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Er... shouldnt I be working?
PumaY2K created Er... shouldnt I be working? on Tue Sep 24, 2002 12:19 am
Dean... please tell me what are the main cars in the game so I can start making some 'art'... lol...

Just tell me which cars will be the most important ones and Ill mail the creator so he sends me a copy...

Also... how is the game coming along?... dont you know?... is Xara still working on it... or only Void... or none... I dont know a thing...

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Deep_Blue on Sun Sep 29, 2002 3:53 am
Don't feel too bad, Puma... I dunno what the hell's goin' on either but I'm havin' fun making stuff anyways..
***When I die may I be surrounded by scattered chrome and burning gasoline***
Buzz on Tue Oct 01, 2002 4:42 am
last thing i heard was Xara cant program any more and void is mia
Junkpile on Mon Oct 07, 2002 11:01 am
Puma; for the time being, just work on some menu buttons or something if you're getting antsy. Main car's haven't been decided on as of yet & I have no way of upping the pic's OR car's to send to you anyways. I'll get these decision's made & the file's out to you as soon as I possibly can, OK?

DB; You just keep turning out these wicked monstrosities. At this point, you seem to be the one keeping this project afloat. Seeing as how I've got MAJOR problem's right now. I truly appreciate your effortt's!

Buzz; You're right. But, there are other alternative's that are being explored at this time.

Everyone; Has anyone heard from Beroc? I thought he was supposed to be lending a hand in the programming department... Or, is he one that accidentally got removed during my last house-cleaning frenzy? I hope not!


PumaY2K on Mon Oct 07, 2002 11:01 pm
lol... hope you didnt ... but theres no problem... Ill start later (haha... lazyness won again)
PumaY2K on Mon Oct 07, 2002 11:10 pm
WOW... just noticed that you replyed at 7:01 AM (in GMT -6:00) and I did it EXACTLY 12 hours later! 7:01 PM... funny stuff...
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Deep_Blue on Sun Oct 20, 2002 3:37 am
'K, Dean. No prob. I got me a faster PC with lots more room on it now. For awhile there it wouldn't let me back on the board but everything's rrrrrrrregUlar now
***When I die may I be surrounded by scattered chrome and burning gasoline***
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