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Re: SoD Definitive Edition
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coffeycup created Re: SoD Definitive Edition on Sat Jan 31, 2009 10:04 am
[EDIT by Tosh]

The original post seems gone.
Here are some mirrors to download the SoD Definitive Edition:
http://www.carmajunkies.com/downloads/i ... iew&id=855
http://coffey.polygonized.com/files/SoD ... dition.zip


Awesome! I will grab a copy. :thumbsup:

I've already offered to host your stuff before. I'll upload a little later on today. :beer:
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n3wton on Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:43 am
Links dead already - am happy to host @ Wasted also :wink:

Good work Freddy
Freddy on Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:04 pm
bugger knew the link would go down sooner or later, anyway try this:


If you can host it Coffey/n3wton that would be great! cheers
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n3wton on Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:04 pm
Mirror added, free feel to add to main post Freddy:-


Freddy on Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:51 am
Yep you read that right, this year SoD will be 10 years old! so to mark the occasion I bring you SoD Definitive Edition!

The in game readme file:

Hello and Welcome to...

Seduction of Destruction: Definitive Edition!




Just download the 'SoD Definitive Edition Installer.zip' double click on the 'SoD Definitive Edition Installer.exe' file inside and follow

the instructions it really could not be simpler , click on the 'SoD Definative Edition' (red scary guy icon) which should now be on

your desktop to play.

Whats New?


Well not that much really, I have just compiled the very best SoD addons into one, it includes most addons made by me (Freddy)

plus selected 3rd party addons to create the 'Ultimate SoD!'

As you may know there is a limit to the amount of cars/tracks you can add to SoD, before it starts crashing. So I have crammed

as much stuff in as I could but this did mean losing a few cars (sorry if I lost a favourite of yours) to make way for new ones,

plus I have added a few 3rd party tracks that I felt fitted the bill, but did not include 'Figure of Hate' as its not very

realistic and was only meant as a bit of fun. There is also a couple of brand new cars and a few game play changes to keep things


WARNING! the game is finely balanced so please don't start messing with it, adding new cars/tracks etc as it may crash,

be it on your head!

Specialist Races


As you will notice I have added some 'one make/type' races, these have been added to try something different but do have

some issues. Firstly your starting position can be a bit random and on occasions may place you outside the track, if this

happens just restart the race, it is very rare that this may occure. Also because the opponents are defined, if you happen to

be driving one of the defined opponents you will see a duplicate on track, not very realistic I know but no big deal. These are

Carma2 bugs/glitches so nothing I can do about them, but don't cause too much of a problem.

DG Voodoo


I have included in the installation 'DG Voodoo' which without getting too technical means you can run SoD at a higher resolution

than normal. However if you are experiencing performance issues you can change the settings using the 'dgvoodoosetup.exe'

program. try lowering the resolution for example. If you are still having problems you can resort back to the old 'D3D' setting via

start launcher, but this is not recommended.

And finally...


Well not much more to say really, you have all probably played SoD before so will know how it all works etc. Strange to think that

this year will mark the tenth anniversary of SoD! yes SoD will be 10 years old! how time flies, so just want to say thanks to all the

SoD fans out there who have kept it going so long and proving that it may be old, but its still the original and best! ;-)

This WILL be the very last version of SoD, nothing more I can do with it really.

One request though please start a new game on 'normal' difficulty as I have tried to make SoD a good gaming experience and a decent

challenge, but knowing you lot you will just cheat and add in a savegame file from another version lol...LAMERS!



Well everything by me! with additional modeling/skins by:


Marcel (RCbanger)






And probably some I forgot, sorry nothing personal, but I have a mind like a sieve....you know who you are thanks! :-)

Oh and whoever made those 'MC sounds' forgot who it was, but again thanks!

Ok enough drivel from me, I am writing this after several cans of Stella, so hope it makes sense?



Paul "Freddy" Glover



Its on rapidshare which will probably mean it will be removed over time so I am looking for a perminent webhost, any offers?

oh and if you require a copy on CD send me a PM
Freddy on Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:51 am
Thanks n3wton, won't let me edit the original post? anyway mirrors as below...

Download here!


Or here, thanks Coffeycup!


Or new fast download link here complements of Gaz


Or indeed here, cheers n3wton!


@ Coffey, could you make this topic sticky please?



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Husky on Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:33 pm
I tried it, it's very nice work! :smile:

I like ramming cars with the bus! :lol:

It makes me want to make a SOD track... :thumbsup:
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