Anyone had luck adding multiple noncars to a map ?
starbuck created Anyone had luck adding multiple noncars to a map ? on Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:03 pm
A while ago I had a stroke and got lots of free time on my hands. Forced early retirement :) I started getting back into C2 editing.

For some reason I forgot how to get noncars to "react" in my maps and finally figured that out yesterday. So thanks to coffeecup, Toshiba and Harmalarm for that help.

They were having problems remembering how to add multiple noncar items on a track.

Here is a discussion from long ago with C2 Scientist, the details start when he says "well I can say using force identity matrix...". For some reason it is not working.


I just get some dummy squares showing up that are sometimes solid and sometimes not. The boulders that should show up never do.

Coffecup did tell me how to add ONE item into the map and I really appreciate that. But I dont want to kill myself adding a hundred items for example one at a time.

Could anyone please give me details on how to do it using MAX and the original PT2 to save time ? I would appreciate it if you gave me proper naming conventions etc on how to add them to the level.

And if you could please tell me how to add things like cubes in the game so all sides are visible in PT2 as well. My models have holes in them. So if someone has secrets how to do it properly in MAX I would appreciate that too.

Thnaks in advance.
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Harmalarm on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:40 am
Sorry I cound not respond sooner.
The naming convension of noncars is simple. The & prefix will determine the object is a noncar or not. The XXXX suffix will tell the game what is what. For instance, &tree0003 is the third tree in the map. You can use the numbering for any noncar, so if you start a new one, say &fence0000 start with 0 again.

If you are using my exporter, you can place all your noncars in 3ds max file just like that. Simply put the names in the right way and you should be done. Be sure that the first object, the one with index 0000 has a 'reset X-form' applied to it. You can find this in the toolset on the right. Then convert back to editable mesh or poly.

If you are using pt2, which I have little experience in, the noncars should be placed by hand. Moving them with the mouse I presume. The same naming convention applies.

The adding cubes is a tricky one. This is a 3ds max weirdness that should not exist, but I know of it. What I always do is move some of the vertices just a tiiiiiny bit, convert to editable poly/mesh, then move the vertice back. Stupid, but it works. Or I build a box myself by just draging the edges of an editable poly holding shift. ;)
starbuck on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:17 pm
No need to apologize for not responding sooner. At least you replied :)

Are you talking about the exporter script for max ? Which I havent tried yet, but today I will.

Thanks for the info. At one point the untextured "dummy cubes" I made in max started acting like noncars.

What REALLY suck is everything I did yesterday was forgotten. Even when I typed every step I made. Beginners Alzheimers I guess :)
starbuck on Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:02 pm
Now you might know some of this but I will put it here anyway.

I made a test cube with two rocks in it. When I named the rocks &640000 and &640001 in max and did the Xform thing and converted it to an edit poly mesh your exporter V32 worked PERFECTLY ! These ran perfectly in Carmageddon 2 without preprocessing.

Both rocks showed up and acted like they should perfect. Later I will try 20 rocks maybe in a real map.

I was able to preprocess the test map perfectly fine and the rocks showed up and acting perfectly as well. I think when doing it with MAX, and exporting it thru asc2ase and saving it in PT2 I think it never works out. In PT2 if you just save it you wind up driving thru the rocks "ghost" and nothing happens.

VERY good job you are doing for the community. Thank you VERY much.
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C2_Scientist on Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:02 pm
I'm sorry to hear about what happened and how it affected you, but I'm also glad you survived it. Also, fortunately you can now benefit from the great work Harm is (still!) doing. :-)

I'm a bit rusty myself, not having worked on maps for some time, but I'll try to help with what I can and when I have time (making the preparations for sole proprietorship is keeping me a bit busy currently). And feel free to study blocksburg in 3dsmax, if it helps.
starbuck on Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:09 am
Thanks for the reply. At least it shows you are still around. :)
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