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Re: Running C1 using a Glide Wrapper
TheJkWhoSaysNi created Re: Running C1 using a Glide Wrapper on Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:03 am
Ok, Since I've managed to get carmageddon running beautifully with dgvoodoo & vdmsound i'll post a full guide.

1. Download & install VDMSound http://sourceforge.net/projects/vdmsound/

2. Download dgvoodoo 1.4* http://dege.freeweb.hu/

3. Install the carmageddon 3dfx patch.**

*there is a small problem with dgv1.4 which makes your car movement look a little jerky despite a good framerate. I still reccomend 1.4 though because the performace & bugfixes make it far superior to 1.31.

**Since there are many of these here's the one i'm using I've also included the CD crack for this carmav.exe because when running carmav through vdms sometimes it cant find the cd.

Next, Unzip dgvoodoo1.4 into the carmageddon directory.

Run dgvoodoosetup.exe

At the top of the program you'll see an option for platform. Set this to DOS.

On the "Global Tab" choose these options: (Everything not mentiond should be left at the default value)

Uncheck Working in vdd mode

With this checked it will likely crash on winxp. This is the most important setting. Make sure working in VDD mode is not checked.

Under Miscellaneous choose "Set mouse focus to application." or you won't be able to use the mouse in the menus.

The setup should look like this:


Now go to the "Glide" tab.

Most of these won't make much difference but heres the ones that will:

Set LFB Access to Enable LFB access

Set colourkeying method to native

Set Texture mem size to 16384kb (The largest available)

Set the resolution to whatever you want. Obviously higher will look nicer.

Check Timer Boosting

Your glide tab should look something like this:


That's dgvoodoo set up. Press OK to save the options.

Now go back to the carma directory and extract the carmav.exe I uploaded into the directory (Or use one you already have).

Right click SNDSETUP.exe and choose "Run with VDMS"

Press auto detect. (you have to navigate with the keyboard) Then detect and it should find a sound card. Press test to see. Then press OK to save.

We're nearly there now. Run dgvoodoo.exe and you'll see a small dialog. Minimize it and go back to your carmageddon directory.

Right click carmav.exe and choose "Run with VDMS"

And you're done! You're running carmageddon in a glide wrapper.

One final note. To further improve visual quality I like to increase the draw distance. Open up Carmageddon\DATA\Options.txt

Set YonFactor to 1.000000

Set Yon to 100.000000

100 works well for me. I can go up to 150 without loosing too much performace.

Click for a screenshot of carmageddon running at 1600x1200 with an extended draw distance

This is from dgv1.31 with the fog off. (The fog was buggy in 1.31) With fog on it looks a lot nicer.

Anyway, hope that helps. :smile:
Alastor on Sun Sep 25, 2005 10:18 am

Want to try C1 in 3dfx, i tryed a bunch of glidewrappers but the only one that sems work (and with lots of graphic issues) its Glidos, and it has the annoying G L I D O S shit 3d logo if u dont pay the money.

So i searched here and someone said that egVoodoo works perfectly on C1, tell me how, coz it freezes my computer on Fullscreen, in windowed at leats i can see the intro, but it didnt work anyway.

Yes, i patched Carma with the 3dfx patch and i execute Carmav.exe

Plz, any help with that :sad:
TTR on Sun Sep 25, 2005 10:18 am
Helllaaaa...this work perfectly mystery man :wink: this should be pinned!!
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TheJabMan on Mon Sep 26, 2005 12:01 pm
Never been able to get C1 working in glide, and hey... still cant... bleck. I am however gettin pissed with VDM sound, telling me Im missing VDMSrun.pif?
TheJkWhoSaysNi on Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:33 pm
Which version did you install?

I'm using 2.0.4 from the link i posted.

I suggest uninstalling it completley through add/remove programs then reinstalling it.
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TheJabMan on Thu Sep 29, 2005 12:26 am
Who makes your vid card? I have a hankering that NVIDIA works better with wrappers.
TheJkWhoSaysNi on Thu Sep 29, 2005 11:49 am
I'm using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro.
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TheJabMan on Sat Oct 01, 2005 2:11 am
In that case, well fuck... Im using a Radeon 9600 Pro... bah!

no glide will run it... the only way I can get it is 320x240 software, cant even get 640x480 out of it.
TTR on Sat Oct 01, 2005 2:36 am
I have a ati radeon 9000...

Look at the attachment
ChrisEvans on Tue Jan 31, 2006 8:58 am
Excellent Guide, Thank you very much!

However, that "Jerkyness" of the cars is a major, major problem in my opinion, I get head ache just looking at it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

TheJkWhoSaysNi on Mon Feb 06, 2006 5:52 pm
You can using dgVoodoo 1.31, theres no jerkyness there but that's because it runs the game at a much lower framerate so you cannot notice it.

The jerkyness is annoying though :sad:

Actually, if you enable vsync and run at 60hz it's nowhere near as bad. I think it's something to do with the timing being out of sync with the video so when it does physics calulations it's doing 60 per seconds and the framerate is higher.
macacom on Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:53 pm
hello, when I try to urn th e aplications with VDMS a screen blinks and desapeir, os ai can't run the game.

what can I do?

Beast on Tue Feb 21, 2006 5:35 pm

TheJkWhoSaysNi on Sun Apr 30, 2006 5:52 pm
Aha! Found the solution to the jerkiness problem.

cmd into the carmageddon directory through command prompt.

start > run > type "cmd"

cd carmageddon (or naivate to your carma directory)

paste this: dgvoodoosetup $FirstFound$:0 /platform:dos /timerboost:15

(dont have dgvoodoosetup or dgvoodoo.exe running when you do this.)

There is a tiny problem, it makes the game run a bit faster than it should. But it's better than the jerkyness of it.

You can try with other values (replace 15 with that line). Higher will increase jerkiness but lower game speed (so slow it down to the normal rate.) lower will remove jerkiness but speed up the game.

15 seems about enough to make the jerkiness un-noticable. (Though the game is a bit fast)

Lord_Nerevar on Tue Jul 18, 2006 11:23 am
Got a problem with it :/

Carma & C SP work fine in -hires mode

but using 3dfx emulation (following the instructions in the 2nd post)

Carma 1 gets stuck while loading a race / starting line place selection :P, there are no sounds, and movies get stuck on their 1st frame :P...

C SP, works but without sound and movies... animation is uhm... strange framerate is good but often there are strange slowdows...

any solutions :confused:
AcdTrip on Wed Dec 13, 2006 6:34 pm
I have only one thing to complain with dgvoodoo. Everything else is running great but the game freezes when i try to play the first snow track.. it works for about few minutes and then it just freezes :S no idea why cos every txt file and everything else is the way they were..
TheJkWhoSaysNi on Fri Dec 22, 2006 1:24 pm
From the Authors DGVoodoo thread here: http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=6225&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=220

Credit to Dornkirk for this:

Well maybe not so random. If you or one of the other racers hit one of those red-white posts the games crashes.

Edit: It doesn't seem to happen in the level 'Pit Stop' which features the same red-white posts. After some testing I found two workarounds which seem to prevent the game from crashing in 'Fridge Racer'

For both workarounds you need to decrypt carmageddons .TXT files using the 'IWANTTOFIDDLE' cheat.

Workaround 1:

Open the file 'ICE.TXT', search for the string 'START OF PEDESTRIAN STUFF', delete all but the first ped and change the number of peds to 1. You will lose all peds, barrels and mines, but the posts will break if you hit them hard enough.

Workaround 2:

Open the file 'ICE.TXT', search for the string 'Non CarObjects', delete the line 'CONE.TXT' and set the number of non car objects to 3. You will keep all peds, barrels and mines, but the posts will be rocksolid.

AcdTrip on Sat Dec 23, 2006 8:53 pm
Ok, thanks for that m8!! :smile: have to check it out :smile:
boglavius on Fri Jun 08, 2007 3:20 pm
Found another solution for the freezes/crashes. See here
crayzkirk on Tue Dec 11, 2007 7:03 pm

Dumb question? Why not use the Win95 version of the program that comes on the disk?

I've got a WinXP AM2 4200+ X2 that runs that version just fine. Looks identical to the 3dfx Version running on my Win98 AMD 2400+.

Now, if I could just get the meld patch to work on either version...

TheJkWhoSaysNi on Sun Dec 30, 2007 3:30 pm
Because the Win95 version will run max 640x480. I can run the 3dfx version at any resolution.
crayzkirk on Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:38 pm
Another dumb question...

How do you enable the higher resolution versions with the 3dfx version? Are there high resolution textures in the game? I thought the resolutions were limited to 320x200 and 640x480 due to limitations of the BRender game engine. Does this mean I can change the executable so that 640x480 is the low resolution and 800x600 is the high resolution or perhaps add a new -superhires parameter to the game and directories/textures to support it?

How do you make the game aware of the higher resolutions? I haven't looked much at the 3dfx executable code because I don't have a way to disassemble a mixed mode program (DOS Extender).

Thanks and please excuse my ignorance... I am currently running Win98 so I should be able to run this without needing to use any sort of wrapper around the program.

TheJkWhoSaysNi on Sat Feb 16, 2008 3:37 pm
Simple answer: you can't.

The glide wrapper does some clever stuff during the execution of the 3dfx executable. It maps all calls to 3dfx glide functions to Direct3d counterparts. The function that sets the resolution is overridden and it sets the resolution to the one you choose. The scene is then rendered at a higher resolution.

I don't know much about the internal workings of the wrapper but I assume it must do some sort of scaling on the 2d elements such as the HUD.

To play at higher resolutions you must use a glide wrapper.

DynamiteDan on Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:03 am
Can you post the link to the carmav and CD crack again please, the link seems to be dead? I've done everything else as suggested, but on running carmav.exe, as warned, it won't find my cd rom.

I've had this game on cd for 7 years now, and the only time it ever worked in 3dfx mode was on an old win98 pc but with no sound, yet it still became one of my top 5 games ever, so it's great to discover there are people and websites such as this trying to keep the game playable as it should be. My sincere thanks.
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Teutonicus on Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:25 pm
Hey dude,

thanks for your tutorial about the 3dfx patch for c1 with glide wrappers.

Well I followed your instructions, but when i start a race, I only can see the tacho, time, countdown, i hear the sound, but the rest of the screen is black!!! everytime I set up the dgvoodoo setup as you described and press "OK", my information won´t be saved. When I restart setup, the information are again different. It automatically unchecks my DOS to Windowsa..?!!?

Can you help me?

Another question... Does multiplayer work with DOSmode?

Image < 6-Player Multiplayer Vids
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Takeshi666 on Sat Oct 29, 2011 8:29 pm
I got C1 running in dosbox with glide but none of the cars have textures; they're all white!
User avatar
Toshiba-3 on Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:19 pm
Takeshi: have you tried with nGlide + Gulikoza's DOSBox?
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
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Takeshi666 on Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:51 pm
There musta been something wrong with my installation cause when I tried running the game on Gulikoza's DOSbox without glide, the cars STILL didn't have any textures.

I reinstalled the game and now it says it can't find the CD. :crazy:
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Takeshi666 on Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:39 am
Update: Finally got the game running on dosbox, with glide emulator - using nGlide.

I've still a few problems like the game being really choppy when the CD music is playing, but the biggest headscratcher is that the alpha is a bit dodgy - on some cars, on some maps, I can't see anything from the interior view - the windows are completely opaque.
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