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Heavy Metal/Classic Rock/Punk Thread
sprintcarfan2007 created Heavy Metal/Classic Rock/Punk Thread on Wed Oct 15, 2008 3:16 pm
I thought it would be cool to start a heavy metal/classic rock/punk thread. Discuss your favorite bands, favorite albums, concerts, songs, and so on.
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coffeycup on Wed Oct 15, 2008 6:17 pm
Heh, don't know how much response you'll get. This place's been really quiet as of late.

Me, I like old school stuff, so if I wantto listen to punk I like Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, some Henry Rollins, type stuff. Because of GH2 and GH3 I've been revisting my early classic rock that I hadn't listened to in a while, AC/DC and Aerosmith shit.

One old classic group that was once pretty huge but don't really hear on the classic rock stations is Deep Purple.

You listen to Highway Star and you just want to be driving a Camaro and sporting a mullet.
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Hairba11 on Wed Oct 15, 2008 7:21 pm
OK, I'm looking for music.

I am trying to find fast, obnoxious, loud music

that isn't just white and whiny, or black and whiny

and isn't just a bunch of screaming white boys. (jet pilot comes to mind)

kid rock is usually good

beastie boys early stuff is good

big pimpin, baby got back, pimpin aint easy, are all hilarious.

every band with bad in the name is.

hit me with some suggestions.

I'm looking for road trip music my business partner and I can agree on for when we are stuck in the truck for 18 hours.
The_Bollocks on Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:21 am
I'm into classic metal and rock, although I do like some newer stuff like:

Fear Factory


System Of A Down (as well as Serj Tankian's solo stuff)



The older stuff would consist of:

AC/DC (going to see them in April, woohoo!)

Metallica (old stuff, not the 'Death Magnetic' shite)

Ram Jam

Dire Straits


Led Zeppelin

Traveling Willbury's

Lynyrd Skynyrd

There is others, I just can't think of them now.
TTR on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:22 am
Great list Bollocks, now i also don't have to type my list out :grin:
sprintcarfan2007 on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:46 am
Ahhh great list from everyone....

Now, I got a huuuuuge list of bands, cause i listen to over 400 bands (not at one time) but i have.

I like heavy metal/old school punk/blues/classic rock/ and classic country.

Here is the list (some of these bands are very underground):

Bullet, 220 Volt, 13, 666, 3 Inches Of Blood, 2112, 122 Stab Wounds, Abattoir, Accept, Accuser, AC/DC, Alice In Chains, Evil Conspiracy, Evening Star, Dynamic, Beatallica, Eden, Errantry, Event Horizon X, Exkalibur, Exigence, 7th Thorns, A.U.X, A Tribute To The Plague, 5 Days Bleeding, Abandon (US), Abraxas (German), Ace The Raven, Admonisher, Adonis, Aethra, Age Of Rebellion, After Omega, Agressor, Agro, Ahoora, Ahrcana, Aiming High, Airborn, AIRGED LAMH, Airut, Akela, Alazith, Alaska Fire, Alegory, Alkemyst, Alsion, All Hallows Evil, All Too Human, Almora, Alquimia, Amalthea (Svk), Altair (Poland), Altaria, Among The Mist, Amyris, Ancient Creation, Ancient Wyrm, Earth Cubed, Angelcrypt, Angels Fall, Anger (German), Angry Angels, Anthenora, Antheom, Antiglare, Antithesis (US), Anubis Gate, Apocalypse, Arachnes, Aragon (German), Arch Nemesis, Archeon, Arctic Fields, Armada, Ark Storm, Art Of Fear, Arryan Path, Arson (US), Arrest, Armory, Armed Forces, Armageddon (Cyp), Arkangel, Artcrime, Artificio, Arthemis, Artrach, Artisan, Asgarth, Ashes To Ashes (Norway), Asomvel, Aspire, Asseedio, Assignment, Arkenstone (Greece), At Vance, Atemno, Atrophic, Attica (US), Attick Demons, Athanorr, Audiovision, Athlantis, August, Avalanch, Avatar (US), Ave Fenix, Avian (US), Awake (France), Awakening (US), Axehammer Axenstar, Ayax, Audioslave (older stuff), Acrophet, Aerosmith, Agent Steel, Agony, Alcatrazz, Amorphis, Anacrusis, Angel Dust, Angelica, Angra, Annihilator, Anthrax, Anvil, Apocalyptica, Armageddon, Amored Saint, Artch, Artillery, At War, Atrophy, Avantasia, Avenger, Badlands, Bangalore Choir, Barren Cross, Battlezone, Baton Rouge, Beggars &; Thieves, Believer, Blackfoot, Black Label Society, Black 'N Blue, Black Oak Arkansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, Blind Fury, Blind Guardian, Blood Feast, Bolt Thrower, Boston, Breaker, Britny Fox, Burning Starr, Cacaphony, Cage, Candlemass, Carcass, Eric Carr, Cathedral, Celtic Frost, Children Of Bodom, C.I.A, Cinderella, Circle II Circle, Cirth Ungol, Cannibal Corpse, Cans, Contraband, Alice Cooper, Coroner, Corpse, Coven, Crimson Glory, Peter Criss, Crutch, Damageplan, Damn The Machine, Danger Danger, Dangerous Toys, Dark Angel, Death, Death Angel, Deceased, Decision D, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Deliver, Deliverance, Demons &; Wizards, Andi Deris, Desperado, Destiny, Destiny's End, Destruction, Devastation, Diamond Head, Paul DiAnno, Bruce Dickinson, Die Happy, Deicide, Dimmu Borgir, Dio, Dionysus, Dokken, Dream Evil, Dream Theater, Edguy, Elf, Entombed, Equinox, Evildead, Exciter, Exodus, Extol, EXO, Faster Pussycat, Fates Warning, Fight, Firehouse, Flotsam &; Jetsam, Foghat, Forbidden, Fozzy, Marty Friedman, Ace Frehley, Frehley's Comet, Gamma Ray, Gillian, Girlschool, Giuffria, Gorefest, Grave Digger, Great White, Grim Reaper, Guns N Roses, Halford, Halloween, Hallows Eve, Haven, Hellion, Helloween, Helstar, Jimi Hendrix, Heretic, Iced Earth, Impellitteri, Iommi, Iron Angel, Iron Maiden, Iron Savior, Jackal, Jackyl, Jag Panzer, Judas Priest, Kansas, Killer Dwarfs, Killers, King Diamond, King's X, Kiss, Kingdom Come, Kix, Kreator, Kotipelto, Krokus, Laaz Rockit, L.A Guns, Led Zeppelin, Lizzy Borden, Loudness, Lynyrd Skynyrd, George Lynch, Lynch Mob, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Manowar, Mekong Delta, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Metal Church, Metallica, M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction), Gary Moore, Motley Crue, Motorhead, Mr. Big, Napalm Death, Nasty Savage, Nazareth, Vince Neil, Nemesis, Nevermore, Nuclear Assault, Ted Nugent, Obituary, October 31, Olive/Dawson Saxon, Oracle, Ozzy Osbourne, Overkill, Pantera, Paradox, Pink Floyd, Possessed, Pride &; Glory, Psycho Motel, Queen, Queensryche, Quiet Riot, Racer X, Rage, Rainbow (One Of Ronnie James Dio Band), RATT, Rob Rock, David Lee Roth, Running Wild, Rush, Sacred Reich, Sacred Warrior, Sadus, Samson, Sanctuary, Joe Satriani, Savatage, Saxon, Michael Schenker Group, Scorpions, Sepultura, Seven Witches, Shining Force, Shining Star, Shotgun Messiah, Gene Simmons, Six Feet Under, Skid Row, Slayer, Slaughter, Sleeze Beez, Dee Snider, Sodom, Sonata Arctica, Southern Rock Allstars, Spinal Tap, Steelheart, S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death), Statovarius, Stryper, Symphony X, Geoff Tate, Tesla, Testament, Glen Tipton, Tokyo Blade, Tran-Siberian Orchestra, Pat Travers, Triumph, Luca Turilli, Twisted Sister, U.D.O, UFO, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Vicious Rumors, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Voivod, Warlock, Warrant (German), Warrant, W.A.S.P., WatchTower, Whiplash, Whitesnake, Widowmaker, Winters Bane, Witchhammer, Zakk Wylde, XYZ, X-Sinner, Y&;T, Zebra, ZZ Top, Vio-Lance, The True Gaszimmer, Aaaarrghh, 1000 Funerals, 13 Candles (Holland), 1349, 357, 5 Days Bleeding, 6425, 88MM Metal Bullets, A Grusome Find, A Ravens Forrest, A Winter Within, Abdunor, Accursed (US), Acoustic Wars Against Satan, Alidad, Allfader, Alocer, 10 Kingdoms, 1080, 10Eyes, 1134, 107 Pasos, Abominable Putridity, Abominant, Abominat, Abomination (Chicago), Abomination (New York), Abomination (Missouri), Abominator (Austrailia), Abominator (Brazil), Abominattion, Abomino Aetas, Abominog, Abominor (Brazil), Abominus, Aborda, Abort Master, Abortarium, Achromasia (Slovak), Achromatic (Sweden), Achsar, Black Stone Cherry, Act of Metal, Aeon of Death, Fleshcrawl, Aeon Of Fear, Aeons Confer, Aeons End, Aeons Of Eclipse, Aeon (Sweden), Aeons Of Old, Aeons Of Sorrow, Affliction (Chicago Illinois), After Dark (US), Afterlife (US), Aftermath (US), Afternoon At The Autopsy, Aftershok, The Age, Age Of Rage, Age Of Rebellion, Aggressive, Aghast (US), Agressor (US) Agressor State, Down, All Hallows Evil, All Hell’s Fury, All is Suffering, All My Sins, All Souls Day, All That I Bleed, All That Is Evil, All Too Human, All Will Fall, Allegiance (Sweden), Allen/Lande, Allfather, Allfather-Oddin, Alliance (Finland), Alligator, Allison Gross, The Allseeing I, Almighty, Almighty Emperor, Almighty Sathanas, Almost Human (Germany), Almost Human (Taiwan), Almost Saint, Alocer, Alogia, Alone In the Dark, Aloop, Alpha Drone, Alpha III, Altar (Sweden), Altar (US), Altar of Flesh, Altar of Sacrifice, Altar of Sin, Altar of Storms, Altar of The Apocalypse, Altar the sky, Alter Ego, Alttari, Altura, Altus Ultionis, Alucard, Aluvion, Alvarn, Alverg, Alvsvart, Alwe, Alyson Hell, Am I Blood, Americ Gomorrah, Chainsaw Dissection, Antartica, Antestor, Anthem (German), Anti-Christian Assault, Antichrist (German), Antichrist (Denmark), Antichristi Mile, Antit, Antithesis, Antrum Mortis, Anubis (German), Anubis Gate, Anvil Bitch, Anvil Of Doom, Anxious Death, AOC, Apathy, Apocalypse (US), Apocalypse Now, Apocalypse Survivors, Apocalypse Warhead, Appomattox, Approached By A God, Aprox, April, Arachnid, Arachnovore, Arachos, Aragon, Aragorn, Arcrane, Arch Angel, Arch Demon Choir, Arch Nemesis, Arch Of Thorns, Archaic Mass, Archaic Horror, Archgoat, Architecture of Agression, ArcLite, Arctic Circle, Arctic Fields, Arctic Flame, Arctic Frost, Arctic Light, Arctic Symphony, Arctic Thunder, Arcturus (Norway), Are You God?, Area 54, Area Disaster, Area, Argus (US), Arise (US), Arise (Sweden), Arise (Denmark), Armageddon (Sweden), Armageddon Holocaust, Armageddon Knight, Armageddon Rises, Armed Forces, Armed Death, Armored, Armored Assassin, Army Of Corpses, Army Of Darkness, Army Of In Between, The Arrival of Satan, The Arrow, Arrowz, Arson (US), Arson God, Arsonist (Sweden), Arsonist Lodge, The Art Of Blasphemy, Art of Butchery, The Art Of Chaos, Art Of Creation, Art Of Destruction, Art Of Fear, Art Of Murder, Art Of Mutilation, Art Of Suffering, Art Of Violence, ARV, Artifical Limb, Artificial Teeth, Artimus Pyledriver, Ministry, Lordi, Beyond Fear, B-Low, B.E.N.T, B.G.T, B.H.P, B.O.B, B.O.R.N, B.T.R, B.X.M.S, Baal (ESP), Baal Berit, Baal Gadrial, Baal Sabul, Baal Therocles, Baal Zebuth, Barberith (Norway), Baalphegor, Baalstrom, Baalzephon, Baba Yaga, Babel, Baboon Rising, Baby Stab Horror, Babylon (German), ETTS, Babylon (U.S.A), Babylon Fading, Babylon Sad, Babylon Whores, Bacchus, Backbone, Backfire, Backlash (U.S.A), Backlash (UK), Backmask, Backslash, Backslider, BackWardness, Backwater, Backwoods Payback, Backyard Burial, Backyard Mortuary, Bacteria, Bad Acid Trip, Bad Ambition, Bad Blood, Bad Boat, Bad Comedy, Bad Face, Bad Joke, Bad Lizard, Bad Mean Tone, Bad Medicine, Bad News, Bad Steve, Bad To The Bone, The Grateful Dead, Badge, Badger, Bael (Bolivia), Badoc, Bael (France), Bag Of Humans, Baghead, Bagless, Bagronk (Argentina), Bahal, Bahamut, Slipknot, Stone Sour, HellYeah, Mudvayne, In Flames, Baphomet's Wrath, Bahimiron, Baigaliin Haranhui, Bajen Death Cult, Bajo Zero, Bak De Syv Fjell, Bakbakwalanooksiwae, Baked Bomb, Bakom, Bakxeios, Bal-Sagoth, Balaam, Barkhouse, Barney UV, Barni, Barock, Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, Baron, Baron Blade, GG Allin, The Melvins, Artillery Hell, Pentagram, Barzak, Basement Child, Barred in 50 States, Basement, Basilisk, Baseline, Basic Dreams, Basilisk (UK), Basket Of Death, Bast, Bastaard, Bastard (Germany), Bastard Ov Christ, Bastard Nation, Bastard ov Betlehem, Bastard Saint, Bastard Saints, Bastard Spawn, Bastardator, Crionics, Eyehategod, Sanctuary, Vermin, Enslavement of Beauty, Airbourne, Chainsaw (Swe), Pearl Jam, Infernal Majesty, Ingurgitate, Internal Suffering, Kalamah, Legacy, Legion of the Damned, Lord Gore, Meliah Rage, Malevolent Creation, Mental Horror, Misery Index, Monarch, Morbid Saint, Moulded Flesh, Nailed, Nasum, Norther, Obliteration, Onslaught, Order From Chaos, Perverse, Profundi, PsyOpus, Profanum, Razor, Reverend, Revelation of Doom, Seven Year Exsistance, Severend,, Stormlord, Svartnar, The Accused, The Meads Of Asphodel, The Grieving Process, The True Endless, Turbo, Vile, Vulcano, Warfare, The Murder Junkies, Samhain, The Scumfucs, Arson Anthem, AntiSEEN, Hetzer, As I Lay Dying, Betrayer (UK), Beyond Eternity, Beyond (Swe), Beyond Dreams, Beyond Description, Beyond Divinity, Beyond Afterlife, Beyond Agony, Beyond Death (US), Beyond Decimation, Beyond Black Void, Beyond the Desert, Beyond Belief, Beyond Fallen, Beyond the Dark, Beyond the Flesh, Beyond the Grave, Beyond Mortality, Beyond Fatal, Beyond Insanity, Beyond Hatred, Beyond Glory, Beyond Redemption (UK), World War Four, Torture Killer, Wormfarm, Beyond Serenity (Dnk), Beyond Shadows, Beyond Stench, Beyond Symmetry, Beyond the Buried, Beyond the Dark, Beyond the Desert, Beyond the Dream, Beyond the Embrace, Arkona (Pol), Beyond the End, Ancient Rites, Beyond the Flesh, Beyond The Forest, Beyond the Labyrinth, Beyond the Ninth Wave, Beyond the Northwinds, Beyond the Rage, Beyond the Realm, Beyond The Sanity, Beyond the Sixth Seal, Beyond Vision, Beyond Within, Beyond Tomorrow, Berzerker, Bible Black (US), BFH, Biodroid, Biocí­;dio, Biocide, BioChrist, Bind.Torture.Kill, Bilox, Bilocate, Billy Goat, Billy Castillo, Bile Nephrosis, Bile (Hol), Bile (Ger), Big Trouble, Big Risk, Big Rat, Big Iron, Big History, Big Heat, Big Business, Bifrost (Swe), Big Baby Satan, Biff Steel, Biblical Infamy, Bible of Hatred, Bible of the Devil, Bigotry, Biomech Race, Biomechanical, Biomenace, Biomorph, Biophobia, Biopsy, Biosick, Biotech (Swe), Bioterror (Esp), Bird Brains, Bird Eater, Bird of Prey, Birdflesh, Birds of Prey, Birkabein, Birkenau (US), Birkenmoor, Birthdecline, Bishop of Hexen, Bismarck, Bisonhammer, Bitching Sluts, Bitch Hunter, Bitchsplitter, Bitchslicer, Bitch Rider, Bitches Sin, Bitchery, The Bitch in the Van, Bitter Legacy, Bitter End, Black &; Dark, Bizarr, Bitter Loss, Black, Bitterness (Ger), BK 49, Bitterpiece, Bizzarred, Bizzarre Kings, Bizzare Ordinary, Bizarre Embalming, Bizarro, Bizarre of Brutality, The Bizarre Blue Spectre, Bizarrekult, No Living Witness, The Black (Swe), Black Angels (Nor), Black Abomination, Black Achemoth, Black AD, Black Adder, Black Affliction, Black Alliance, Black Altar, Black Allegiance, Black Albatross, Black Alice, Black Arrow, Black Arrows of Filth &; Impurity, Black Art, Black Astrology, Black Asylum, Black Autumn (Can), Black Autumn (US), Black Autumn (Ger), Black Axe, Black Bay, Black Babylon, Black Balloon, Black Baptism, Black Beast, Black Bible, Black Bitch, Black Bile (Aus), Black Bleeding, Black Blessing, Black Blood (US), Black Blood (Fin), Black Boned Angel (US), Black Buffalo, Black Burn, Black Candle, Black Chapel, Black Candle's Mist, Black Christ, Black Circle (Swe), Black Coffee, Black Countess, Black Coma, Black Cobra, Black Circle (US), Black Cross (Grc), Black Crucifixion, Black Crusader, Black Cut Nine, Black Dawn (Swe), Black Curtains, Black Deal, Black Dragon, Black Death (Rus), Black Death (Nor), Black Death (US), Black Death Ritual, Black Debbath, The Black Death, Black Dominion, Black Destiny, Black Despondency, Black Devil, Black Dementia, Black Dominator, Black Diamond (US), Black Cult, Black Curtains, Black Dementia, Black Devil, Black Dama, Black Cut Nine, Black Damp Diery, Black Dethe, Black Death (Nor), Black Dawn (Fin), Black Deal, Black Death (Rus), Black Death (Fra), Black Death (US), Black Debbath, Black Despondency, The Black Death, Black Death Ritual, Black Destiny, Black Dimension, Black Diamonds (Pol), Black Diamond (Ger), Black Diamond (US), Black Dominator, Black Dominion, Black Eternity (Ger), Black Evil, Black Dressed, Black Dragon, Black Earth, Black Eden, Black Faith, Black Fate (Ger), Black Heaven (Per), Black Fire (Col), Black Flame, Black Hell, Black Fog, Black Forest (US), Black Flame (Of Satan), Black from the Pit, Black Frost, Black Forest (Rus), Black Fortress, Black Goat Attack, Black Fury, Black Fucking Doom, Black Funeral (US), The Black Gate, Black Ghost (Fra), Black Goat (US), Black Goatsemen, Black Grave, Black Hammer, Black Harvest (Ger), Black Harvest (US), Black Head (Ger), Black Heart, Black Hawk, Black Hole (Fra), Black Hole Generator, Black Hole Theory, Black Holiday, Black Holocaust, Black Horizon (Ger), Black Howling, Black Ice (US), Black Horizons, Black Horizon (Fra), Black Jack, Black Knight (US), Black Jester, Black Legion, Black Leaves, Black Jack Co., Black Knight (Can), Black Kreek, Black Knight (Hol), Black Ladies, Black Lightning, Black Laws, Black Like Vengeance, Black Lodge, Black Magic (Nor), Black Majesty (Nor), Black Maple, Black Majesty (US), Black Majik Jesus, Black Market Fetus, Black Marsh, Black Mass (Can), Black Masquerade, Black Mass (Nor), Black Mass (US), Black Mass of Absu, Black Palace Symphony, Black Mass Pervertor, Black Mass Perversion, Black Mass Ritual, Black Massacre, Black Master, Black Messiah, Black Metal, Black Moon Rising (Ger), Black Moon Rising (US), Black Mourners Veil, Black Murder, Black Nazareth, Black Moor, Black Obsession, Black Onyx, Black October, Black Omen, Black Orbit, Black Orchid, The Black Order, Black Order, Black Ozone, Black Pentagram, Black Past Crew, Black Pest, Black Plague (US), Black Point (Hrv), The Black Pest, Black Priest of Satan, Black Prophecies, Black Putrescence, Black Prophets, Black Queen, Black Pyramid, Black Sabah, Black Rain Creek, Black Raven (Ita), Black Rites, Black Rose (UK), Black Raven (Rus), Black Realm (Ger), Black Rose (Swe), Black Realm (US), Black Reign (US), Black Rose (Dnk), Black Ribbon Sky, Black Ritual, Black Riders, Black River Project, Black Solitude, Black Skies Burn, Black Skies, Black Sister, Black Sin, Black Simphony, Black Silver, Never Surrender, Black Silence, Black Shore, Black Shining Death, Black Shepherd, Black Sapphyre, Black Seas of Infinity, Black Sheep (US), Black September (US), Black Sand, Black Shape of Nexus, Black Shadow, Black Scrap Metal, Black Tears (Ger), Black Soul (Grc), Black Tear, Black Spiral (US), Black Spot, Black Star, Black Steel, Black Stench, Black Storm Division, Black Subway, Black Stone Ritual, Black Succubi, Black Sun (Fra), Black Sugar, Black Sun (Grc), Black Sun (Hol), Black Sun (UK), Black Sun Aeon, Black Sunrise (Ger), Black Swan (Fin), Black Sword Thunder Attack, Black Swords, Black Symphony, Black Thorn, Black Thorns Lodge, Black Thorns, Black Tiger, Black Tooth Grin, Black Torment (US), Black Torture, Black Trip, Black Wind, Black Unicorn, Black Triangle, Black Vein Prophecy, Black Tribe, Black Valley Forest, Black Tower, Black Widow (US), Black Widow (Bel), Black Vengeance, Black Trinity (US), Black Treasure, Black Web, Black Warrior, Black Vomit, Black Verses, Black Warrant, Black Virgin, Black Tyrant, Black War, Black Velvet (Grc), Black Tusk, Black Winter (US), Black Winter Night, Black Witch Chaos, Black Witchcraft, Black Witchcraft Savagery, Black Winter Holocaust, Black Witchery, Black Wizard (Fra), Black Wolf, Black Wolf Sakrifice, Black Winterblood, Black Wood (Rus), Black Worshippers, Black Wytche, Black Wraith, Black Zamut, Blackage, Blackalexxx, Blackarmor, Blackcircle, Blackcrowned (Rus), Blacklace (Grc), Blackcount Baalberith, Blackcrowned (Zaf), Blackkout, Blackend Sun, Blackgod, Blackened (Can), Blackjack Blades, Blackhorned Saga, Blackhorned, Blackdamp, BlackDust, Blackdeath (Rus), Blackdeath (US), Blackened (Nor), Blackened Dawn, Blackened Chapel, Blackened Colours, Blackened (Ger), Blackend (Ger), Blackhole (UK), Blackened Soul, Blackened Sky, Blackhearted Aggels, Blackest Ruin, Blackfield Asylum, Blackeye, Blackfly, Blackgoat, Blackfire, Blackland (Ger), Blacklist (US), Blacklisted (UK), Blacklodge, Blacklord, Blackmail (Fra), Blackmail (US), Blackmass, Blackmarket Bodyparts, Blackmayne, Blacklight, Blackmoon (Swe), Blackness Forever, Blackness (Ger), Blackosphere, Blackout (UK), Blacktööth, Blackness (US), Blackpest, Blackthrone (US), Blackshift, Blacksky, Blacksmith (Swe), Blacksmith (Fin), Blacksphem Bride, BlackSnake, Blackstar, Blackston Gang, Blackstorm, Blackthorn (Pol), Blackthrone (Fin), BlackStream, BlackThroat, BlackSStorm, Blackstone, Blackrise, Blackthorns, Blackthorn (US), Blackthorne, Disturbed, David Alan Coe, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr., Hank Williams III, Waylon Jennings, The Highwaymen, Johnny Dilks, Hayseed Dixie, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Wayne Hancock, Charlie Daniels

Sorry for the big list, I should of shortened it down, but there are so many damn good bands
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coffeycup on Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:47 pm
Erm, I like music too. But over 400 "favorite bands"? Isn't that like having 400 "closest friends"? :crazy:
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Toshiba-3 on Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:34 pm
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
sprintcarfan2007 on Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:21 pm
lol, i know, alot of bands, and i go through www.metal-archives.com and check out a lot of bands
sprintcarfan2007 on Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:33 am
ANyone here like Hank Williams III?
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Razor on Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:16 am
My top 5:

1. Dream Theater

2. DGM

3. Liquid Tension Experiment

4. Fear Factory

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Jon606 on Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:09 pm

Metronomy? (UK electronic/rock, depends of the point of view I guess, their label categorizes them as indie rock).

Brilliant choice Toshiba - I saw from the playlist on your site that you've got the first album - have you got Nights Out yet?
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Toshiba-3 on Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:11 pm
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
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Jon606 on Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:15 pm
ooo nice.

I'll probably get most of those from eBay, because of the promo singles having the b-sides on them, which is always a big plus. Also, I found the original version of the first album on eBay but I forgot to buy it before it was sold :sad:

:rockon: for Metronomy!
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Toshiba-3 on Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:54 pm
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
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Jon606 on Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:50 am
To add to the disappointment of missing out on the Pip Paine first release, "Nights In" (the bonus CD given out to Rough Trade single club members [not sure if that's right]) was on eBay too but I missed that too.

Doubly unlucky. :sad:
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Jon606 on Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:40 am
I got Pip Paine today after ordering it off eBay - haven't listened to it yet but it should be good.

Also Toshiba, I've got a Metronomy track that ISN'T on your playlist :cool:
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Toshiba-3 on Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:49 am
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
Tony on Fri Oct 24, 2008 6:39 pm
To be completly honest, I'm not going to see AC/DC later on when they come to Sweden. Thing is, all tickets where sold within 20 minutes after release. Sucks. Been waiting for it some years now.

But, to continue more on the topic. I got a tip. Scandinavia got tons of good stuff. A favorite of mine at the moment is Turisas from Finland. Especially the cover they made of Boney M's hit "Rasputin". Yep, that's right. Metal and Disco, that's kickass some days!

Manowar dropped a pretty bombastic record upon us mortals not long ago. If anyone havn't, check out Gods of War. Some good Heavy/Power Metal right there.

I do like that you're using Metal-Archives.com. The only bible you need these days.

I could blow out something more later on. I probably will. I can't hold myself from a music thread..
nWo4life on Sat Oct 25, 2008 6:39 am
The Pussycat Dolls
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Jon606 on Sat Oct 25, 2008 7:02 am
I'm not sure about Nights In - it was briefly on eBay a few days ago but didn't really read the tracklist.

EDIT: Ignore the previously posted link - turns out it was for Primary 1, who released an EP called "Metronomy Tour EP".

I will PM you the track soon.
sprintcarfan2007 on Sat Oct 25, 2008 7:47 pm
Anyone ever heard of the band from Chile called The Plasmas?
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