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Toshiba-3 created Tools & Files list on Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:41 pm
Mac files at the bottom...

C1 FILES Image

Carmageddon 1 Demo: The Demo that started it all
Splat Pack Demo: Demo from the Splat Pack
Splat Pack "XMAS" Demo: A Xmas special demo

UK Blood Patch: Turns your zombie/robot version into the blood one
C1 3dfx Patch: Installs the 3dfx accelerated executable (needed for glide wrappers)
Splat Pack 3dfx Patch: Installs the 3dfx accelerated executable (needed for glide wrappers)
German 3dfx Patch: for the censored german version
Splat Pack | C1 meld patch: Mixes the SP and C1
Savegames for C1 and SP: only for PCs
Alt. Blood Patch: try this if the other one doesn't work
Engine Sounds fix: only for Carmageddon 1
French patch: patche Carmageddon 1 en français (manuel inclus)

C1 crack: for both DOS and WIN95 executables
C1 3DFX crack: CARMAV.EXE already cracked
SP crack: for both DOS and 3DFX executables
SP 3DFX crack: CARMAV.EXE already cracked

OpenC1 1.4: Open-source remake of Carmageddon using XNA and PhysX.
OpenC1 Non-copyrighted data folder: To use OpenC1 without C1. Good to test the software.
Don't forget to read the included readme prior any attempt to run the beast.
It has some software requirements etc.

dgVoodoo 1.50 beta2: Glide wrapper to use with DosBox for C1
D3D Windower: (English) for C1
Skywing's DxWnd 1.035: Alternative to D3DWindower
nGlide 0.99: 2012 glide wrapper with high compatibility
CosmicDan's DosBox build: to use with nGlide for C1
CarmaLauncher: a complete Java launcher based on DosBox
It supports custom res, filtering and multiplayer through a master server.

ASE2ASC (last version): to convert stuff from MAX to PT2
Cesm's Plaything2: Edits C1 and C2 models
Carmagedit 1.1: Edits PIX, TXT, FLI, WAV in C1
Toshiba's C1 Helpers: Lots of stuff
Eagle and Hawk MK1 in 3DS and MAX8 format: with textures and all
Pix Editor: Edits PIX packs and files

C2 FILES Image

Carmageddon 2 Pre-Release Demo: One environment, handful of cars, limited time
Carmageddon 2 ALPHA demo: Thanks to ChevyII!

1.1 Patch: SCi's so-called XP-Vista patch
US 1.2 Patch: For US games only
UK Blood V2 Patch: UK Blood only
UK Zombie V2 Patch: UK Zombie only
Foreign V2 Patch: French/Spanish/German/Italian version
Alien Patch: Turns your version into an Alien one
Blood Patch: Turns your version into a Bloody one
Zombie Patch: Turns your version into a Zombie one

Carstockalypse: Installs add-on cars for C2
Mapstockalypse: Installs add-on tracks for C2
C1 Noncars: Needed files to install C1 tracks converted to C2

ENB Series for Carmageddon II: enables bloom, occlusion, color correction
dgVoodoo 1.50 beta2: Glide wrapper, for C1 and C2
Zeckensack's GlideWrapper 0.84c: for C2
nGlide 0.99: 2012 glide wrapper with high compatibility
psVoodoo 0.10: Another DX9 glide wrapper. (16bit render must be checked for C2)
CarmaUDP: To play multiplayer C2 games over LAN and Internet

Harmalarm's Carmatools: WIP Maxscripts to setup and export cars for C2 in 3dsMax
3dsMax 2: for C2 + C2 plugins + CharacterStudio
ASE2ASC (last version): to convert stuff from MAX to PT2
Cesm's Plaything2: Edits C1 and C2 models
Dan's Noncar Tool: Transfers actors from MAX to PT2. Generate paths too
TWT Suite + TWT Melt: for C2, unpack TWT files
Pixies Packer/Unpacker: Handles .p08 and .p16 files
Old XnView: version that reads PIX files. for C2
Free open driver model "Earl": for 3dsMax (latest version)

BeMax: 3DS to C2 (should only be used if ASE2ASC doesn't work)
Beroc C2 Editor: opens CarEd Obj in 3dsMax 3.1 (already included in the pack)
Original Plaything2: Untouched PT2, less stable than Cesm's
CarEd: Very basic 3D modeller for C2
JRE 1.2: needed for CarEd
Java 3D (DirectX): for CarEd [if you install this, don't install the OpenGL part)
Java 3D (OpenGL): for CarEd [if you install this, don't install the DirectX part)
Old SamJ's Tools: These C2 tools... they are old.
WamEd: Edit WAM files, for C2
Dialectocalypse: App that translates C2 into other languages
Starbuck's PathMaker: Reads ASE file. Instructions included
SaveEd: Save editor for C2

C2O Official Release: UPDATED 19/03/2008
C2O GridPack Standard: To use with an original C2 game
C2O GridPack SOD: For the C2 mod Seduction Of Destruction aka. SOD
C2O GridPack C2 Advanced: For the old C2 mod C2 Advanced

TDR2000 FILES Image

TDR2000 Alpha Demo: Eight cars, one environment, four minutes

UK Blood Patch: Turns your zombie version into a bloody one
Nose Bleed Patch: This is the only patch for the Euro versions
Nose Bleed skins crash patch: Fix an issue related to missing cars
US Minipatch: Only patch for the US version

The Nose Bleed Pack: The official addon. Adds cars, tracks, powerups
MAX Pack 1.14f: Huge pack (including the NBP) including a lot of fanmade stuff
MAX Pack 1.15 betatest1v2 update: The last update for the MAX Pack

The following cars came with the Nose Bleed Patch, and are included in the Nose Bleed Pack.
If you install the full Nose Bleed Pack or the MAX Pack, don't bother installing them as they are already there.
Car Pack #1: Adds Blood&Bone and BigDaddy
Car Pack #2: Adds Buggy and Jaws
Car Pack #3: Adds Lucifer and Pogo
Car Pack #4: Adds ThePigs and PedBasher
Bugatti: Adds Bugatti
Sportscar: Adds Sportscar
Steamcar: Adds Steamcar

TDR2000 NoCD: NoCD for the original TDR
Nose Bleed Pack/Patch NoCD: NoCD for the Nose Bleed Pack/patch (work with US Minipatch?)
TDR2000 US MiniPatch CDCopy: This isn't a NoCD, it removes the copy protection
...if someone has the US MiniPatch NoCD, make it available please (named

Advanced Car/Track Changer: Good app to prepare your online games
Blank intros: Replaces the annoying intros with empty ones
Car Install System: Stuff that helps installing addon cars
French strings: Only for french speaking people, turns the text into french
Gamescript Creator: App to generate gamescripts
Quick Car Changer: Choose your default car without launching the game
Spectator Mode: Allows people to be spectators in online games
Stunt Challenge Mode: Activates an online mode based on stunts
Opponents with weapons Mod: Script mod that will give missiles to opponents
Constant Weapons on Your Car Mod: Ditto but for your car, it's like missiles

3dsMax 3.1: for TDR2000 + plugins + scripts + tools + tutorials
TDR2000 SDK: The official SDK
TDR2000 Scripts SDK: Beroc's additions to the SDK
ASC2DFX: includes ASC2DFX and DFX2ASC
Powerup Plotter: App that generates the powerup file for tracks
US Car Descriptors: The name says it all?!
Scol Creation Pack: SCOL files importer/exporter


WAD unpacker: Actually made for DOTP2, same format Stainless has used for years.


Plaything1: What Stainless used to work on earlier C1 builds, run in 8bit color mode.
BRoom: Stainless' techdemo featuring flying vehicles! 8bit color depth mode.
BRender Device Drivers: A pack of BDDs I took from BRender-based games.
I-War Texture Kit: This contains TexConv.exe, the original PIX converted.

Synergenix Carmageddon 2D: Win32 Exe. Might require JRE and .Net Framework to work. Test and see.
Stereoscopic Carmageddon Poster: 7MB PNG - A3 Sized - Processed as halftone dots.


MacGlide: Allows you to play Glide C1 and C2 in Mac OS9 and Classic mode within Mac OSX
3DFX extensions: To use with original 3dfx hardware, and thus NOT with MacGlide (for OS9)
Voodoo pack: 3dfx extensions, crack'd 3dfx Carma and the Voodoo1 fix (for real hw only)

MacGlide will most probably only work on PPC Macs.
It allows you to play the 3dfx accelerated version of the game on computers without a 3dfx card.
Intel Macs owners should look for a ciderized version of both C1 and C2.
Though using Sheepshaver is probably a better idea and customization is easier.

C1 FILES Image

Carmageddon 1 Mac demo: The only Mac demo of the series
Complete C1 savegame: for Mac only - all cars and tracks
Mac 3DFX Patch for C1: Needed to run C1 with MacGlide (Not NOCD cracked!)
Carmageddon 3dfx fix: for Voodoo cards with more than 4MB memory (not for MacGlide)
Ring Of Fire fix: Fixes a bug for non-3dfx players
Splat Pack Installer: Installs PC Splat Pack on Mac C1

DOSBox + 3Dfx Glide support for OSX 10.5 & 10.6):
This package includes a custom patched DOSBox build with Glide support
as well as a native version of the OpenGLide 3Dfx API Wrapper for Intel Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6.
More informations:

Carma1 NoCD: Helps you get rid of the C1 CD (not for 3dfx though)
Carma1 3dfx NoCD: Gets rid of the C1 CD for 3dfx (already cracked)
Demo Timer Crack: Gets rid of the limited time in the demo
CarmagEdit v1.0: Edits PIX, FLI, TXT, WAV in C1
Toshiba's C1 Helpers: Lots of stuff for C1 editing

C2 FILES Image

CarmAdd: Eases the installation of C2 cars
Complete C2 savegame: for Mac only

Carma2 NoCD: Help you get rid of the C2 CD (Soft., Rave & 3dfx)
Uncompressed editing files: Allows you to start editing C2
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
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Toshiba-3 on Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:45 pm
Would be nice if some people could download ASE2ASC and PT2 from this list and tell me if they work on their comp.
Heard some people had problems with PT2 being reported as infected or nonworking.

I modded a bit that PT2 (actually Cesm's). That could be the cause.
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
Doritos on Mon May 31, 2010 3:53 am
Both seem to work for me from this list.
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Toshiba-3 on Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:49 pm
Ok but on which Windows version did you test them?
I think Vista was the problematic environment actually.
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
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Harmalarm on Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:57 pm
Well I'm on Vista Home Premium and both run fine. No infection warnings to pt2

actually, all the tools over here work for me, as I keep coming back here to download them. :)
Doritos on Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:49 am
Yeah, I'm running WinXP Home at present.
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Deep_Blue on Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:55 pm
The only version of ASE2ASC I ever had a problem with was version 1.2.3
I don't remember if I got it here, though. The problem I had was with "special_materials" that kept getting added (There was a description of the issue and a caveat that one would have to figure out the problem one's self.)

Anyway, it kept making everything black.

So I went with v. 1.1.3 and 1.1.4fix and all was well.
***When I die may I be surrounded by scattered chrome and burning gasoline***
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