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3 Question Combo!
Alastor created 3 Question Combo! on Thu Jul 07, 2005 7:24 pm
Hi all

Yesterday I installed again Carmageddon (original copy :lol:) to try it on lan, and it was awesome, fox n' hounds its hella fun.

I downloaded (yes sry) a rip version of C2 from Kazza, it works ok in single player, its the pedestrian red blood version, but it seems to show messages like, Zombies with stupid heads! (wtf's wrong with that?). So decided to try it on lan too, but didn't worked, i host the game but the other pc cannot see my server.

Yes, i have IPX installed, what can be causing this?, i eard other ppl with the same problem in C2 with original cd's and the same happens.

P.D: I play C1 in both pcs with -hires, playable with both but even on a p3 933 512 sdram gf4800se ti doesn't run fully smooth, like in my amd3000, can be a 1997 game that demanding?

Bonus: Can i adjust the Hz of the screen? hires is @ 60 and its very anyoing in 19'

btw im using win XP

Thanks everyone and sorry for my english

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Econobrick on Thu Jul 07, 2005 7:50 pm
sounds like your c2 is the UK zombie version that had the blood patch already applied as well as being cracked. That would explain the zombie messages. If it is indeed the UK version, perhaps it can't work in a lan game with north american versions? Just a theory...

As for c1 in -hires not running ultra smooth even on modern computers, this is because yes it is rather demanding on the hardware, because it's not using the video card at all...it's just software mode running on high res. Although one would think the average comp would be able to run it better.

On the other hand, if you had a 3dfx card, you could run the game in 3dfx mode...which looks the same as hires from what i remember, possibly better, and it'd run a hell of alot smoother.
Alastor on Thu Jul 07, 2005 8:43 pm
Uhm, im using the same rip in both computers, anyway im downloading a iso to discard a reason, but i dont know why i think it woulnd't recognize the host with a burned original copy too, but lets try...

On c1, i don't have those 3dfx olddies :smile: but, i tried with dgvoodoo, wich sems to work very well I read here, but not for me :sad:

When i execute CARM3DFX.BAT the screens turns black and nothing happens :/

I'll apreciate any help on that coz playing C1 with hires and smoothly on both computers can be awesome :lol:

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