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Adding custom cars to TDR2k
gritz created Adding custom cars to TDR2k on Fri Mar 03, 2006 4:36 pm
Hello (because this is my first post in this forum I thought I should say hello),

well, the problem is that I wanted to try out new custom cars, but when I tryed adding them I failed. I read that there was supposed to be tutorial here, but that site is down. I also tryed to open the tutorial page here, but the same thing happened.

So my question would be if that tutorial is available somewhere else?

If it's important then I'm playing unpatched TDR cos when I tryed to like patch it it messed up my version, cos it was a cracked one. :sad: Well, anyway, I would be very thankful for any kind of tutorial.
Dark_Angel on Sat Mar 04, 2006 5:10 am
if you spell it right it goes to http://www.planetmaim.com/tutorial-tdr-carinstallation.php

also, if you want to play pretty much any addon then you will need to patch your game, then use a crack. (most likely)
gritz on Sun Mar 05, 2006 12:13 am
Thanks for the link, I looked around at the Planet Maim site before, but didn't notice the tutorial. :smile:

And, uhm, what patch would I need? All of them at the Planet Maim download site? Also - how can I determin which countryes game I've got (I noticed some deal with UK/US)?

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