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Re: Carmageddon Reincarnation Kickstarter: Help Stainless
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Razor on Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:08 pm
coffeycup wrote:
Not to be a jerk, who am I kidding..I'm a jerk. But aren't these vids just for the Backers? And not the masses? :tongue:

I believe you're correct.
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tonrac on Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:18 pm
You are right, and i have waited 48h before posting it ...so it will be exclusive to backers during this slice time, i want to respect backer, i am one of them. (perhaps i have to wait more time before posting)
but i think that the community have also the right to see that, if this video can contribute to feed the buzz around the game a lot of people will buy the game when it will be release and/or participate with paypal.

Do you think i must remove this link?
if so, i am okay to do that.
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coffeycup on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:08 pm
Nah, leave the link. I'm just being a shit.

Besides, if I really didn't want it I'd remove it myself.
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tonrac on Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:07 am
Thank you , but just to clarify,
some questions to all backers:
Do you think that we hurt stainless by posting exclusive video with a delay?
For you, how much must be this delay in order to respect backer? 48h? 72h? one week? one month ? one year :shock: ?
tonrac on Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:54 am
Competition to win idevices Carmageddon skin - Paypal closed november the 4Th - Go to Tweeter in order to win a free Carmageddon ios copy of the game

For more details: Competition, PayPal, and something FREE! | Carmageddon

Edit: First post remade
tonrac on Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:24 pm
The Word From Ohnhai: Industrial Injury re-born | Carmageddon
The Word From Ohnhai: Industrial Injury re-born

Wow! Things have moved at a brisk pace since the Kickstarter came to a thrilling end. Not least of which was Nobby offering me a job as an environment artist on Carma Reincarnation (the company had just come into some money, and so could afford to take on some more artists!). So after a couple of trips down to the island and back for all the usual interview/apartment hunting shenanigans I settle into life back at Stainless.

“Back at Stainless?” I hear you ask. Well yes! WAY BACK in the steamy mists of time, a much younger me secured a job at Stainless ‘Software’ towards the tail end of Carma II (I somehow volunteered myself to the job of sorting out the UI). After Carma II I worked on various other projects with the guys, and then later, when the company’s studio at “The Farm” closed, a group of us headed out to Australia for the next seven years, working together at BlueTongue Entertainment. Then last year we saw the console dev industry of Australia fatally implode… which forced me back to Ol’ Blighty.

Well that’s MORE than enough about me, on with Carma Reincarnation…
Industrial reformation.

After my initial ‘get up to speed’ task of breathing some “grey box” life into a new version of the Carma II battle arena ‘Sumo’ (to be revealed in a future blog), nobby was looking for a track to point me at next.

This was initially going to be one of the coastal routes, but after the work done on new-sumo he felt that I could do more with one of the industrial environments (“Industrial A”). Specifically the Nobster liked the way I was treating the low Poly and extremely abstract features of the original geometry and giving them a form and function that – even if not grounded in reality – at least looked as if it could actually work. On New-Sumo this related to paying attention to the new theme selected by Sim (oil-rig) and paying attention to layout and function of the real thing and trying to bring at least a semblance of that into the level.

For the re-vamped Industrial environment I didn’t receive much direction other than ‘the same, but better.’ This minimal approach to directions has a lot to do with the fact that nobby and Sim have been buried in getting the iOS version of Carma 1 ready for release. They also said they could trust me to just get on with it. The Fools!

In with the old.

Anyway, step one was getting the original level into the new game to give me something to, quite literally, build on.
The original industrial environment is just shy of nine thousand polys.

The above image shows the old geometry and textures (handily available from the iOS version). I chucked the grey box texture on it and was running around the old level in minutes. Next came the job of dragging the level geometry kicking and screaming into the current century.

So where to begin? At the start is normally the best place, so to get things going I toyed with setting the look and feel of the new level by concentrating on those big sloping walls at the start.
Ready to race?

Nobby was keen that, while I had licence to change things were they would work better, I strive to keep the flavour and feel of the level intact. After a good trawl of the interwebs for reference I was convinced a nice contemporary ‘concrete and curves’ theme would sell the ‘industrial theme quite nicely. Below is the first sketch of my ideas for the main walls in the first section. I wanted to bring in more structure and form to the level that was, through necessity, excluded from the original. So vents, pipes, windows framing and so on.

The most important feature was the slope of the wall. To tie it into the level a little better I tried filleting it into the floor as if the whole thing is designed to be sluiced down on a regular basis when the overall level of contamination reaches dangerous levels, making the whole area one giant wet-room if you like. A happy side-effect of this is that the car rides up the wall really easy making it even more important that any vertical features don’t project too low. After all no one likes getting snagged on small fiddly details. You shouldn’t get stopped dead by a rivet but if you don’t see and entire house then, well…. A particularly fun move is the ‘stall turn’ where you can run directly up the wall do a narrow turn at the top and then roar back down the concrete in the exact direction you just came from.

From the outset I wanted to have many more curves in the geometry but learned that you can go too far. Not shown here, I played with some alternate shapes for the large wall vents, specifically with them tapering to a sharper point at the base but the result was FAR too suggestive.
A 'Draw-Over’ of the opening straight.

Working into the building on the left I wanted to give it more function and for it to read better as a building so I added elements to give it some external framing and some windows to give it some scale. The horizontal cladding of the upper portion was to make it feel a bit more warehouse/factory. To add further interest and bring in more curves I decided to add the overhead gantries. At one point in the above image I had a pass of the Magnachem logo up on the wall, but it read more like a supermarket than a chemical plant so it had to go.
The guys who built this place must also have been contracted to build the Death Star. The lack of adequate handrails is quite disturbing.

Next up were the arches. Clearly these were to transport something up and over the deck but couldn’t be defined better due to the resolution constraints of the era’s technology. I really wanted to maintain the girder and concrete structure. It’s a nice aesthetic. I also was definite I wanted to maintain the structure’s outline.


New arches

In truth there is no reason why they should have the concrete ‘bumpers’ as the metal framing would be more than enough to do the job, I just think they look good. Extending the pipes beyond the bounds of the original form we create a nice area to drive through out on the wings. I have yet to decide how to neatly tie the pipes into the walls. As you may notice the original track had five arches but the new one only has three. This is mainly to reduce visual clutter when looking down the length of this area. A pleasant bonus of having thinned out the number of arches is that you can now drive around the bases making a nice area for some classic ‘Fox and Hounds’ jousting.

At this point you might have noticed the cooling tower at the end of this area… This comes about because that area in the original was quite a muddled space with no real reason for the bowled floor. It took me a little while to figure out how to make sense of the original geometry. I could have altered it, made it flat, but having to break very early due to the slope to make either exit is a key feature of this part of the track, and so I really wanted to maintain the dip.


As this area is sort of round, and dished, I was put in mind of the large cooling towers you tend to see at power plants. Also the internal floor structure that was installed in one such cooling tower for the film Brazil had some interesting forms that I felt worthy of referencing in some way; most notably the raised floor. I first sketched the cooling tower into the concept illustration (above) and with the chemical fog that evolved, the tower quickly took on characteristics that are evocative of the atmosphere processor from the movie Aliens... Especially with the entrance framed by the pipe arches.

"How long till it blows?"

Finally in this first look at the new Industrial Environment we will take a look at the Docks area. Basically into the Processor there and turn left.

In the old version the docks were a reasonably open area with a few containers scattered around as obstacles. In the new version this area has become far more functionally a container port.

A quick sketch of the dockside buildings. Trying to blend the old red brick warehouse structures with the concrete and curves theme of the rest of the level.

When building this area I was convinced that it was going to be too small to accommodate a typical container ship. Those things are HUGE, right? Anyway I laid out the ship with my containers, that are already over-scale to look right in scene, and what do you know, it’s a perfect fit! (nobby wants to race round on top of it now…)

Currently the land bound containers are static geometry but in the final version they are going to be accessories so it should be possible to knock a stack over onto your opponents…

Anyway that’s about it for now. Got to get on with grey-boxing the second half.

Discuss this blog in the forums.
Submitted by Ohnhai on Fri, 07/09/2012 - 12:39

Competition to win idevices Carma skin - Paypal closed november 4Th - Go to Tweeter in order to win a free Carmageddon ios copy of the game

For more details: Competition, PayPal, and something FREE! | Carmageddon
tonrac on Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:48 pm
"Yes, it's coming! Hang on to yer helmets! Carmageddon: Reincarnation for PC is launching via an Early Access programme on Steam in Q1 2014."

Carmageddon : The Dawn of Early Access...
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