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Max's Bleak Predictions
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Mad_Maxine created Max's Bleak Predictions on Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:14 pm
Just when you think its all going well someone comes along pisses in your coffey makeing it taste all bitter like,

That someone today happens to be me, Now im a big fan as you know, and I tihink the idea of a new carmageddon would be the best thing ever, However, with the world being over satureded with lame Bullshit allready, and a recent few games that are like carmageddon but lame, I started to worrie, not about the peopel making the game but the world around us now,

Now ive been looking over the past years, the types of mods, cars, and recently reading the sugestions from the new carmageddon comunity, and this is what ive come to..

Carmageddon Reincarnation Bleak Predictions,

The fact that one of the cars is a ford gt that looks soft, and the other one is screwie wich still looks sportish and not so future as c1, or2.. and the fact that the word Bugatti veyron has come up 3 times in the car sugestions part, I see that this game will probly have sports cars but they wont brake as easily as they should, going offroad no problem in low to the ground high value supercars, like most of this type of game that i play, all shiney no rust and grime, oh joy,

Even tho I could be slightly more confidant here Most things I see tend to be the factorys, and many people have said that as there favorite levels, along with bleak city, so I fear we will only see citys and factorys in some kinda industrial way, no more ski slopes or beaches? also tracks have become progressivly wors thru carmageddon in my opinion with the exception of expansions,

since nobody gives a shit about peds, peds will most likly be a generic male form aged around late 20s, with probly diffrent colored skin and clothing, (tshirt and jeans to be generic wich will remap) mabe with changing coats and hats and such,

carmageddons allways been good for the fun driving and smashing but my mind keeps saying its going to feel more like Blood Drive, or such simler games,

I think Carmageddon RE will probly not live to what Id hope, and probly mand other peope leaving it to fade into history like duke nukem forever as 'that game that sucked' by stuck up new gamers who dont know what carmageddon used to be, Hell even people who play gta now say the old one sucks, no respect for where there beloved game started, I feel we are a limited audience, kids not knowing what carma is will be unimpressed, and it will mostly be consumed by us, the people who were actully capable of walking and feeding ourselves when carmageddon first came out,

Sorry for the downer but this is how I feel, I may have low expectations, but with the way most other things are going i wouldent be surprised to fall into the hole and get consumed by the crappy world that now is,

Just my opinion, not wanting to start fights, if you have something to say please dont direct it as an insult,

My opinion will stay untill I see otherwise, Problem?

Wheels Outside All Shapes
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coffeycup on Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:57 pm
I totally understand what you're saying. I hope in an effort to please a younger generation of gamers it doesnt turn into NFS with peds. But I hope you're wrong and it turns out awesomely
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Econobrick on Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:48 am
As long as the game engine is fun and it's easy enough to make new items for (this seems pretty likely?), we should be set.

Ideally, maybe they should draw from Death Race 2000 again, as opposed to seeing how dynamic/slick or post-apocalyptic they can make everything look before they wind up with a really fucking generic-looking game. :B
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Halogaland on Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:39 am
Yeah, we should wait and see, maybe the cleaver looks like a bit the ford GT, but well, we didn't see one time the rear or the top. And look, kutter's lamborghini (Lamb'O'genie and countslash, what next, why not Murslashago), it always looks really like a Lambo, don't you think?
Well to say that we should be patient and see the final results, I saw really cool High definition games which have good damage engines (crashday, flatout 1... yes yes there are others :p)
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roadkill804 on Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:45 am
Halogaland wrote:
why not Murslashago)

You better expect a Gayllardo, if the game will be like all the other tonnes of post-apocalyptic car-combat videogames (excluding Twisted Metal and things like that).
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autopilot on Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:59 pm
Ive never shy'd away from saying I don't necessarily care for the original games in stock form, in fact I don't think ive even played c2 (which I consider the best one) in original form, ever! As far as im concerned that game only has 2 playable maps, beaver city and.. the other city map.. junkyard they called it? All the other environments were unplayable! Sure the idea of terrorizing a mayfair or carnival seems funny enough but thats not something that should of been a whole map on its on, shoulda just built that as a side for another map, rather than just something that takes 20 seconds to ride across. I didnt like all the original vehicles cause they all looked cartoonish, don't think will be an issue in 2012. Sports cars don't interest me (I like econo-geddon, real world cars to smash for realism), but all the games had a few. Holy krap im late for work.
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Takeshi666 on Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:53 am
coffeycup wrote:
I totally understand what you're saying. I hope in an effort to please a younger generation of gamers it doesnt turn into NFS with peds. But I hope you're wrong and it turns out awesomely

I thought the idea of it being a Kickstarter project was specifically so they wouldn't have to dumb it down to "please a younger generation of gamers".
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