in weapon stores... and how difficoult is it to actualy get a gun...

3: the US complains that the cars in other cars pollute to mutch and drink so mutch fuel... HAHAH (cant hold for laughter when i hear that)... THE US is one of the countrys that uses the most fuel in the world at the moment (and prolly will stay there for a long time forward)

But... lets face it... no country is perfect... no matter how ya "twist ot turn the view"... but i cant say that the US is the best country to live in... specialy if ya have a bad economy...
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Mad_Max_RW on Wed Mar 12, 2003 4:32 pm
"atlest the US is the only country that ever used Nukes in a war... and i doubt that any nuke country would attack another whit nukes... cuz no country would be standing after that

"1 country A sends 1 nuke against country B... B sends 10 nukes as response... A counters the 10 nukes whit 10 nukes more... then yll hear BOOOOOOOOOOOOM, when all the nukes hit the ground... and whats left... 2 huge waste lands that was country A and B"... The larger countrys has nukes of the fact of security... Like USA/Russia moslty... they are atlest enought stable in their heads that they wont use them (i hope im right about that)"

That's precisely what's going on with Pakistan and India right now. They don't care about how many losses they take, as long as they completely destroy the other guy. Nothing is ever as simple as "Oh, if we launch nukes then we automatically lose." There are people in the world who DON'T CARE about losing. They don't value life the same way we do.
KSkins on Wed Mar 12, 2003 4:38 pm
In addition USA refuses to resign the Kioto agreement, to reduce emition and garbage in the world. That´s fucked, becuase the contamination is really dangerous. they don´t care to much because they are far from the ozone hole, but in the patagonia and the pampa its really affected, no bullshit.

Other thing: Stop using the term "America". That´s the name of the continent. that ugly country in the north in "United States of..." So I hate when they call themselves as "American" and the rest is "South..."
Kruszchev on Wed Mar 12, 2003 4:38 pm
hmm... forgott that war... but lets say, a more life valuing nuke having countrys prolly wont attack eatch other... sounds it better?
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Mad_Max_RW on Wed Mar 12, 2003 4:52 pm
Saying America is the same as saying US. The name of the continent is North America. Then there's South America and.... do I really need to teach basic geography?
Kruszchev on Wed Mar 12, 2003 4:57 pm
hmm... didnt know that... tougth the US and USA was the same thing...
KSkins on Wed Mar 12, 2003 4:59 pm
America is the distortion of a Spanish who "discover" the continent: Américo Vespusio. Is just a ego thing. You think the rest all the world call you "Ameríca" but they use other terms likes "yanquis", "gringos", or plain bad words...
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Mad_Max_RW on Wed Mar 12, 2003 5:00 pm
And we have plenty of names for people from other countries. What's your point?
Buzz on Wed Mar 12, 2003 5:23 pm
hes just one of those hippies with no common sense
Buzz on Wed Mar 12, 2003 5:35 pm
you guys should read some of these,




and look around at the others, this guy makes alot more sense than most people talking about the war.
PumaY2K on Wed Mar 12, 2003 8:52 pm
Arguing about how people names the USA is pretty moronic... it doesn't matter at all, americans (thats how they are named... not 'unitedstateamericans') have been naming their country 'America' for a long time, so bear with it.

And about the Israel & Pakistan issue, well... thats what religious fanatism can create... and in most musulmanic countries...
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Deep_Blue on Thu Mar 13, 2003 9:03 am
Max and Puma-It's refreshing to hear a couple sane voices in the morass we suddenly have going on right here.

I'M OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER VIETNAM. (another big fuckin' mess). Y'know they were still talking about the repercussions from the Korean war back then.

I remember pretty much all of the "cold war" and living in fear of annhilation by Soviet nukes.

(Ah yes, the concept of MAD-Mutually Assured Destruction-very effective in keeping the nukes IN the GROUND).

This is pretty much what is prolly keeping India and Pakistan from vaporizing each other atm.

Now we all know that a goodly nunber of Indians and Pakistanis totally hate each other-whether it has to do with the dispute over the Kashmir region or whether they're just all fucked up like the whites and the blacks in the U.S. in the '60s. I dunno, but they so far have retained enuf common sense to realize that they ought not to be lobbing nukes at each other...after all, who really feels like dying today?

Take the U.S. f'rinstance-No. 1 nuclear power in the world. Always in all the years I've been alive, I've seen the justification for having nukes-AND for controlling others that have them. Because even though we got some fucked-up politics going on here in the U.S.-What country doesn't?- People who knew how to build these weapons came here to the U.S. FIRST. Why? Because they saw a promise of a better life here and they must've liked the way we though life should be. The message from the U.S. to everybody else has always been clear in my eyes: (YOU know not to mess with us because we have the biggest rocks in the pile-but we're a fairly peaceful people so we won't throw them at you unless you threaten us with something similar-until then, live in peace and prosperity and be happy because you have the right to do that. (or live in a hole in the ground because you have that right also-it doesn't matter to us either way). If you want to be more prosperous, we have the means to help you do that-and the big fuckin' rocks to defend you while you do it. Just sell us some oil or something that we can use here an' we'd be glad to be of assistance. If you desire to be a major part of the free world and you prove to the rest of us that you can be trusted, we will equip you to defend yourselves and help you in time of need, But if you ever decide you are going to infringe on our rights to do the same thing-we are gonna be on your ass like stink on shit and we got more big rocks than you do.).

That's the impression I've always gotten from our government here in the U.S. over the past almost 40 years I've been in this world.

I think Max is right-the media seriously needs an enema or something because they have got the most anal-retentive spin on things I've ever seen.

As far as I've been taught, a goodly percentage of U.S. oil imports come from Argentina and Mexico, Canada and Saudi, NOT Iraq.

Yeah, sure, somebody's gonna have to manage the oil fields after any regime change in Iraq-But this war has nothing to do with oil-that's just something the kumbaya crowd has cooked up to piss on dubya with.

We went and bailed out Kuwait in '91 and didn't take a DROP of their oil. It belongs to Kuwait. Sodamn Insane didn't have any business taking it either.

The oil in Iraq belongs to the Iraqis.

We got enough deals going as I understand it that we don't have to pillage and plunder. That ain't the way we do things here.

An' I can say that 'cause I'm ex-military personnel and I've seen firsthand pretty much how we do things.

I notice too that most of the people that are pissing and moaning against war are usually people that would do anything in their power to AVOID having to lay their asses on the line and fight in a war.

Lotsa college kids protesting the war.

Unh-hunh. Lotsa yuppie-milquetoast wannabes also protesting war.

Even JUNIOR HIGH kids-eleven years old protesting war-And they haven't got the slightest damn clue who the hell is the ruler of Iraq or even where it is on the map.

(They know alla the lyrics to any Eminem song tho.)

The loudest protesters, I've learned are usually the first ones to boogie across the border when the government reminds them that freedom isn't free and sometimes if ya wanna keep dancin', ya gotta pay the band.

They forget that many people died in wars-usually on foreign soil so that they could be pompous asses-So they could talk about how wrong war is while they're flying the American flag from their SUV.

"Patriotism Lite" really pisses me off :supermad:

Ya really wanna show the world how patriotic ya are? How thankful you are to those that died defending your right to be a pompous dickhead? Pick up a weapon and follow me-or at least support your leaders in their decisions to try to keep the world a safe place.

As far as I'm concerned-talk ain't gonna cut it anymore.

We Americans have become a nation of bellowing, yapping, gabbing, yada-yada-ing talkers, I think and it disgusts me.

Nobody wants to dive in and fix a problem anymore-they wanna fuckin' debate it to death.

You think we should let Saddam live in peace? Stop hunting Osama? Give everybody a break and just let shit happen and talk-talk-talk about it?

Wake up! It ain't gonna happen that way 'cause assholes like Saddam and Osama and any other of these crazy militant nut-jobs DON'T THINK THAT WAY AND THEY NEVER WILL.

Think about it.....These fuckers NEED war and dissent. They'd be out of work if there wasn't anyand nobody would pay attention to them which is really what they want in the first place.

If there wasn't the American "Great Satan", they'd have to go back to being crackpots and weirdos with personality disorders.

Trouble is-they've already sold a goodly few generations on their "glorious cause" and they ain't gonna stop waging war on the west.

YES, we can all get along! We just gotta wipe out a few defective assholes to be able to do that.

And France? The other day I read in the paper about some French exchange students that came to Danbury High school here in Connecticut. They were bad mouthing Bush calling him a war monger and saying he was after Iraqi oil and such (They have about as much of a clue what's going on as most American kids do).... yeah...God bless France-She's always there when she needs us :smile:

As far as what to call my country? Call it America. I am an American, I live in the United States of AMERICA.

Now, If I sent anybody off on a ranting spree- COOL :smile: I LOVE a good shootin' war :lol:

I'm not trying to offend anybody but prolly I did anyways. You guys get to voice yer opinions-I'm just voicing mine.

Bit when it all comes down to where the rubber meets the road-I figure that there's two places to be on this issue. The honorable Texan George Bush thinks that way and I agree with him.

Either you're working to solve the problem, or you're a part of the problem.

Like an old Cracker tune went-"Get off this-Get on with it. If ya wanna change the world, shut yer mouth and get down to it."

Truer words were never spoken :smile:

-----And look at alla my words up there making a liar outta me :lol:--------------

***When I die may I be surrounded by scattered chrome and burning gasoline***
DeathChamberNo9 on Thu Mar 13, 2003 11:42 am
DB, you make some very good points, some of which I never really gave thought, but when it boils right down to it, I'm not about to give up my life for something that I could really care less about. If I, myself, was given a reason, (say, no more tax subtractions from my paycheck or worry about getting arrested for handling a plant that was here before we were) Then I would pick up the biggest damn gun you could give me and I'd blow anyone away that tried to stop me. But at this point in time, we aren't exactly fighting for our freedom anymore, and no one is giving me any real reason to go out on the front line and get myself shot.

Even if I came home from the war alive, and USA wins it, and I get a purple heart or some shit like that, if I get caught with marijuana, they're still going to treat me like I fucking slaughtered a village and send me to jail. Sometimes murderers, rapists, thieves, and the like get lighter sentances then people with drug charges, the majority of which were caught with their own stash. If you're anti-drug then this isn't going to mean jack-shit to you, but for people who indulge in the fine herb, helping this country win the war and then have that same country stab you in the fucking back when the war is over, to me, that isn't worth it.

Here is a question. I am George Bush. I want all of america to go out and get me a drink, and there is a 50/50 chance that you are going to die if you do it. Would you be willing to get your face blown into the back of your skull just to get me my chocolate milk? I sure as hell wouldn't.

When it comes down to it, I'm not putting my life on the line for anyone. Go ahead and call me a selfish dickhead, because it doesnt matter what you think of me if you're the one lying in a 6 foot ditch.

I'm done with this thread. :suicide:
DeathChamberNo9 on Thu Mar 13, 2003 11:43 am
btw, DB, none of that was directed towards you, It's for all to read.
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