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C1 pix packs question.
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Deep_Blue created C1 pix packs question. on Thu Feb 13, 2014 4:48 pm
Is there a limit to how many images a C1 car can have assigned to it?

Could I possibly take a small track.pix with more than the usual 13-19 images in it and use it for a car after renaming the images and the .pix file?

I have a car that will use about 21 images and a track.pix that holds 29. I know C1 will ignore any images that aren't mapped to a part.

I still haven't had the time to wrap my head around making my own pix packs from scratch, so I'm using existing ones atm.
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Toshiba-3 on Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:45 pm
You don't have to use pre-existing pix packs anymore.
Prepare all your pixelmaps in the correct format (BMP, 256 colors, carma palette), put them in a folder, then drop TRixx.exe in that folder and run it. Select option 3 then press Enter (saying from memory, not 100% sure). Should create a brand new pix pack :sbsmile:
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Deep_Blue on Sat Feb 15, 2014 5:17 pm
Hmm... OK. That sounds pretty simple, but the last time I tried to use Trixx-all it did was just 'run" and turn a folder full of tifs into bmps and then I had to go thru and weed out all the bmps and use an existing .pix anyway. I never saw any options-or a new pix file.

I'm guessing I did something wrong.

'K...tried to run it and it said I needed to install one of the following versions of .NET framework:

OK, got the framework from Microsoft...
HOLY CARP! That sucker takes a year an' a day to install!

Now, on to reformatting the tifs in preparation. (I have the Carma race palette saved).

OK. Firstly lemme say that Trixx worked flawlessly. A huge thank you to whoever made that proggy. It saved me hours of tedious work. (whew!)

One thing I DID notice is that the folder that the images to be put into the pix pack are in should be named *exactly* what the pix pack you wanna create is gonna be named to save time and grief.

Trixx offers ya a chance to name the pix file to be created, BUT if ya rename it...it will produce something that Carmagedit can't find. I'm assuming that if Carmagedit can't find it-neither can the game.

I had all my images in a folder called "HDbmps", ran Trixx and chose "HDUltraC" as the new pix file name-it spit out a pix file called "HDUltraC" but nothing could read it.
So I deleted the new pix file and just chose the existing folder name "HDbmps" and it spit out a pix file called "HDbmps" that everything could read.

Renamed the folder to "HDUltraC" and it spit out a readable pix file called "HDULTRAC."

I'm assuming the 8.3 filename format is OK for C1. (I remember hearing about that a lot.)

Much mo' better.

Tosh...Is there a breakdown somewhere on the functions listed in the Trixx program? (What each option means) Some of the terms are a bit beyond me.
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