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Grand Theft Auto III - Enhanced Pack
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Razor created Grand Theft Auto III - Enhanced Pack on Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:32 pm
Thread copied directly from my article on it here: http://retrogameshelf.com/2016/09/15/gr ... nced-pack/


The PC release of GTA3 is now very outdated and even on release it was missing many features that both the Xbox and PS2 ports had such as reflections, this small tutorial and the pack it comes with aims to resolve these issues and bring new life to your Grand Theft Auto III installation.
Please note that this has been tested only on the Steam release of GTA3 but it should work with retail releases provided they are up-to-date.

All over the internet you are able to find tutorials that try and give tips on how to run GTA3 more successfully on a modern operating system, they all seem to be missing certain things from them and all seem to have quite poor instructions, in this tutorial you will find both a single archive pack to download and clear and concise instructions on how and where to install all of these items. This post is inspired by a guide I spotted on Steam regarding using some of these files to enhance your game and add the additional missing features back in.

Below you will find a link to a .ZIP archive, within this archive are various files and modifications that you will use whilst following this tutorial, names of the creators of these files and links to all of their pages for updates and support can be found within the readme.txt files of the sub-folders.

Once you have downloaded this and extracted it to the place of your choosing, you will notice it contains a folder titled "ENHANCED_PACK" within this folder you will find 10 additional folders, each of these contains an archived mod and a (previously mentioned) readme.txt file, these are what you will be working with in this tutorial.

Installing Grand Theft Auto III
The first thing you will need to do is perform a clean install of Grand Theft Auto III.
This is easy to do through Steam, if you don't already have the game installed then you can just locate it within your Steam library and click Install, if you already have it installed and want to keep your previous install then you will need to rename or move your "Grand Theft Auto 3" folder that is located within \Steam\steamapps\common\ and then you will need to restart Steam and then install it a fresh, as you would any other game.

Installing Fixes and ASI Mods
Once you have your clean GTA3 install you will want to navigate into your extracted Enhanced Pack folder, from here I will detail your instructions in bulleted points. Remember to always click yes whenever you're asked to overwrite a file, unless otherwise stated within this tutorial.

1. Inside the 1_ASILoader folder you will find Ultimate_ASI_Loader.zip, you will need to extract the contents this .ZIP archive into your root GTA3 folder (that's the one with gta3.exe and testapp.exe inside it,) you will know you have done this correctly as you will now have a scripts folder inside your GTA3 root folder

2. Inside your root GTA3 folder you will see gta3.exe, right-click and rename this file to "gta3.BAK", making sure you get rid of the .exe extension on the end of the file, your system will prompt you whether you are sure you want to rename this file, yes you are sure.*

2. Inside the 2_NewEXE folder within the Enhanced Pack, you will find "gta3.exe", copy this into your root GTA3 folder, this new executable will allow your game to utilise more memory than before, this is a good thing.

3. Inside the 3_RWD3D9 folder you will find rwd3d9.zip, you need to extract the contents of this .ZIP archive into your root GTA3 folder.

4. Inside the 4_SilentPatch folder you will find two .ZIP archives, one called silentpatch_11_iii.zip and one called silentpatch_ddraw.zip, for now you can ignore the latter file and just extract the contents of the silentpatch_11_iii.zip archive into the scripts folder that is inside your root GTA3 folder.

5. Inside the 5_skyGFX folder you will find skygfx_III.zip , extract the contents of this .ZIP archive into your root GTA3 folder.

6. Inside the 6_LimitAdjuster folder you will find limit_adjuster_gta3vcsa.zip , extract the contents of this .ZIP archive into your root GTA3 folder.

7. Inside the 7_WidescreenFix folder you will find GTA3.WidescreenFix.zip , extract the contents of this .ZIP archive into root GTA3 folder.

8. Inside the 8_GInput folder you will find GInputIII_1.10a.zip , extract the contents of this .ZIP archive into root GTA3 folder.

That is all of the required fixes and ASI mods that we need to improve this game, we will now move on to left over content and other little fixes that were left out of the PC release of the game.

Installing the Remaining Fixes
Next up you will need to navigate to 9_LCLF within the Enhanced Pack, in here you will find two .ZIP archives, the first one LCLF.zip you will just need to extract this into your root GTA3 folder.

Now with the other .ZIP archive LCLF_IMG.zip, extract this anywhere you like as we need to do a few things with it before adding it to the game.

Once you have extracted it, head into your GTA3 root folder and then into the models folder, here you will need to copy the following files: gta3.dir, gta3.img, txd.dir, txd.img, you will need to paste these files into the folder where you extracted LCLF_IMG.zip, hopefully you will see something like this:

If you have done this correctly and your gta3.dir, gta3.img, txd.dir, txd.img files are now with the contents of the LCLF_IMG.zip archive you will now need to run LCLF.bat, double-clicking LCLF.bat to run it may bring up a prompt asking if you're sure you want to continue, you do, once done you will notice it opens a command prompt window titled "fastman92 IMG console", you now need to just wait for it to do it's thing, it may take a few minutes to complete. You will know when it is complete as it will say "Press any key to continue..." and when it does say that, do it.

Once this is complete and the "fastman92 IMG console" window is closed, you will need to copy the gta3.dir, gta3.img, txd.dir, txd.img files from here and place them back in your GTA3 models folder allowing it to overwrite the existing files there.

You now have an updated, fully working version of Grand Theft Auto III that allows for modern screen resolutions, contains all of the missing features present in the console release and with fully functional controller support!


Installing HD Mods
The following part is optional, you are now free to just play and enjoy Grand Theft Auto III if you so desire but if you want the game to look even better then this next part is for you!

Within the Enhanced Pack you will find a tenth folder titled 10_OptionalMods, within this folder you will find three more folders, similar to the previous steps I will detail what you need to do with these folders in bulleted points.

1. Inside the 1_ModLoader folder you will find modloader.zip, you will need to extract the contents of this .ZIP archive into your GTA3 root folder.

2. Inside the 2_HDTextures folder you will find GTA3_Natural_HD_Textures_FINAL.zip, you will need to extract the contents of this .ZIP archive into the modloader folder that now resides within your GTA3 root folder. You should now have a Natural Textures folder inside your modloader folder.

3. Inside the 3_HDVehicles folder you will find GTA3HDVEHICLES-Tri-Pack-III.zip, you will need to extract the contents of this .ZIP archive into the modloader folder that now resides within your GTA3 root folder. You should now have a GTA3HDVEHICLES Tri-Pack III folder inside your modloader folder.

And now if you launch the game you will have the incredible HD vehicles created by Onepiece in your game and the well crafted HD textures created by Dingleman in your game!

What about Silent Patch DDraw?
Glad you mentioned it, this archive contains a .dll file, place this in your root GTA3 folder if you are running into issues within the game, such as unhandled expections, it does resolve a lot of common issues.



Now go and enjoy the new lease of life that you have given to your Grand Theft Auto III install!
Remember, if you have any problems at all then each folder in this pack contains a readme.txt file that will direct you to support for each of the modifications within it so if a specific thing is causing issue then be sure to contact the creator of that mod and let them know, additionally, remember to use these links to keep your files up-to-date to avoid running into any problems in the future.


All credit goes to the creators of these modifications, they are all mentioned in their respective readme files, I recommend checking out all of their content, there is some good stuff out there.
Please find a list of the featured modifications used in this tutorial below:
Ultimate ASI Loader by ThirteenAG
RWD3D9 by The Hero
Silent Patch by Silent
Sky GFX by The Hero
Open Limit Adjuster by ThirteenAG
Widescreen Fix by ThirteenAG
GInput by Silent
Liberty City Lefovers Fix by Tomasak
Mod Loader by LINK/2012
Natural HD Textures by Dingleman
HD Vehicles by Onepiece

Now if there are any improvements to be made to this guide or the pack itself then please let me know, anything to make it better would be greatly appreciated.

[ Razor @ Carmajunkies ] [ My Downloads ] [ My Carma Items ] [ Conversion lists ]
For information about the progress of my TDR2000 to Carma2 mod visit my site @ http://r.carmajunkies.com
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