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Razor created АНТОЛОГИЯ CARMAGEDDON on Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:34 pm

Got this thing, it has C1/SP/C2/TDR2000 all on one CD, you can grab an ISO of it and poke around to find anything of interest here: http://r.carmajunkies.com/2016/08/02/ru ... rmageddon/

Might post it over on carma.com forums, see if any of the ruskies over there can translate the case.
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hazardic on Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:23 pm
I had this disk. This is just a crappy translation of the vanilla game and since i was preferring original carma i got rid of it very quickly. Dunno why does it interest you so much there is nothing special about it except it has all 4 games on one cd. It's nice for collection but it is almost homemade product despite it says "Фаргус" company lol
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QTZ on Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:42 pm
Since I'm working on C1 patch with translations (also SP, but it's still not released), every version is interesting for me. I have found info about this version some time ago, then Toshiba-3 found for me C1 by Fargus, but not the whole anthology, so big thanks for sharing Razor :). On Fargus homepage we can see how many games are translated and released under that "logo" - there are covers for each CD. Technically this version working, but translation and game is cut down (I need to check anthology if it's the same as stand alone C1 version and how SP look like).

There is also another Russian version by 7Wolf Group 69 which crashing in many cases. It can be downloaded as Russificator, unfortunately SP version is missing there, but I have files from Russian SP thanks to Steff100, who also helped me a bit with translation (I hope he will translate missing parts).

Both versions are unofficial. Interesting thing is how they edited fonts, since there was no any public available tools. I think they used tool which was officially used to made translations. However the translations are very amateur - text is just painted over English instead of put in text file as is made in every official translations. Looking at 7Wolf version the different graphics was made by different person since quality is different.

The unique thing is that they also translated some texts in game (present on textures). Unfortunately there are many transparency problems need to be fixed (I done this for testing).

I decided to made a translation for my patch based on 7Wolf version. I have transcript-ed all texts used in game (they translated many non used and beta stuff) to put it as text instead of graphics. Now WIP version is somewhere in my files on-line ;)

Also new official translations are included with new Android version (and maybe with iOS version which is now free), unfortunately mobile version is cut down, so also text is not complete, also some text are too long comparing to original C1 PC (also old official PC translations are different).

Edit: For Russian 7Wolf version there are interesting installers which convert files, especially interesting is intro movie translator which just replace audio in original file (no matter which version we have).
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hazardic on Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:27 pm
yeah russian pirates was very inventive these old-school days :grin:
you know, here in Russia back in mid 90s till 2002 we could only see a translation only via pirate's hard work - for instance System Shock 2 or Fallout 1,2 & tactics have never been released on russian, but these guys (e.g. Fargus) have done impressive job not only with translating text part but also with making any audio related stuff - dialogues, sounds and even textures, as you've already mentioned. Btw as far i remember Max's audio pratcam in this carma release was also translated :banana:
Today we have only translations only via subtitles - any copyrighted game products have done very poor and lazy here. But i'm not angry or sad - i started to play vanilla original games back in 2006 so 10 years of pure english original games :grin:
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