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some mysteries about carma2
cesm20 created some mysteries about carma2 on Tue Dec 02, 2003 8:34 am
Since long time ago, i had some curiosities about carma2, and for much research i do, i can't solve this misteries :

1. There is anyone who is able to hear the sounds of the engines of the opponents, without the sound engine of our car dissapearing some times ? I am only able to hear those when manually changing the value "SoundDetailLevel" to 3 but that way the sound of the engine of our car dissapears sometimes and this only happens when the setting is on 3. Also i can't go to the internal settings options in the game, because the game defaults the value to 2 and we can't hear the sound of the opponent engines anymore. There is a way to solve this ? Maybe by having a soundblaster live or more recent soundcard ?

2. This i am not really sure, because it was long time ago, i THINK i remember seeing the luggage noncars in the Airport level, moving on that (how do we call that kind of floor to make the luggage move ? Rolling floor ?) floor, in a similar way to drones. This of course may be only a confusion i have very much time ago, but maybe this happened on earlier versions of carma2 ?

3. Have anyone be able to bent the rails of the glass windows in the big building of glass in the airport level ? (see the screenshot below) I have done some research on this, and came to the conclusion that with that particular shape of mapping of those textures in those triangles in this screenshot, this effect always happens, but if i touch the vertices in the manual mapping window to change the mapping, this effect doesn't happen anymore. Have anyone ever crashed in this part of the building and they never got bended like this ?! If that is true maybe that can be influenced by a specific computer hardware combination. Also if we try to see that happening in action replay, those railings keep being bent even before they got bent and hit (which means this is a bug of carma2 engine), but nevertheless this "bug" is very cool, it would be cool if trackmakers would include some railings like these in their tracks.

4. Sometimes when there is only a opponent left, when i would accelerate to it, it keeps recovering itself to another place without any reason (unless to just avoid me wasting it !!). I also have readed in some place that very rarely this also happens with other people. This seems a bug of the carma2 engine, or a kind of "desesperation" tactic of the very last opponent!

5. There is any way to prevent the opponents from not being solid when very far way ? Because in the carrier levels of carma2, when they are very far away from our car, they can go trought closed doors and that's not good...

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random_monkey on Tue Dec 02, 2003 8:43 am
The windows on the airport level thing happens to me a lot... not sure wether it's a bug or what. It looks cool, but can be annoying after a while. - especially when your intentions are to go through it :wink:

The aircraft carrier is a bitch for the opponent replacement thing. So much so that I don't play that level anymore. They always get trapped in the very bottom level, where the engine bit is - and I can't get down there because the lift doesn't cooperate...

Another thing is the fences on the fairground level - sometimes they stop breaking after a while... Know why this happens?
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TheJabMan on Tue Dec 02, 2003 1:28 pm
Aye, other then the replacement bug, the fences/breakables are pretty touchy. You can do some major fuck-upage to that airport at times, Used to think it was just with stuff like busses, but then it happeded with the Shelby stang at a good speed, so meh.
Oblivion on Tue Dec 02, 2003 1:48 pm
Number 4 has happened for me to!

Its realy annoying!

U see him on the map and he isnt moving! Your aiming straight at him, starting to accelerate,50km/h,100km/h,150km/h,200km/h, getting ready for a realy hard hit, still isnt moving, just a hundred meters left, you should see him...you look at the map again and suddenly his on another part of it!

Creepy! :supercrazy: :crazy: :smile:
Haze on Tue Dec 02, 2003 2:02 pm
3 has never happened to me. the funny thing is that my bro sweared it happened to him quite frequently but i thought it was pure bullshit. i guess i was wrong...
CarmaHolik on Tue Dec 02, 2003 2:38 pm
About those dropping out engine sounds: You might've noticed that - most of times - this happens when two similar vehicles (two trucks, two shitboxes) appear on your screen at the same time. This dropping out is caused by the fact that the same sound file cannot be used for more than one vehicle at a time.

For example, you drive Autopilot's VW Fox and one of your opponents is Slayer's '80 Mirada. Both cars use the same engine sound (ENGINE3.WAV) so when both cars appear in the game at the same time, you will only hear one of the two car's engine sound, cause the .wav-file can't be played twice at the same time. So it's got nothing to do with your soundcard.
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Deep_Blue on Tue Dec 02, 2003 6:17 pm
Aye, roger that...That warping opponent REALLY pisses me off, too! :mad: :supermad:
***When I die may I be surrounded by scattered chrome and burning gasoline***
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C2_Scientist on Wed Dec 03, 2003 10:18 am
Well since we're talking about bizarre things...


And a video too for more proofs: (I slowed it down so it's easier to notice, use pausing too)

<Video download - 0.680 MB>

I think that has something to with the fact that I have 22 opponents in that track, so the textures "blinkchange" sometimes. (It even showed the "Vanagon"-texture for a short while: Econo's VW Vanagon was in that track)
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random_monkey on Wed Dec 03, 2003 4:43 pm
Woah, freaky...

Maybe it's possible to hunt the image down and use it's duplicate name as a texture image on a car's dash or something :smile:
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TheJabMan on Wed Dec 03, 2003 5:21 pm
Sounds like a plan... dunno if it would work though...

I was lookin over the menu and other related things .tiff files and all, found the timer and rev graphics, but no luck on the other, like the menu's might be in a twt file?
M®._£üñ¢hßØx on Wed Dec 03, 2003 5:42 pm
I find it weirder that the game doesn't crash when you have a negative amount of laps to do. I see you're on lap 1 of -3 in that shot? What, do you have to run the race in reverse or something?
@ob on Wed Dec 03, 2003 9:46 pm
i can say that i dont know why the windos dont bend back, but i do know that the cars dont recover after a crash too good in the replay ether if u have it in rewind

like u hit it... rewind to b4 u hit it and the car is still mest up... like the detatchables and windos are at the right place but the main frame isent... thats mostly noticeable on econos newlook, the lights and windos go back in place or mess up and the frams half fixes...so it looks dented and like a retierd city bus.
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C2_Scientist on Thu Dec 04, 2003 10:29 am
RM, that's what I thought too, since there isn't any funk to change the numbers with car's speed. And there's no groove to make a needle-model rotate with the speed, except spinning the needle continuously maybe, but that's not the same. Then again, the speed can be seen in the HUD anyway, in cockpit mode too.

M®._£üñ¢hßØx, the lap setting is the normal "4" in the settings, but 22 opponents affect to it now. (completing a single lap completes the race too)
cesm20 on Tue Dec 09, 2003 4:58 am
to random_monkey:

yes, indeed it's cool that thing of railings bended, but for me doesn't get annoying, specially because that only happens in specific places (polygons) mapped with a particular position of vertices in the manual mapping inside plaything2. I tried to find the pattern but it's impossible. But i can make a kind of prefab with this "wall" of bendable railings, which could then be imported into plaything2 to track makers use that, because that is very cool !

Yeah i agree, i sometimes have big problems with the carrier level also.

That of the fences in the fairground level, that happens to ALL carma2 players i think. I will investigate that problem and see a fix for it. I really don't know why it happens, it seems carma2 have a limit for already smashed smashables, but if that is true, and if the limit is that low, why stainless inserted so many in that track ? Because of that i think it might exist a way to avoid that annoying bug, later i will research about that.

to Oblivion :

Very interesting, can you remember the conditions in which 4 have happened ? Like which opponent it was ? And in which track ? With me i can remember, in was on the airport (of the ground, not the carrier) but the opponent i can't remember which one was. Also maybe that it's not a bug at all, it might be some kind of desesperation tactic as i said in the beginning.

to Haze :

i understand why you didn't believe. Because that only happens in some specific places, NOT in all the railings. If you still have doubts, if you recognize the places in the screenshots, go ahead and try. But a warning : use the powerups SOLID GRANITE CAR and INVULNERABILITY and use a big car (a truck) or the yellow bullduzer (i don't remember the name of that car in the game).

to Carmaholik :

If you were right, why in the mission of the twelve cops there ISN'T any sound disappearing when the detail level is at 2 ? (maximum inside the game menus) In that missions 12 CARS use the same engine sound and i didn't notice any of them without car engine sound. Besides in carma1 also this never happened. That of the sound disappearing only happens when i put the sound detail level at 3, and in that case it might be true what you are saying.But there is a wa to hear

to Deepblue :

that one of number 4 ALSO happened to you ? Incredible ! Can you tell me in which level it was ? And which opponent was ?

to c2 scientist :

What's that ?! Incredible ! First when i have seen that screenshot i couldn't belive it ! At first i thinked this was a new feature of carma2 that i even didn't noticed yet, but unfortunately it's just a bug. But finally a 8th mystery !! (the 7th one i included in a new post) Hey c2 scientist can you tell which were exactly the opponents you haved ? Of course, if are not specific opponents then they are random, then at least can you try to reproduce this bug (with 22 opponents also) and then noting down the names of the opponents ? This actually may open up another "door" for researching !! At least i will try to reproduce this also. Hum, finally i have download all your action replays also ! But because of the c2 cheats editor program i haven't been having time to answer the reply of the post of the advanced track tips, but i will also include my comments about your action replay movies !! But right now tell me : how did you convert a .mov file to a divx .avi ?! Some months ago i used Quicktime 6.0 to convert them to .avi but i don't know how to do that (or i don't remember) how to do that in Quicktime 6.3. There is a export button there but the button "options" is always greyed out, so how do i convert .mov to .avi and selecting the compressor ?

Oh, what complicated ideas you are getting when you say "since there isn't any funk to change the numbers with car's speed. And there's no groove to make a needle-model rotate with the speed, except spinning the needle continuously maybe, but that's not the same." that could be done ?

About "M®._£üñ¢hßØx, the lap setting is the normal "4" in the settings, but 22 opponents affect to it now. (completing a single lap completes the race too)" another thing to research ! My god, how i love research and fiddling in c2 !!

Hum, a quick note about your car Delorean (from back to the future): the new cheat steel gonad o'detah doesn't work on that car !! Weird, isn't it ? Have you yet discovered why ?

to @ob :

i always use solid granite car + invulnerability + grip-o-matic tyres when trying to smash the windows ! That is one of the times i only play carma2 with cheats, then in other days i only play without cheats. When you say "and windos are at the right place but the main frame isent" yes i know what you mean, indeed it's true, that clearly indicate this is not a c2 ability but a bug. But fortunately i have studied the texture mapping in the specific polygons in which that happens, and if i use other textures it still get bended !! So this i can make a prefab "wall" with this kind of texture !!
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C2_Scientist on Tue Dec 09, 2003 10:34 am
Eh, I had a random opponents in that race... maybe it's just because of the big amount of textures used on the cars?

MOV can be converted to AVI with Rad Video Tools. (http://www.radgametools.com) (It's the Bink video tools, as far as I remember) It lets you choose the compressor and some other options too.

Well that funk thing I told, was meant to simulate the speed digits inside the car. (the dash) The groove isn't possible I guess... the needle should remain rotated at a specific angle depending of the speed of the car. (pointing at the number) When driving with constant speed, it should remain at the same point... and if the car was stopped, it would go pointing back to zero-speed and stop there, as in most games that have a needle pointing the speeds. (NFS 4 for example) Simply that. :smile:

And THAT doesn't seem to be possible...

And that lap thing... it's "4" in the races.txt, it shows "-1" in the HUD (because 22 opponents mess it up), and so completing a single lap makes the game think all laps are copmleted.

Yup, it doesn't seem to be working on addon cars, although I haven't tried the powerup on many addon cars yet... (it works well on original cars, I can say that)
AWD on Tue Dec 09, 2003 1:31 pm
cesm i've got that opponent disappearing problem on "junkyard" level more than once as well as on "carrier" and "desert" levels. however i don't think it has anything to do with different maps. somehow i think it may happen because of an inappropriately damaged opponent. have any of you got that annoying crash to desktop after you try to repair a badly damaged (usually user-made) vehicle? "wrong physics shape" or something like that. so can there be a relation between these two things?
cesm20 on Wed Jan 14, 2004 6:16 am
to awd :

(sorry for only replying now)

Oh yes i do remember that, than when sometimes when trying to repair a badly damaged car the game would crash to windows desktop, this as a lot to do with the problem i have descrived in the post "anyone noticed how add-on cars make c2 crash when split on half?!!" maybe it's the same problem.
@ob on Fri Jan 16, 2004 9:38 pm
wow i thought u were done with this post! lol where was it on the 3rd page?

im not sure if this would count but...

i had a prob with takin sceenprints

i tried 7 times at least an they all faild

it ether dident get to clipbord or the game froze

annother time i thought "this would make a nice screenprint" an it froze!! now thats strange :crazy:

well i finally got the screenprint i wanned but it took SO long it was like it dident want me to take it
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