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Toshiba-3 created City 17 on Wed Sep 13, 2006 6:51 pm
No, not a release yet at all. It's some sort of a placeholder actually.


I'm gonna try to reassemble City 17 from the game Half-Life² as much as possible and port it to Carmageddon 2.
There's currently 18 parts (understand bsp files uh) that I'm sure I'll process into MAX, I still have to finish the inspection of EPISODE 1 parts. Hopefully I'll also be able to add some subway parts too. My main aim is not to have a big city but a refreshing one ; there's no european city for C2 yet (Schwarzwald isn't a city uh). Another goal I'll try to achieve is to get a sufficient frame rate ingame to allow a higher YON and so let people see the fantastic Citadel that I'll try to put in the center of the city.

I don't think that the polycount and 3D geometry density will be a problem here as it has been with my precedent test tracks (HTA, Painkiller, NFSU & MW, ...) but there sure will be a lot of textures. I'll so try to keep their amount as low as possible via the tricks CESM's told me.

It's just the start ofcourse and for this one I'll take my time to finish it. Funks, grooves, smashes, drones, and anything to make an interesting add-on track this time. Feel free to post any comment / advice / opinion in this thread ; I'll post progress, teasers, and screenshots here.

[url=]More informations about City 17 on Wikipedia.[/url]

Sept, the 4th :
I converted every HL2 and Episode1 episodes (related to City 17 uh) to MAX. It took a whole afternoon and also the night...
20 levels where selected, converted with everything (BSP, helpers, models, items, everything) ; ~750mo raw data, ~2000 files, 20k objects, 2000000 tris :bunny:
Hehe... I've just tried to import everything in a row in a single scene and MAX crashed ! :heh:

Sept, the 13th :
New importing method adopted, first three levels cleaned. As expected, major drop objects- and poly-wise.
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
TTR on Wed Sep 13, 2006 6:56 pm
Cool to hear that, i didnt knew you had another way :mmh:
Yosemite on Wed Feb 21, 2007 9:34 pm
In the screen we see is it in HL2 or carmageddon 2? It looks awesomely awesome.
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Toshiba-3 on Wed Feb 21, 2007 9:42 pm
It is Carmageddon 2 (you can even see Coffeycup's Tuk Tuk Taxi wasted behind the lamp post there).
It will still take months before it gets released though.
Image / carmageddon add-ons at road reaction
Yosemite on Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:46 pm
I thought it was Half life 2... :wowsmiley:
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