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QTZ fixes / addons
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QTZ created QTZ fixes / addons on Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:38 pm
I have created an attempt to Setup-Launcher for Mastro's C1 Special Edition which work only with my latest patch installed.
It's early beta, so there is no any safty checks - just DO NOT TRY WITH OTHER VERSIONS OR WITH EDITED FILES - otherwise it will mess up your installation and corrupt your exec!

To run it - install / extract MC1SE, then patch it (patch require SP zombie demo) then copy SetupMSE.exe to root of game and run it (do not run from other locations).

With this is possible to keep only one game exec CARMA95.exe and set options for it (it patch this exec and \DATA\GENERAL.TXT). Option to set cars for start is not complete yet, but simply allow to start game with Eagles II / Hawk II. Other options allow to force hires (Hifi patch data used) and to set gore level.
After setup - start game with CARMA95.exe.

File comment: Fake screen-shot
SetupMSE.png [ 22.96 KiB | Viewed 8497 times ]
Setup can't be resized - here expanded - just to show all options. Some options are not yet implemented.

Edit2: New versions released - patch and setup - to test it download both and install to pure MC1SE.
Start animations and Caricons (for net play) added and used by setup.
But OPPONENT.TXT is not set up. You can set up it manually by copying one of included files:
1OPPONENT.TXT (default - use when return to default setting) - Eagle / Hawk
2OPPONENT.TXT - Eagle II / Hawk II
over OPPONENT.TXT. Of course this also require to set up same option with SetupMSE.exe.

Edit5: (moved to caricons.pix topic)

Edit3: New version of setup-launcher released - still beta, but this time all options are implemented. However there are still many situations to handle, but working when everything is set-up correctly.

There is no need to switch files manually anymore. GENERAL.TXT and OPPONENT.TXT are automatically set up by the script. However those files must stay in text form (decrypted)!

OPPONENT.TXT - new version is included - it contains Max and Anna descriptions.

Scripts added (2 my own + 1 ready):

- Replace3Lines - it search two text strings (two cars text file names) and if those are not in order it switch 3 lines text block with another 3 lines text block - this allow to switch cars we want to use at start. For 3 cars bubble sort method is used (parse file few times). This doesn't detect empty or started from spaces, tabs or commented lines, so in case user will edit text file breaking that rules this will mess the file then... This is possible to edit the file now, but best is to add new cars before the "END" - to keep file in proper form and to keep compatibility with other files.

- patchEnableOpponents - it enable pair of non playable Eagle and Hawk. As in Replace3Lines, this also doesn't detect empty or comment lines. So as above...

- AdvReplaceInFile (there are few variants) - ready to use script, but with some tiny additional code. It replace car text file names in GENERAL.TXT. In case of error this code may wipe out whole file. The file GENERAL.TXT is (just in case) included with setup.

Now it check for some files to detect if it's running from proper path, however still blindly patch exec.

There is also problem with error handling - once error occur and another script is running error is cleaned up... so this may result in faulty patch with no error message...

There are also many bugs that cause wrong output values, but for now I don't care of those values, so it's not very important.

Edit3b: "Enable as opponents" option is simplified - I think better - it automatically enable second pair of Eagle and Hawk.
"Launch game" starting the exec without "-hires" so depend on "force option" we have hires or not, but when starting from batch - it using batch with "-hires" - it starting alway in hires. To disable hires it need to remove -hires from ALT_CARMAGEDDON.BAT, and for that, of course "Graphics mode" must be set to "Default". For hires this doesn't matter when we are using default batch files.

Edit3c: Some in-game screen-shots:






Edit3D ;) Patch updated with OPPONENT.TXT with descriptions, so Setup updated with additional info (functionally is the same as yesterday version - 1.04.2014).

Edit3e: Forgot to say - enabled Eagle and Hawk strength rating is set to 1, so those are only available on first half of races (both at once are available to less than 1/4).

Edit3f: Kalcos reported a malware alert returned by AVAST Antivirus 2014‎. This alert is for Setup-Launcher app. I have tested my files and this is the only one detected as suspicious - SetupMSE.exe, Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] - and moved to quarantine. The md5 sum for current version is: 9AC557B469730D5DF7E629DC34C004CE (obsolete now). Since this is the only file and it is detected just after compilation this look like fake alert, the code modify only 3 files as described above.

Edit4: (20.04.2014)
New MC1SE patch 3 v1.2c released: Two caricons added (VWCampa, Riviera), VWCampa (Flower Plower) animation and description added.
(Details about caricons moved to caricons.pix topic).
Launcher update (just to be compatible with new patch, but no any progress - still reported as malware).

Edit6: (Answer to Toshiba-3 from here)
Toshiba-3 wrote:
What I find too bad, and already told you, is that you put a lot of efforts in the MC1SE which, while a great pack, isn't vanilla at all and is thus rarely what people are after when seeking a C1 pack.
I hope you'll be able to port most of these changes and direct me when the time for the Gourmet Pack will come.
What is bad about fixing MC1SE? I can update both pack - Meld and this. As I told you in e-mail I don't understand what Vanilla mean? As far as understand you mean only original content mixed up in one package plus add-ons related to original game or original only?, but with some improvement to work correctly? But which improvements are allowed, which not? Other thing - for example in MC1SE Mastro put stuff from different C1 releases - beta, demo or unused normally, but included in final game; or just from different version than other files, when in my version (currently only C1 is released, but I made same for SP and MP, but without setup - which is the reason to not release yet) I'm trying to keep only most recent files + unique one like Figure of Hate Arena net track; sounds, font and unique Fat ped (but this time as option). Also I need to choice between some changes they made in different releases. Sometime this looks like they fixing one thing, when go back with other... (I think they mess up the files, or starting from older version). SP have many early files in it, when at same time some are updated or completely changed like some sounds for example. I think I will do the path same way as for C1. Working on MC1SE let me finding more and more bugs also related to Meld pack or regular games. All the changes are described in readme files included with patch files, so you can read it any time. If you need more details... uh ask, I think you may not like some pixel work I made. But I can make them optional then for you ;) (If I handle all that...).
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Toshiba-3 on Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:45 pm
There's nothing bad in fixing MC1SP, you're a great help to Mastro and improving his pack a lot. What I mean is: why don't you compile all your work in your own pack and go further from that. Something like "QTZ' Carmageddon Pack".

Vanilla indeed means original, untouched, etc. Gourmet won't be 100% vanilla but it will stay completely canon to the original Carmageddon. For example, bringing back Razorback into C1 as it appears in the opening video.
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
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QTZ on Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:51 pm
Making my own pack will not add anything new. Fixing MC1SE is really cool for me :) - This is *only* version which have add-on / custom tracks and cars and everything working for net play, so it's much more interesting than my own "clean" pak which can be created out of existing one or even form installation CDs or GOG release (like patch for C1). My work is much more suitable as patch - game mode set / language set / etc.. I will create patch for your Meld Pack, but now I'm focused on other things...
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QTZ on Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:56 am
OK, here is a Meld Pack Patch for Meld Pack from RR. It's unfinished - preliminary version. It require zombie SP demo, but no zombies are in play yet...
Basically it's stripped version of SE patch - contains fixes related only to Meld C1&SP. It also contains Toshiba-3 Hawks II wheels fix. Big Thanks Tosh :).

Edit: Lazy Update for zombie mode is available here. This is fast made, non complete update, but some zombies are in game...

Note: Gore version is fully playable just run "CARMA95.exe -hires", other versions (full zombies, boring robots, full robots) are not yet complete - included just as preview.

Here is the list of most important changes (fixes):

- Sled and Bugutti are fixed (work with all execs - including win versions)
- Mini-coop broken fix included (it reduce crush data to working parts, so game not crash, but also car in game crash a bit less realistic)
- Rid (ped) crash fixed
- Tinsel Town is now compatible with DOS execs (3DFX/VooDoo/DOS)
- Race order set to be as close as possible to original C1/SP (but with Tinsel Town)
- Cars order is set to keep non cheat and special cars in their proper places
- All net races are available - including missing "Figure of Hate Arena" track
- Car icons are recreated, so all cars have their proper icon (most cheat cars have cheat icon), also more cars can be added for net play
- Corrected graphics files (mugs, car selection pictures, pedestrians, cranes, horizon, grid icons, damage indicators, internal views, robot part, 32 bit->8 bit, fonts, other)
- Annie and Frank mug animations added (for future use)
- For car selection menu removed "cloud" animation, but keep hidden
- Palette replaced with purple version (for some tools, but for other it's still required to apply Purple Palette Patch)
- Proper Hat (for SP maps) & Fat2 (unused yet) pedestrians added (Hat replace copy of Crm)
- Tinsel Town pedestrians (3) and zombies (2) are added
- Eagle II Christmas edition added
- Otis & Eagles II / Yellow Hawk II & Colored Hawks II are not switch textures anymore (visible in net mode)
- Colored Hawks II all have proper setup (not Eagle II anymore)
- Hawks II (both versions) have corrected wheels - Toshiba-3 fix
- All cheat cars have default interior, but set up correctly (also better fit for Pork)
- Corrected all pixelmaps headers (including build in palettes)
- Typos corrected

- Full zombie mode added (WIP preview)
- Full and boring robots modes added (WIP preview)

- CD Audio lockup fixed (in update file)

Edit: To do:
- Compare and recreate some root\data\*.txt and root\data\sound\*.txt files (correct, update to latest version, add missing stuff)
- Create Setup program (as here on top, but safe to use with modified files)
- Add translations and other options as in my C1 patch

Edit: (screen-shoots)

Added and corrected grid icons and numbers

Hawk II colored version - corrected wheels (by Toshiba-3), damage indicator replaced

Hawk II yellow version - corrected wheels (different, most advanced patch used - also by Toshiba-3)

Hawk II - inside damage indicator replaced

Tinsel Town track; Tinsel Town pedestrians; Eagle II Christmas Edition; Eagle II damage indicator

Eagle II correct interior

Text from more recent version

Fixed cars

Fixed horizon; mini-coop crash

No "cloud" animation

Fixed Rid in play

Bonnet fitted; proper Hat ped

Edit: added info about next fix

Last edited by QTZ on Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:03 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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Toshiba-3 on Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:14 am
Top work, QTZ!
Should I already update the main pack or should I wait for your patch to be completed?
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
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QTZ on Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:07 pm
I think this is good to have untouched pack as reference. However at some point update will be welcome. I think at least when gore mode will be finished (version without robots and zombies). Now I need to edit pedestrn.txt and sound.txt for Gore mode to be completed (now those two are just fixed to work), but this is a difficult task since there is few different versions, so I need to choice between them and decide to keep or not thing authors removed or replaced. There are also few things I'm not sure what to do, like new SP sounds for pedestrians and engines. I think to map them to new "numbers" and use for new SP cars / peds... There is also different noncars cone.txt / cone2.txt which I have no idea how it look in game, etc. I have corrected palettes included inside some .pix files, but maybe better to remove them completely?

If you can, please try to find caricons.pix height offset in exec to fix caricons issue.

PS. To test zombies or robots with all of them in play we can just use proper Mastro's text files (based on early version and customized, but this is better than current anyway...).

Edit: CD Audio lockup fix added to update file
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Toshiba-3 on Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:08 am
It's ok, I can wait for you to get the gore mode patch completed, but I really think your work should be integrated into the main pack as default as the main pack is very buggy. I think adding options for zombie and robot modes via your patch directly into the main pack would be great too. It's part of the Carmageddon experience after all, and it's good to give players the option.

For those files with different versions, IMO it's up to you. By now you have enough insight to decide which version is most cannon. If you're not sure, maybe stick to authors' initiative? (if removed, don't include etc.)
Remapping SP sounds seems like the best idea. Don't know about cone.txt/cone2.txt, is the latter from SP? If so it could be remapped as well? You have corrected the palettes included in the pix files, IMO no need to clear them from the files.

I'll have a look for that height offset. It's for the multiplayer lobby right? Won't be easy though.
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QTZ on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:43 am
About the cone / cone2. Since I don't know how it look like in game I'm not sure is this fix or is this alternative version?

Edit: The only difference is disabled extra point.

Same for some other things like in GENERAL.TXT where for C1 M25.MAT is set, but something completely different for SP, for C1 there is also "Zombie sound modifier" which is present in gore version, but game doesn't know is this zombie or not - just different resources, so I think if this work, must be disabled for gore and enabled for zombie...

Caricons, Yes, for the lobby :)

Main Meld Patch Patch Package is now updated with current update pack, it also allow to skip installation of zombies or robots wip (wip boring mode is there anyway). Also there is option to reset options.txt (same as it is, but with music volume set to 3, and player name set to default). Installation is now in sorted groups - look log for "*** " to see descriptions. What's new in game: 3 more files updated with properly decrypted text (not affect game play).

Edit 2: Update, but this time only to MPP installer.
Now it have own icon, properties (version number), XP style and save paths into registry under:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Road Reaction\Carmageddon Meld Pack\Path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SCI\Carmageddon Splat Pack Zombie Demo\Path

Important: It doesn't remove zombies or robots if unselected, so if already installed need to select those options to update.
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Toshiba-3 on Wed Oct 01, 2014 11:55 am
Hey there QTZ, if the disabled point comes from the SP or seems to be more recent than CONE.TXT, then maybe go for it? Maybe it was done with optimisation in mind.

How do you mean 'something completely different for SP'? I don't have a proper Splat Pack only installation at the moment but looking at the SP demos I still see M25.MAT.

By the way, I've updated my old blog to become the home of Gourmet (and C2 Mini-Pack).
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
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QTZ on Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:34 pm
In my SP there is WATRSCRN.MAT instead.

The blog look 'nice' :) Unfortunately I'm trying to catch too more things at once and nothing more is done... I need to do some other things first, sorry, please be patient.
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QTZ on Tue May 19, 2015 11:45 am
Some updates:

- Purple Palette Patch icon and file properties added, everything else is the same, so don't bother to download if you are using previous version, but otherwise download it immediately :wink:

- Carmageddon Downgrade Setup now can be installed also from High Octane CD and from GOG installation folder (I hope). Maybe from Steam distribution too (after fix) (not tested), it need GAME.GOG file, which is actually ISO with files from root (only) of Max Pack CD (we can find there missing setup files).

Edit: It will not work with Steam version of Max Pack C1, due to using file - GAME.GOG which is different than in older GOG release.

Edit2: Now Carmageddon downgrade is possible also from Steam release.
It extract CutScenes and missing files from Steam edition of GAME.GOG file (actually ISO .BIN part).

Edit3: Another version of English Carmageddon CD can be used as base for downgrade.

Note: Current GOG version contains the same .GOG files as used in Steam, so cutscenes are also extracted from .GOG file when using current GOG release as base.

Note: To run Carmageddon or setup files it must be installed to short (not longer than 50 characters) 8.3 standard path!
Best like C:\CARMAGDN .
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QTZ on Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:30 am
Massive Update

1. Mastro's C1 Special Edition Patch 3

- Slaughter City (2) PSX track added (exported from PSX version by Errol, optimized and converted to C1 by Mastro)
- 8 PSX cars added (exported from PSX version by Errol, optimized and converted to C1 by Toshiba-3), all set to stealworthy, default interiors for 320x200 set, F-08 [van.txt] doesn't drive backward anymore
- Caricons modified for new PSX cars (new colors for build-in add-ons)
- optional HD Test 720p and 1080p (by Hifi and Toshiba-3) for all gore levels added (due to unstability 25 bru hack is disabled)
- external huds for HD Test are set for all present cars
- shortcuts and batch files for HD Test added
- bug fix: shortcuts are no more removed when zombie or robots are already installed, but not set to install
- colorfix changed and updated to match other of my projects and to work as global
- keyboard schemes for Arrows and WSAD are added as default for configurations C and D (need to be reset to default to use)
- keys.txt default controls help added (with shortcut)
- keyboard layouts setting added
- softrndf.bdd updated to 95 version
- bug fix: zombie version do not need to be installed... even once...

Note: Included HD Test replace previous HD Supplement.

2. Meld Pack Patch

- optional HD Test without bru 25 hack*, with interior setup for every included cars, added (icons set to MeldPack like)
* bru 25 hack cause game to be unstable, it crash sometime with something like this "Something in the pipping system went odd" or just exiting, crash happened some time after car hit invisible item, I have experienced this extremely often on Mastro's new PSX track (Slaughter City [2]), where all mines are invisible, but it crash the same way elsewhere, so I disabled it here and in other packs.
- un-upx-ed lores launcher is only for full gore mode (hires one is not necessary for current lores<->hires patched exec[s], but also un-upx-ed version included [unpacked is better, since it can be easy edited for other execs])
- shortcut bug fixed (shortcuts added when zombie / robot version is installed, so it not gone when user choice not to install zombie / robot version next time)
- colorfix added (option available only from installer)
- optional Mini CD added - now it can be easily run with other exec copied from CD, from patches or with GOG or Steam (just need to copy *only missing* root files [do not overwrite any file], other necessary files are actually included and patched)
- support for version 1.3.3 added
- support for version 1.3 fixed (was implemented partially, and version 1.3 was not detected)
- softrndf.bdd replaced with version from CD 95 dir (I hope it's better)
- restore some .bdd files (as included with v.1.3.3)
- fixed few tiny things (pix's, txt's)
- fixed both main menu "buttons with descriptions" graphics bugs and some corrections
- keynames.txt "#" changed to "\", when "\" changed to "\2" (as I do elsewhere)
- default controls settings for set C and D are set to Arrows and WSAD (need reset to default to be usable)
- new keys.txt with shortcut
- keyboard layout option added
- bug fix: zombie version do not need to be installed... even once...

3. Unofficial Max Pack 95 Restoration Project Pack

- bru 25 hack for HD Test is disabled, due to unstability - when we hit invisible item game crash some time later...
- colorfix is updated to match other projects - disable or enable colorfix work for them all (global).

Note: If you are using modded version with colorfix you need to update it and reapply colorfix.

4. Unofficial Carmageddon Patch

- both main menus fixes and corrections
- one pixel cleared on left view of pitbull car
- softrndf.bdd replaced with version from 95 directory
- keynames fixed - "#" replaced with "\", when "\" replaced with "\2"
- hammer texture fix

Edit: Reason: Changed some credits informations.

Edit2: All four tools listed above and two from previous post are updated.

Now it should be possible to run them from read only drive or from slow flash drive, since all temp files should be saved on destination and temp drives (better do not use slow flash drives as destination...).

Biggest changes are in UCP - new very useful option + few new fixes - like restored (from demo) proper camera icon for lo-res (visible in replay on camera change).
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