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A little bit of writer's block
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Alex_Dynamite created A little bit of writer's block on Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:11 pm
With the second Team Attack nearing completion(yeah, that took long enough! Gonna make a few changes to address that...), I have been thinking about the next story. Originaly, I was going to make six stories, each individualy introducing the six characters, but that did not pan out. Other than how long it was taking, I also found I was essentialy introducing all the characters in the stories, rather than focusing on one at a time. So, I decided for the next next story, that I will introduce the vehicles they use for work. Unlike introducing the characters, I'm having trouble coming up with a single job for them to use six different vehicles in at once. Currently, I'm stuck on having them provide a guarded transport for a valuble object, but can't seem to figure out how a heavy truck, high speed car, a buggy, an off-roader, a small "sport" utility vehicle and a car-based ambulance would provide a combined effort in such a situation. That, and it seems too similar to the first story.

Since it has to do with vehicles this time, I thougt I'd reach out to here to see if anyone could maybe provide some insperation for a more adequite job/story?
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Mad_Maxine on Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:25 pm
Hello Alex,
You know all the diffrent veichle types reminds me of childhood, hotwheels sets and all. Lots of jobs in there, just look up toys :P

Some small sugestiosn from Maxine the ghost tho.
The most odbvius to me is The militerry, Yeah, a scouting buggy, truck for carrying stuff, a feild ambulance, offroad is kinda odbvius.. the only thing that dosent fit in there is the sports car. hm.

Personally if ya dont mind a bit of childishness id go for a rescue squad type hub thing, so if ya want them all in the same place a Super rescue center, High speed car being a copcar, rescue buggy, kinda like a lifeguard kinda thing quick sandrail, offroad truck would be a good rescue/stranded/breakdown type thing, heavy truck for recovery, and an ambulance explains its self.

Hell, ya could even make it a racing ream, offroad race truck, desert dacar type sand bugy, sports car racing, ambulance for trackside, truck to transport racecars :D yeah. your putting me into childish mode here but heh,

But yeah go look at some stuff for insperation, like car play sets, or stuff like thunderbirds or cheesy 80s 90s cartoons :D

sorry if I cant be more help but yeah, Jobs are hard to think of,
Wheels Outside All Shapes
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Alex_Dynamite on Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:40 pm
Thanks, Maxine! Though I haven't come up with a story yet, that did get the thoughts flowing!
I did think of this, though - a little preview to look at:

Good news!

I have an idea for a story, but now I need six stereotypical baddie/villain/crook vehicles! So far, all I can think of is a Jaguar, Buick Regal Grand national, black Chevy Suburban and a black van. Maybe a Land Rover/Range Rover and a mean looking muscle car, but not sure if I want to use those?
Anyone else have other ideas?
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coffeycup on Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:41 pm
What about an El Camino, monster truck, and apoc school bus?

EDIT: Or something with tracks? A tank, half-track or bulldozer??
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Alex_Dynamite on Fri Feb 13, 2015 5:30 am
coffeycup wrote:
...monster truck, ...

A "brotruck" maybe?

Trying to think of generic vehicles often driven by action movie/TV bad guys, hence the van and suburban.

Here is what I thought of so far: the mentioned bro-truck, a tuner/ricer rally car, a muscle car, a sports car(Jaguar?), either an enclosed sand-rail buggy or motorbike, and a stolen armoured bank van(though I do think of using the generic suburban). They are suppose to be a generic variation of the team's vehicles. What do you think?
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