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Minge: The CarMODgeddon Mod Installer
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Trent created Minge: The CarMODgeddon Mod Installer on Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:52 am
Here it is, the tool you've all been waiting for: MINGE! Most of you will use it for installing mods and turning them on or off and some of you will use it for packing up vehicles, wheels and levels, an invaluable tool for anyone interested in mods.

Remember that this tool only installs CarMODgeddon mods, not the old style of mods which you used to place in the ZAD folder. Just drag a CarMODgeddon mod's ZAD file onto the Minge window and it will install it to the correct place, then tick it's checkbox and click save to make the game use the mods.

Using CarMODgeddon mode you can play multiplayer with mods, but currently the game only lets you play multiplayer with people using the EXACT SAME mods enabled as you. If either of you have, say, an extra car or wheel enabled then the game will give you a data mismatch error. Hopefully this will be fixed in coming updates to the game.


Download it from my brand new (work in progress) website here: http://trent.incarnated.co.uk/Tools/Minge

Here is the readme:

Minge Readme wrote:
Minge is a tool for Carmageddon: Reincarnation to install, manage and package CarMODgeddon mods.

* Manage which mods are active in CarMODgeddon mode.
* Automatically create the necessary folder structure and config file for CarMODgeddon.
* Drag & Drop support for installing Mods.
* Package Mods with additional metadata for Minge to use.
* Automatic conversion of TDX textures to IMG format
* Automatically fix HUD Damage Indicator

Install & Setup:
1: Unpack to some folder somewhere
2: Run Minge.exe
3: Direct the game to your Carmageddon: Reincarnation folder

Installing Mods:
1: Run Minge
2: Drag your Mod's ZAD file on top of Minge's window

Enabling & Disable Mods:
1: Tick or untick the Mods you wish to enable or disable from the Vehicles, Levels or Wheels panels
2: Click save.
3: Start the game in CarMODgeddon mode and use your mods.

Special thanks to Stainless for making such an awesome and moddable game and providing answers to my many questions; and to Errol for being a genius and doing all the hard work reverse engineering all the game's file formats and for putting up with me wasting his time on the IMG format!
a.k.a. Trent
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